Public hanging

Late 2007



to Ajaba

by Anonymous987 (not verified) on

Ajaba, AHMAGH!! You just contradicted yourself
"People are entitled to put their opinions here" isn't that what you said?
Well I did, and I am doing it one more time!
MAN doost daram baraye JJ harf bezanam, be TO CHE !?

Let me give you a scenario, if I pee in a cup and you see me do it and it has a huge "HUMAN URINE" sign attached to it and you, my friend decide to drink it whose fault is it?

Same thing goes to people who criticize these videos, it says PUBLIC HANGING for god sake!
If you click on a video of public hanging and you don't expect it to be depressing and miserable, the in my opinion you are an Ahmagh.

Jahanshah Rashidian

IRI's executions

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

All economical problems, mismanagement, and corruption have created a devastating livelihood for the Iranian people. Millions of people have been left with mind-numbing poverty and unemployment, which have inevitably led to a sizable increase in social ills such as petty crime, drug addiction, and prostitution. Some of these victimes of the IRI's policy are those who may end up to be executed by the same regime.

The IRI has reached number of public executions to 300 hangings during the last year. In the meanwhile, the regime stepped up its crackdown on human rights by arresting hundreds of thousands of youths under bogus pretexts such as “mal-veiling.

Public execution, due to IRI’s judiciary, is an Islamic act of Shari’a.


Survey for the new year

by Questioner (not verified) on

People, please click on the video on Beheshti and read the survey there. Thank you.


They have kurdish clothing,

by Anonymous000 (not verified) on

They have kurdish clothing, pants, some body know who they are?


Exponential Brutality!!!!

by Ahwazi (not verified) on

Unlike the general perception, the objective in design of the gallows is to use the force of gravity that pulls the weight of the condemn down against the neck that causes it to snap in an instant which makes it virtually a painless process for the condemn. That is why the protocol calls for placing the knot of the rope against the left ear to ensure a clean and painless operation. As it can be seen in this video apparently IRI does not have a procedure to carry out its will upon its subjects, one of the condemns is actually helping by putting the rope around his own neck; moreover, IRI has often used cranes to pull the condemns upward which ends up choking the person to death. That is cruel!!! Of Course no one expects any compassion from the government when such a large crowd of culturally sick spectators gather to witness others' suffering.


thank you they are doing right job and Iran is safe place

by Anonymous5 (not verified) on

why you guys worry about this , are you know USA or Canada or....are going to in Afghanistan for drugs and support drugs, what is your ideas to punish crime ,USA also have same punishment get life


to "Anonymous987"

by ajaba (not verified) on

I say, AHMAGH is you that is opening your mouth, and insulting other commentators. People are entitled to put their opinions here.

JJ doesn’t need a speaker, I guess he can observe, and view the opinions and make a decision. Please watch your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To all idiots attacking JJ

by Anonymous987 (not verified) on

To all idiots attacking JJ for posting this video on new year day, I must say AHMAGH HA when the title is public hanging and you still watch it, why do you blame JJ ? were you forced to watch it? was the title misleading?did it say "GOOOGOOSH & VOSOUGHI MAKING OUT" and you were faced with a public hanging video?
And I must say ...we all need to start asking some questions!who are these guys?what are they convicted of?
I think it was 12 years ago, there was this guy called "khoufash e shab" who rapec and killed many women in tehran, they hanged him. He deserved it.
I don't know who these guys are, but if they have killed someone they deserve to be killed too.


It is not robe and turban (Mullah). It is

by &**& (not verified) on

Islam. As long as this dark and backward ideology rules our lives, we will never see, feel, & live democracy, liberation, and human rights in Iran.


Islamic Justice = Revenge

by Ashamed (not verified) on

How authentic! The f'n Ar-Ar of the idiot praying made the experience uniquely Islamic.



by maziar58 (not verified) on

as we hear the background muzen to justify the act?!!
all we need to conclude and prove that allah is not akbar
and the mullahs should be flushed in the septic line of mankind history..


Sad but not new

by Mehdi-Palang on

Some of you act as if this had never happened before the revolution.  (wake up!)

 I don't like capital punishment but it is not new to iran (or the world)



by The Fair Judge (not verified) on

Capital punishment should be banned throughout the world and in particular, in Iran.
There is no concrete evidence that capital punishment helps reduce crime and it is evidenced by the crime rates in the countries that have already banned it compared to those that still practice it.
To reduce crime, the root causes should be tackled.
Furthermore banning capital punishment helps countries to promote respect for human rights. Something we badly need in Iran.



Islam's Contribution to Humanity!

by Gilani (not verified) on

I know the likes of people who are complaining about the link to such videos. These are the people who want to hide the Neanderthal mentality of Islamic regime. One has to be sick and psychologically damaged as many Moslems are to participate in such brutality and watch it in the street. I even saw the picture of a five or six year old girl watching a similar scene. I hope Iranians soon rid themselves of the Islamic law and once again we can be associated with openness, and human rights.


to Kouroush Sasanian

by ajaba (not verified) on

Kouroush Sasanian,
It is ok to show these videos and it should be shown, but for today it was better to have something else. Please keep drinking you tea, when I see these kind of video or picture, I prefer to fast and not to have anything.....

It is said :"har sokhan jayie o har nokteh makanni dard"


Are we the inheritor of Darius

by Iranboy on

My goodness, what a nation we have become.

A tru picture of brutality! Are we, Iranians the inheritor of Darius and Korosh? IS this the bright civilization we had?

Where are we heading?!!!!!!!!!!!!


While you walk to Starbucks

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

While you walk to Starbucks to catch your first latte of the Year you look around to see if your attire are enough to cover your shame . . . it is not! This is you, this is your desire, this was your vote.

Even their hangings are such to inflict more pain or they are simply khar. One poor soul's hands are untied and he grabs at the rope when live his body.

I don't like lattes and order chai instead!

Continue showing these video, if some don't like them, well, to my left one.


JJ....... waghe-an-keh!

by ajaba (not verified) on

JJ, please look what you are doing!!!!!!
You are making us sick so early in this New Year(2008).

Lotfan, one more time look at the pictures or videos that you are having in top of main page !!!!!!! Thank you.


What is the point

by Mo (not verified) on

In 1999, when started, it was a great source of information, and discourse. Now, it is site where you see funny videos, crappy old interviews available already on the U-Tube, poor photography by Mr. JJ and this shockingly sick videos. Appreciate that it is Mr. JJ's site, but the site is only slightly better than the LA TV crap. The same TV groups that were appropriately previously criticized in the "pages" of this website. What is the point of showing people hanging? What is the point of showing a group of sick bastards killing another? This is the same site that several months ago showed a video of some sick assholes shouting stray dogs viciously in the deserts outside of Tehran. Why wast this space and show this sick shit?


Great Taleban background music

by پیام on

Not sure what it is all about, the background music. But it gives me the chills. Real sad to see (so called) humans ending the lives of another human on purpose, whatever the reason they think to have for ending another life. Capital punishment serves no justice at all, it only demoralizes a society and robs them of their humanity and dignity. Hope to see it ended one day in Iran as the rest of the world.


Accessory before and after the fact

by Fred (not verified) on

Another innovative way Islamist Republic murders its captivated populace. Symbolism is inescapable, standing the victims on top of empty oil barrels on the back of police pickups and the nooses hanging from traffic light. All those who in any shape or form defend, white wash and/or benefit from this Islamist Republic, like it or not, being accessory before and after the fact are all culpable in its actions. Happy New Year!


No Comments!!!

by Pissed Off (not verified) on

Iran military force fears threat from within
By Najmeh Bozorgmehr in Tehran

Published: December 28 2007 01:39 | Last updated: December 28 2007 01:39

It has been accused of playing a role in arming Shia militia in Iraq and threatened with being labelled a “terrorist organisation” by the US, but Iran’s Revolutionary Guard – the country’s elite military force – believes that domestic security threats represent a much greater danger to the country than the international crisis surrounding its nuclear programme.

Mohammad-Ali Jafari, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander, said shortly after he took his new job in September: “The main mission of the guards is currently fighting domestic threats and in case there is a foreign threat we will join the [conventional] army.”

Malaysia signs $16bn gas deal with Iran - Dec-26US intelligence on Iran dismays Europe - Dec-07Bush under attack over Iran - Dec-06Lessons from past shift debate on Iran - Dec-05Iran relives the Shah era - Dec-05Tehran still a threat, insists White House - Dec-04To that end he has embarked on a so-called “structural reform” in the guards, part of which is to integrate the Basij Resistance Force – the 12.5m-strong volunteer force which had operated as a separate arm of the Guards – more closely into its operations.

Located in 70,000 bases in government organisations, mosques and universities, Basij members, the eyes and ears of the Islamic republic, act as custodians of the 1979 revolution. Their influence in the recruitment into the organisations where they are based means they are viewed by some as intimidating forces.

Mr Jafari has taken overall responsibility for the Basij, having removed the former head of the force. He hopes it will almost double in strength to 20m members in the next decade although analysts say that at the moment just 3m are military-trained.

The 125,000-strong IRGC consist of land, naval and air forces and two separate arms – the Basij unit and Quds Brigade. The latter is comprised of a few thousand well-trained forces involved in overseas operations. But the backbone of the IRGC is its land force.

Supporting a stronger role for the Basij, Kayhan newspaper, a mouthpiece for fundamentalists, last month said: “The biggest threats against the future of the regime from now on have a soft nature in which domestic players have a key role.” Hosein Taeb, a deputy head of Basij, lists the threats as “a ‘velvet revolution’, political invasion and penetration into the ruling system [a clear reference to reformists]”.

This year, the regime has arrested hundreds of students, feminists, NGO activists, academics, teachers and labourers for taking part in rallies or for allegedly having links with opponents of the regime outside the country. Many have been released but the arrests have created an intimidating atmosphere.

A greater role for the Revolutionary Guard in the Basij has led some to fear a fresh clampdown on internal dissent. Going under the direct command of Mr Jafari will probably include more training on how to monitor and curb domestic unrest.

Iran also faces separatist moves by Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis and to a lesser extent Azeris in border provinces.

Iran has accused the US of being behind some ethnic unrest.

Warning that threats against the Islamic regime have become “more complicated and extensive than before”, Mr Jafari has said that the change in the Basij is backed by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is chief commander of armed forces and has the last say in state affairs.

“[The] supreme leader has concerns for the future of this country, while he doesn’t trust urban forces [groups seeking social change], intellectuals and technocrats,” said one analyst.

“He has pinned his hopes on two forces: the masses for who he has prescribed social justice and the revolutionary guards who are his means to carry out his policies and foil threats.”

Fundamentalists believe some reformists behave as the fifth column for the enemy inside the country and have to be banned from any political activity, including forthcoming parliamentary elections in March.

Although the constitution bans armed forces from involvement in politics, many reformists allege Basij forces were mobilised to support President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad when he won the 2005 election, encouraging people to vote for him.

“The meaningful involvement of the IRGC in politics started as of 1997 when [former reformist president Mohammad] Khatami was elected, something [political involvement] didn’t exist before or was very weak,” said another analyst.
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