Omid Tahvili

Wanted for fraud against the elderly

Omid Tahvili (Alias: Omid Roshan, Omid Roushan, "Nino") is wanted for his alleged role as the owner and operator of a fraudulent telemarketing business in Vancouver, British Columbia, through which he obtained approximately $3 million from hundreds of primarily elderly victims in the United States. The business operated from 1999 to May of 2002. Tahvili and his co-conspirators allegedly informed the victims that they had either won or had a very good chance of winning a lottery, but that they would have to pay an advance fee in order to obtain the winnings. None of the victims received any of the promised winnings>>>



Omid Tahvili vs Vahid Majidi

by Taghi (not verified) on

This is funny. Vahid and Omid are running "neck and neck", neck and neck in the most viewed items!

One is running from FBI and the other IS FBI! Neck and neck!



by A B (not verified) on

He thinks he's a Soprano.



by Anonymous and loving it (not verified) on

it's "lecturing" to point out to you the COMPLETE HYPROCRISY of ONCE AGAIN blaming everyone else???? are we so weak as a people that we can't have the balls to admit, yes, we are also capable of crimes, without blaming someone? do we not have ANY pride left at all? we want to blame the zionists or the israelis or the US for everything. we can't accept responsibilitly for anything without comparing it to something someone else has done.

if you were being sarcastic Parthian, fine, i accept that.

to you others, thin-skinned that we are, attacking IRANdokht. shame!!!


More pics of him

by Shiva (not verified) on

Kaveh Nouraee

Well, .....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Jahanshah, I tend to see IOTD as a recognition of a superlative achievement.

Anything that has the title of "... Of The Day" conjures the image of something that merits recognition for being "above the crowd". Traditionally, it's been used as recognition of something positive.

The lady born in Shiraz who is Senator Obama's adviser is the daughter of a physician who spent significant time in Shiraz as a pathologist in order to create effective treatment for blood-borne diseases. I could see him (Dr. James Bowman, if I'm not mistaken) as IOTD for his contribution to the health and well-being of Iranian men, women and children.

Asad joon (the first comment) is spot-on. People like this need to be on a different sort of page. To put him here minimizes the many good deeds and actions of others recognized as IOTD. It also may inadvertently serve to perpetuate the perception by the khareji who already think we are all a bunch of criminals anyway.

I'm not suggesting we sweep people like this under the rug and pretend they don't exist. I would say let's categorize them properly. Let's recognize and acknowledge that we have criminal elements among the 75 million plus, but let's not lump them in with all of the good and decent people.



by Violin Concerto #5 (not verified) on

He has earned $3,000,000 and you still do not consider him a high achiever?! Boy you guys are hard to please. By all means he is an Iranian of the day. Not that you have to be proud of him but as a reminder!


a response to "t"

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

I was born in the United States. What is this about a village? Were you from a village? That's o.k.

My ancestors were from Tehran.

And neither my ancestors nor I accepted one Iranian Rial from the Shah. The Shah's family was from Savad-Kuh, Mazandaran, they don't have money there? And as far as I know, the Pahlavis were illigitimate children of some Russian Cossack private in the Czar's Army.


John Carpenter is right for 2 reasons

by Jafar (not verified) on

1. Because his anonymous comments are posted and are not subject to deletion so he must be right.

2. He is actually quite right. What is the difference between this guy and Shah? Shah and this guy both stole money from people.

Now if you think Shah did NOT steal any money, ok then he didn't :-) he was a tefl-e moslem. Akhey bichare Shah.

Aslan you know what? People STOLE from Shah, not the other way around.

Yeah that's it. People stole from Shah. There you go.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Kaveh, expectations can be positive or negative. Obvisouly this guy is among the worst Iranians around. The point is, there are 75 million Iranians, and a few million others with some sort of Iranian connection by blood or otherwise. They can ALL be Iranians of the day, whether they are crooks or Nobel prize winners. Obviously the great majority of those featured as Iranians of the day are high achievers. But this site is not a museum of everything good, as you may have noticed. It's more like a mirror.


Wanted poster

by Left lap poodle (not verified) on

This is a good service. It is actually broadcasting his photo so if anyone has seen him can contact the authorities. So this is a good thing. Lower or higher your expectation, doesn't really matter but if you see this guy around, you know what do to.


John Carpenter why the chip on your shoulder

by t (not verified) on

"Ko_z be shaghigheh che rabti dareh". There is no relationship between this person and the Shah. Why do you use any opportunity to lash out at him? What is your unresolved internal problem after 30 years?

Were you a rayat that got a mere degree but couldn't fit in with the higher class. Why blame the Shah for your unresolved issue. He at least helped you rise from the village to Tehran and then America.

Never bite the hand that feeds you. Learn that lesson for the future.


"By the way, none of that

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

"By the way, none of that money you say the Shah stole was ever yours."

Whether the money belonged to me or not is not the issue.

What is at issue is the criminal activity of the Shah. This is factual.

And the Shah was just like Omid Tahvili, whether you like it or not.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You ask that we broaden our expectations.

But wouldn't you agree that this guy falls far below those expectations? Not as an Iranian, but as a decent human being, regardless of his origin?

Now, if you come across an Iranian dog or cat that has appeared in porno videos and is now wanted by the FBI for masterminding a scheme against the elderly..............


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Please stop thinking you have the right to tell others what to do.

Kaveh in CA

Jahanshah Javid

The Good, the Bad, the Odd

by Jahanshah Javid on

Why "Iranian of the day"? Because he's Iranian. This section is not just for the best Iranians, or only the most distinguished Iranians. You don't necessarily have to be born in Iran, or have only Iranians parents... There have been cats and dogs that readers recommended as Iranians of the day. So relax and broaden your expectations a little. And smile... sakht nageereen enghad... :o)

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

We go from porn video performers to black women born in Shiraz, to this?

They guy already has a rap sheet on him (the photos are the proof). Does it matter where he was born? Hardly.

Carpenter, once again, you turn everything into an anti-monarchy diatribe.

Back in 1985, when Coca-Cola changed their formula, did you say the same thing?

The FBI and the RCMP have always worked together, dude. Get over yourself.

By the way, none of that money you say the Shah stole was ever yours.



by Mirza (not verified) on

EVERYTHING to do with Pahlavi, Zionists, IRI, or other things. You just don't get it that's all. I agree with nitemustfall stop lecturing. That's all you can say "Sahra-ye karbala"? Is that one size fits all philosophy for you?


TO: IRANdokht

by nitemustfall on

Please stop lecturing others.



Iranian used car salesman.

by mehti (not verified) on

He looks like an Iranian used car salesman.


sahra-ye Karbala

by IRANdokht on

Why do we always have to insert our own obsession into everything we read and write about?

Facts: the guy was a crook, he's wanted by FBI, his name shows he's Irani so he shows up on this site.

Nothing to do with Pahlavi, Zionists, IRI, or anything else! 

Please get over yourselves!



He is cute

by Shiva (not verified) on

I wonder if they allow congical visits? I think he is a cutie pie!


desert lion, your comment makes no sense.

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

first of all, the FBI is a government entity in the US. The FBI in the Omid Tahvili case is going after a person in Canada.

The Shah at the time was a fugitive Iranian citizen. The Iranian government after february 11, 1979 issued an arrest warrant out for him. Iran in 1979 was going after a fugitive criminal, the Shah.

The Iranian population being 35 million does not give the Shah the right to rob his country.

You make absolutely no sense.


Anyone checked the validity?

by nitemustfall on

I am not suggesting that he is not what this FBI ad. says about him. Just wondering if someone has checked if the announcement from FBI is not a fake. Today's technology makes a false website very easy.

But if this is true, I assume he's already escaped to Iran and have  joined the IRI gang. They are actively seeking people with such backgrounds!



Response to John the ignorant (Carpenter) & Reza khaneh...

by desertlion (not verified) on

what the hell is your problem? This guy is wanted by the FBI and you compare him with Pahlavis?!!!! Get your head out of your ass. And just for your information Iran's population was 35 million at the time the Shah left, how could he have robbed 70 million Iranians? You are a total idiot and your picture should be on the most stupid person of the day. Oh, excuse me, the most stupid person of the century.


He looks like Bache

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

He looks like Bache Achoond! Even with his Cross!
How did Pahlavi dynasty get mix up into this! It is a shame.


He is Christian?

by Muslem (not verified) on

He has that huge cross tatooed on his back. Did he convert to Christianity or was he a Christian from the beginning? Or maybe to avoid Bubba in prison who called him names for being a Muslim he tattooed a cross so Bubba would leave him alone?!


He is the real Iranian of

by tin tin (not verified) on

He is the real Iranian of the day. I am so proud.


What is the reward?

by پیام on

Need some motivation to keep looking for this guy ;)


Iranian of the day?

by nanaz (not verified) on

what exactly he done that make us to be proud, i agree with other poster,his picture should not be place in this section.


stupid Iranian of the day

by hajiagha on

and what I am trying to talk by my cartoons canada is sucks, this guy was one of the many as stuoid Iranian are do crime here