Safir military jeep

Produced "entirely" in Iran



To VerryGood

by پیام on

I agree, but it is in my nature to push my surrounding to the highests possible achievments. I cann't stand seeing this vehicle and think of all the bright minds living in Iran  who do not get the chance to be a part of proces of being important to their country. Akhunds have killed patriotisme and nationalism in Iran. Their goal is to replace it with a idiotic rhetoric of their interpretation of islam. Iran and what is best for Iran is not on their agenda.

This vehicle is symbolic of everything wrong with today's Iran's rulers. They are out of touch with the real needs of Iranian army (like they are out of touch with all aother needs of Iranian). This vehicle is great for scarring Kurds or Baluchi's, but as said before it will be put out of order soon after engaging a battle. I am sure that a much better vehicle was visable if "Sanaye defa" didn't only employ candidates that met the Islamic standards as they set it ( trust me, I know). The majority of well educated bright minded Iranian ingenieurs obviously are not fanatic muslims or refuse to be brainwashed to one and are neither in a mood for acting as one, just for the sake of keeping their pay check. So they choose to work on private sector where much is achieved in recent years or they choose to leave Iran. I, like you, hope to see a united and patriotic Iran someday to rebuild Iran and catch up with the rest of the world for the akhunds with their idiotic ideology have caused us great delay.

As to the point concerning Israel, Israel might not have achieved a total victory on Hezbollah in the 30 day war back in 06, but Israel inflicted far more dammage and killing in Lebanon. Hezbbollah can claim a moral victory, but not a military one. That is because of the advancement of Israel's armed forces and the non advancement of Hezbollah's Iranian made weaponery that is good for shooting gooses and that is outdated like everythuing alse the Iranian goverment has any involvment in developing or building it.



by joeshmoe (not verified) on

Isreal is what the US and British use to win over public opinion to justify their meddling in the region.

When Israel and it's task masters want hezbullah rockets to stop, they can simply stop bulldozing and confiscating homes of the palestinians.

It's simple, but they don't want that conflict to end because peace and stability in that region doesn't serves their purpose.

And that's why the mullahs pick on their focal point.

Saman're still thinking like it's cold war

by Saman on

This thing is pissing the crap of bunch of people and that's exactly what it's supposed to do. It's crap like this that Israel is affraid of when hezbollah's launching "crap" rokets into TelAviv. Guess what? B2 bombers aren't built to fight crap.

Haalaa let's say this junk really really sucks ... but hey, I'd take out off roading any day.



by verygood (not verified) on

Being a realist is to acknowledge progress however small it may be.

The "leave alone, then Zap" management style some of you excercize is only going to demonstrate more division which the real enemies of Iran would love to feed off of, which ironically will further isolate you guys as the minority whether you acknowledge it or otherwise. That's why the mullahs are still there.

Let's create conditions for greater unity among our community to help propell Iran to its next level of achievements. Dealing with the mullah's is an internal issue that can only be dealt with on an intellectual level and it's a message that our community needs to echo to the expantionest's around the world.

Also, it's great to see Iranians do well at Google, Yahoo, at&t, Verizon etc.etc., and I'm sure they'll continue to do very well. But you make it sound like every honor studnet from Sharif or Azad universities has and continues to bail out for Silicon Valley.

To the contrary, there are many honor students of Iran's major universities holding pretty high posts in Iran and will never think twice about leaving there for the west. You also seem unaware of the fact that ivy leaguers and others from major universities in the west have gone back and are working in Iran today.

The issue in Iran is the infrastructure! These cities and societies are so old that it just can't recreate its infrastructure over night to allow productivity to take off at the speed we witness in the US. England couldn't do it either, that's why they went on a march to expand to other lands like northamerica, Australia, etc.

Iran is slowly dealing with it's infrastructure, and if we can rough it out ourselves by joining them there, then we can at least help it speed up the process by objectivity and at least some moral support in the process.

Don't allow the polarization of the corrupt elements within Iran, topped by the western socities propeganda and destructure secret service and foreign policy practices form your impression of your homeland.

Remain objective.


What exactly are you proud of?

by پیام on

The part that it is not armoured at all and that in real war action, everyone in the vehicle will meet his creator in a rapid way? Once again, this piece of crap is outdated, to put it politely. I am sure that if the Iranian ingenieurs were given a fair chance they would have come up with a much better and a more up to date vehicle. The problem is that the well educated ingenieurs flee Iran to live in a country where their efforts is more appriciated, google how many Iranians ingenieurs work abroad. In a country where they feel free to live their life the way they want to live it, without governmental interference in every single issue in their life.

I am sure that those who designed this vehicle xeroxed it form national library of Tehran and chenged it a bit. This is the kind of people that is ruling Iran. Look at everything else in Iran, everything is a cheap copy of something else. They call it reverse engineering, i call it xerox.

btw, being critical towards idiots ruling Iran does not mean one is not patriotic and wants to ridicule the effort of those who mean well. Being critical of haji's and molla's of Iran is being a realist.


Well said SM. Thank you.

by ca_wanderer (not verified) on

Ta koor shavad har onkas ka natavonad deed. I am sorry that nothing is good enough for most of you. I bet most of you are "Tony" from ITALY anyway. I am an Iranian and proud of our young minds and talents.



This is fantastic!

by VeryGood (not verified) on

This is a fantastic milestone for Iran and patriotic Iranians!

The Objective is self sufficieny for a country that's been under 30 years of sanctions for no reason other than "do as I say or I'll kick your ass" approach of an imperialist power. (An advanced imperialist power that's paid you far less in your CD investments returns than the unsufficticated and smelly mullahs, not to mention all the other criminal vehicles)

The same imperialist ideology is controlling the pulse of Japan, Germany, England, Poland, Spain, France, US along with the artifical arab nations they formed through coersion of land out of the "beorzeh" Shah and his monarch cronies who were too occuppied in politely filling their own pockets at a huge cost to Iran.

I think many of the expert commentators or the warm fuzzy feel good lovers in this thread lack contacts in institutions like westpoint or cittidel if for nothing other than getting a true grasp of the precion military technology that is advertised on a naive and impressionable audience through western media.

These were the same geniusous that bought into the bogus "Shock and Awe" B.S. that the whole country is paying for now.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Yes, this is what the IRI has to show for itself, technologically speaking. MRX1...your Yugo analogy is quite applicable here. And the East German car....are you referring to the Trabant?

On the flip side, (which I know will irritate the living hell out of IRI-loving monarchy haters), the Mercedes-Benz G-Class (gelandewagen) is Mohammad Reza Shah's baby. He commissioned Daimler-Benz to build a vehicle suitable for the Iranian military in the early 1970s. It's still hand-built in Austria.

The vehicle is still ahead of its time.



by Mosleh (not verified) on

Does anyone else here find the reporter, his reporting style and voice rather irritating?


Old news

by shirazie (not verified) on

south Africa used to buy truck castings from Iran in late 1980's and 1990s... Iran has bright has lots of spots , but needs major engineering feat to get to the next level


here is the problem

by MRX1 (not verified) on

It's good to see that despite all that is going on that people are building some thing. The problem is the product they are building is out dated. you won't be able to sell them any where. reminds you of former East german car and Yougo of former Youguslavia.....


Big Deal!

by Fatollah (not verified) on

What a contribution to Iran legacy! What inovative moves! I am not sure if I am want to laugh or cry! Porr-o sefatee ham had-dee dare!


What did Shah and his moftkhors do during their 30 years in pow

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

What did Shah and his moftkhors do during their 30 years in power??
Selling the whole country to the west? wrong. he did not sell anything. Western were who took away whatever they wanted, wehatever was trasportable and whatever was worth being taken away. Including the honor of the nation and they destroid the its culture. Now to the firt question: Whoever wants to know what his majesty the most last did: it can be read in Book The memoriey of AALLAAM. This subject was his secretary laureate. Greeting


It's a start...

by Saman on

If India, China, Brazil or even the United States had to listen to sooo many cheap criticisms ... they wouldn't be where they are today. They had to start somewhere or don't start at all!


That IRI made an antique car that moves. What is the big deal?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

well I think the big deal is:
Iran can make only plastic Aaftabeh and lies. These things have succeded to keep the great satan away from Borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran,. >because that creature does not realize what these produkts are and is afraid to go in that Country. However unfortunately other blogers because of lack of understanding and caution have now brocken this secret. The not any more so great satan will enter Iran soon. Meanwhile the honorable Iranian nation, the Islamic OMMAH, will have produced owm S - 300 Rockets in mass. I hope I couls have bring a little clearness in the story of the big big deal.


This news item clearly is for broadcasting inside Iran only

by پیام on

It would show to the world the delirious state of mind in which Iranian army decision makers dwell. As many allready shared their view on this crappy piece of metal that sould not be allowed to call itself a tactical vehicle, This moving box lacks any kind of protection for it's crew and will be put out of order very short after engaging any fight (Oh, I forgot, people are expendable in Iranian army). At its best it has the same technical features of Jeep Willy invented during WWII (70 years ago).


B Proud Of your country?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Better not. because:
1. No Bloger of "IRANIAN" has moved even her/his Finger to produce such a revolutionary Work. S o there is simply no Right to be proud.
2. The onre who clicks on "IRANIAN" is for true Iranians nothing more that a deserter. Theses subjects are not welcome in the Islamic Republic of Iran and they better not call Iran their Country. specially those with more that one national Identity.
3. Pride comes before a Fall!


چه شباهت عجیبی

Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified)

چه شباهت عجیبی بین این ویدئو و تبلیغات رزمی ارتش شاهنشاهی در زمان رژیم سابق وجود دارد. عاقبت این رژیم چندان بهتر نخواهد بود But first by a second look one sees the difference and that is? What? The propaganda Films of his majesty the last were produced by and on order of strangers, his bosses, the real might over Islamic Nation and against that nation. That is. I think so. Greeting


Iran only can make plastic Aaftabeh and lies........

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

.......better keep these facts in secrete. I think the great satan believes those aftabeh plasticis and lies are real. so it is afraid to enter the Islamic Republic of Iran. After having read in "IRANIAN" about the truth it will not hesitate to go there and try again to behave just as if Iran is stil as the former take away and Buy now pay never shop. And then? So better keep the truth in secrel. I think it is better so. Greeting


Let see what they can do with oil price at US$37.

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Yes lets wait and see. Where §s themselves are not even worth a PAPASSI.
But: Did`nt those fanatics - those 7ty Million Mullahs, the honorable Iranian Nation - cut any §s based commercials? Yes they have. They do not know what $ is. What a pitty? What? So I think they beginn to build their own S-300. Greeting


Nice job!

by eruni (not verified) on

Anything that Iran produces on her own is something to be proud of,but I would have been prouder if people running the country were true representative of people.


Aaftabeh (Safir Kabir)

by nemah (not verified) on

Iran only can make plastic Aaftabeh and lies, that's about it, last time I checked bicycles are imported. I am not proud of lies and Aaftebeh not matter who made them.


So, the big deal is,

by cyclicforward on

That IRI made an antique car that moves. What is the big deal? For god sake look at China and India and then you realize how far behind IRI is behind the civilization.


B Proud Of your country

by Shaw Hossein (not verified) on

Iran is not 2500 years old is 30 years old.B patient
We Iranian are very smart people we are going to B just fine.


Shame on you all!

by SM (not verified) on

We Iranians are our own worst enemies. Why we have to bitch about everything related to Iran? I don't give a damn to the regime of mullahs, but am proud of young educated people who are making progress for their country against all odds. What has the opposition sitting comfortably outside done for Iran during the past 30 years?


Why brag?

by EYEranian1 (not verified) on

Get over it already! Stop bragging! The first car with internal combustion engine was made in 1672. Over 300 years ago. For a civilization of 2500 years, this is hardly anything to brag about. Comparing the overdue achievements of this regime to the underachievement of the previous regime is like comparing spoiled apples with spoiled apples. They both stink. Call me when you invent something, or when you stop mutilating yourselves for a KILLER who got his head handed to him over 1500 years ago!



by Anonymous232345 (not verified) on

Yes you are right he sold it to the west; but the leftover was enough for this regime to survive.but not if but when these vultures are gone nothing will be left.


What did Shah and his

by Anonymousx (not verified) on

What did Shah and his moftkhors do during their 30 years in power? Selling the whole country to the west?


Under $40

by Anonymousxyz (not verified) on

Let see what they can do with oil price at US$37.

Bragging about their Micky Mouse military while the whole world awaits the final episode of this lunacy is quite absurd.


Embarrassing and unprofessional

by no_name (not verified) on

I was embarrassed listening to the TV reporter. He was winging it by with no script no solid reporting. We just have such a low expectations in Iran that we are willing to live with this level of incompetency.

So bad "hava khaili sardeh"...what is that. Make it professional have a thermometer there and report it with the atmospheric condition like temperature, wind speed, elevation, or vehicle's specs like acceleration, angle of incline and etc.

Shame on us!