Roshanak Hosseini

2008 Winner of Sweden's Trivselstjärna talent competition

See her sing at a talent competition. For a better representation of her voice see here. Here she sings "Its all coming back to me now":


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But in sweden, you often

by lalalalalalal (not verified) on

But in sweden, you often sing in english, when it is talent shows. So she was the best (thats why she won), even if she sings english swedish or persian. And i know that she sings all of them perfect.


the reason

by lahsk (not verified) on

Oh this is a long time ago, check out here new song on youtube " the reason, roshanak" she grows by every minute!


Wow very good voice

by Roya121 (not verified) on

for 15 she has a really good voice!


WHy not in her native language (swedish)?

by kouroshS (not verified) on

The idea of holding a talent show is a noble one, however what imparts more meaning to it and makes it even more outstanding is when someone is recognized for his/her talent in their own local language. If she is Truly talented she should have sung in swedish and still take the top prize of the show.



Strong voice

by Abarmard on

A bit nasal but very powerful


Oh no...

by Saman on

Another Nazanin Afshin-Jam? Save me.


Woww.. strong voice

by choghok on

She is veryyy good. I hope she continueslike this way and keep good care of her talent.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim