Controversial journalist Nasser Pourpirar's views on Achaemenid Dynasty and Persepolis

More about Pourpirar on Wikipedia. Parts 1-2-3 below. See parts 4-17 here.




See parts 4-17 here.



It seems to be true!

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

I don't know this guy but I watched all 17 parts of this video and it seems to me he is right, I mean the pictures don't lie! I suggest to those who close their eyes and open their mouth to insults this person to go and make or bring documents with PICTURES & FACTS to prove him wrong! NOT just fictions and stories! last few parts of the video was totally convincing! the video showed over hundered real pictures from Takhte jamshid in details which naked eye would easily miss from distance! I guess it's so hard for many Iranians ( specially persians) to find out that their only Takhte Jamshid was never completed.
denying the facts is just ignorant!


I personally think that

by mamitunim (not verified) on

I personally think that Purpirar has done a great work of course with the aim of iranian society of civil engineers. Instead of being against him watch whole his videos and study a little bit.


This person is an anti-Iranian, seppratist pan-Turkist

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Every thing or person how can slander Iran and Iranians is in "IRANIAN" highly sacred. Dont worry, be happy. I really think he was dropped on the head when he was a baby. The accident has helped him accidentaly and by chance to get that old. The respectable gentleman seems having eaten good but much through his life. Greeting


To Manucher

by Anonymous-persis (not verified) on

Koorosh Kabier was the father of true Iranians and not of those non-Iranians who attacked Iran in 1100 years ago and committed genocide against Koorosh's Navadegans. You suffer from inferiority complex just like Pan-Turk Nasser Porpirar. Shame on you for calling the Daruish the great Butcher? Oh boy, you really need to do some reading but not the books that Nasser Pan-turk reads. Do you know what your butcher, criminal ancestors from Gaznavid to Qajars did to the civilized people such as Persians, Indian, Armenians etc. Go back to your fatherland and get a life over there.


Why bother with secondhand copy cats?

by Reality check, gadfly (not verified) on


If you are "bikar" enough or stupid enough to read "revisionist" history, why should you bother with a cheap guy like Pourpirar? Go to the source folks! Go to the source! Read Fomenko (// or even better, Valiovski(//

An alternative, more honest thing to do is to come out as good old anti-semite or pan-turkist or pan-arab activist (well, they are equivalent and the same, aren't they?) and say it out load: "I have mental problems and drivel like Pourpirar's "books" makes me feel good, drives away me inferiority complex, this despairing feeling that I am a loser and makes me feel less jealous and may be a bit more happy about my sad, sorry so-called life". Then go beat your wives, heap insult on Persians and Jews for good measure, and sleep, to start another hate-filled, ignorance and stupidity-saturated day.

Anonymous Observer

Video and Other Evidence That Debunk This Ani-Iranian Sepratist

by Anonymous Observer on

Here's a YouTube video that debunks these claims:


This person is an anti-Iranian, seppratist pan-Turkist.  He has no education beyond a high school diploma, and he certainly has no education in history.  Even his name is not real.  His real name is Nasser Banakonandeh.  He was a high ranking Tudeh Party official, who after the revolution, and after a lover's quarrel with Toudeh, became an "interrogator" for  the Revolutionary Guards (Paasdaran) and was heavily involved in tourture of political prisoners (including some of his former Toudeh Party colleagues) in the 1980's and early 1990's.  This explains why the IRI leaves him alone, which is partially because of his loyalty and partially because of the things that he knows about them. 

Please note that this man's claims are not limited to the Achaemenids.  He claims there was NO civilization in Iran before Islam and after Xrexes, I.  This means that there was no Sassanid Empire either, which, in turn, means that ALL Arab historians, including Ibn Khaldoon, Waghedi and Al-Buladheri, and most importantly, the Prophet Mohamed himself, are either alll liars and / or are all "in" on the Jewish conspiracy that exists in Mr. Banakonandeh's head.  As anyone with basic knowledge of Islam knows, Mohamed himself, on several occasions, spoke of Sassanid Persian kings and Arab historians have written volumes of books on the pre-Islam Persian Empire.  It also means that the battle of Qaddisiyeh never happened, Imam Hussein's wife never existed and.....well, the list is endless!

Mr. Banakonandeh's silly theories also menas that all Greek historians, and Alexander himself, were either liars and / or they were "in" on the conspiracy as well, because they sopke about the whole line of Achaemenid kings (Alexander fighting Darius III, who, according to Pourpirar (or Banakonandeh) never existed).

Here's also a website (out of Iran) which debunks his gibberish:


For a real, in depth analysis of the history of Iran and Iranians, everyone should read Khodadad Rezakhani's (a registered member of site.  Here's a link:


There are great pictures of Iran's historical and cultural places as well, including this one of the palace of Ardeshir-e-Babakan:


Another reputable source of Iran's history is this one:


In clonclusion, I belive that it is highly irresponsible and childish for to post this man's gibberish.  Claerly, this person has an anti-Iranian agenda and he should not be given a forum or publicity.  Moreover, everything that he says is false, and therefore, his ideas have no value.  I understand the provocation factor that this video may cause to attract visitors to this site, but the essential question in these situations is: how low are you willing to go to get clicks on your site? 

There are many things that are provocative, but posting them on a website that proclaims itself to not be bound by any ideoplogy is simply wrong.  What's next? Posting a video denying the Holocaust or praising the gassing of the Kurds by Saddam Husssein?  The supposed argument that the site is neutral and you don't take sides on the issue can be equally applied to posting of those videos.  With freedom of speech and thought comes responsibility, which is conspicously absent on this site in this instance.

Manoucher Avaznia

Kamran Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

Thank you for the links.  Do you have more information about these or other coins?  I thank you if you post them here.


Ignorant & Uneducated

by kamran-m (not verified) on

No Achaemenid coins? He has never been to a museum then. Here are some links to see examples of coins from Achaemenid era:



I have also seen several Achaemenid coins in a fantastic private collection. The guy is a nut and not wasting time listening to.


Manoucher Avaznia

With Due respect;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

With due respect and with the acknowledgment that Koorosh, who killed his own Maad grandfather for power was never my father and never will be my father as he maybe some people's father; and the acknowledgement that Iranian civilization (even monarchy) never began with the Hakhaamaneshees and even never began with the so-called Aryan Race; and according to Dariush the First himself he was a butcher of the peoples who revolted against him; what this person raises about Takht'e Jansheed and its incompletion stands to reason. I have visited the place a few times and the pictures are genuine. Demolition of some of the findings in that site and transferring some of them to the University of Chicago and their being kept there and inability to read the Ilaamee language and writing were known to the people who dealt with the history of Iran long before these lectures to be made. Some of his points can be found in the Old Testatament. Even some of his quatations can be found in the "Taareekh's Iraan'e Baastaan" by Hassan Mosheerodowleh Peernia who died at the time of Reza Khaan and had nothing to do with this person.

These said, Pourpeeraar totally forgets that sources of Iranian history at the time of Hakhaamaneshee's are not confined to those two sources. Actually, he acknowledges that he is not a historian.  Plenty of the infromation come from Greek and even Roman historians. There are other documents that, more or less, support the established historiography of Iran at the time of Hakhaamaneshees. Liguistic studies clearly shows the close logical connections between modern Paarsee and existing Paarsee Baastaan in the Hakhaamaneshee Kateebehs. No one has claimed the Khazar tribes of southern Russia were, language wise or culture wise, related to the people of Iranian origin. No credible historian has claimed Hakhaamaneshee arts, including architecture, are original either. Rather, most of them have come to the conclusion that it was an amalgamation of the arts of the people whom they ruled. Even designs on the walls have predated Hakhaamaneshee period. What I do not understand, though, is his claim that no coin of Hakhaamaneshee has been ever found. Is there any basis to this claim while according to the history that I read the rluer of Athens says "thirty thousand Persian archers drove me out of my city".  Apparently he points at the archers' image minted on Iranian currency bribed to the Spartans to fight Athenians?




by Iran parast (not verified) on

moosalmane rastin va muhre ajnavi khordeh an gaah yak hamchenin na Irani na paaki dar Iran ma an gaah farzandane rastine Iran sarasare jahan avareh-yak paak saazi az anIranian daar raah asst-down with islam a 1400 old enemy.{Payandeh Iran}


He has a good argument,

by Anonymous9999999999999999999 (not verified) on

instead of insulting this guy and calling him names, why don't u have the knowledge to rebuttal his arguments. I'm also sad like you guys, but he has points. eventhough i have to check his claims. but what he's claiming can be very easily checked. if we can not prove what he's saying is wrong, then we should accept this as a valid theory.


والا انگار طرف راست میگه

قاسملو (not verified)

به جز اون تخت جمشید، روی هم رفته تو تمام سرزمین ایران چند تا آثار تاریخی‌ قبل از اسلام که متعلق به امپراطوری‌های ایران باستان باشند وجود دارد؟ تازه به قول این آقا اگر خوب دقت کنید تخت جمشید به نظر نمیرسه که هیچگاه کامل شده بود. برای مثال سر ستونی هست که تشکیل شده از سر دو پرنده روی زمین قرار گرفته و به قول آقای سرپرست تور در تخت جمشید، بیش از دو هزار سال است که همان جا قرار گرفته که خود اثباتی است بر ادعای حرف این آقا. مثال دیگه لوحه ایست که از زمان شاه به زبان فارسی‌ و انگلیسی‌ در محل دیگریست از تخت جمشید که علنا نوشته شما میتوانید اثر آتش سوزی که به دست اسکندر انجام شده بود را مشاهده کنید. والا دروغ چرا، من که هر چی‌ نگاه کردم اثری از سوختگی ندیدم و تا دلت بخواد خاک و سنگ دیدم. راستش خیلی‌ پکرم کرده. همش حرف و ادعای الکی‌. به قول معروف چیزی که عیان است چه حاجت به بیان است. چی‌ داریم جز هر مفت که بخواهیم چیزی رو ثابت کنیم.‌ای کاش کسی‌ پیدا میشد که با سند و مدرک ادعای این آقا را اشتباه ثابت میکرد. چشمم آب نمیخوره.

ebi amirhosseini

This NEENCOMPOOP seems to be.......

by ebi amirhosseini on

پزشک قانونی به بیمارستان دولتی سرکی کشید و مردی را میان دیوانگان دید که به نظر خیلی باهوش می آمد وی را صدا کرد و با کمال مهربانی پرسید : می بخشید آقا شما را به چه علت به تیمارستان آوردند ؟
مرد در جواب گفت : آقای دکتر بنده زنی گرفتم که دختری 18 ساله داشت روزی پدرم از این دختر خوشش آمد و او را گرفت از آن روز به بعد زن من ، مادرزن پدرشوهرش شد و چندی بعد دختر زن من که زن پدرم بود پسری زایید که نامش را چنگیز گذاشتند چنگیز برادر من شد زیرا پسر پدرم بود اما در همان حال چنگیز نوه زنم بود و از این قرار نوه من هم می شد و من پدربزرگ برادر تنی خود شده بودم
چندی بعد زن من پسری زایید و از آن روز زن پدرم خواهر ناتنی پسرم و حتی مادربزرگ او شد در صورتی که پسرم برادر مادربزرگ خود و حتی نوه او بود از طرفی چون مادر فعلی من یعنی دختر زنم خواهر پرسم می شود بنده ظاهرا خواهرزاده پسرم شده ام ضمنا من پدر و مادرم و پدربزرگ خود هستم پس پدرم هم برادر من است و هم نوه ام
حالا آقای دکتر اگر شما هم به چنین مصیبتی گرفتار می شدید ایا کارتان به تیمارستان نمی کشید ؟

Viva Iran


Mehbod ,

by samsam1111 on

 JJ the Shaikh master deleted my comments earlier . I was here earlier & left the right message for this insignificant Ommati . It seems, this site has contempt & a personal distaste for any thing old-Iranic , so much so, that they have a freedom to insult & distort Great icons of True Iranic pre-Qadesiyeh with immunity & on the front page. Yet finding a word"Kachal" in my comment is cause for deletion . I have written a blog of Great king Darius to counter this Ommati half-breed . & I bet this old-bag shaikhi has a higher priority than words from Darius, one of the co-founders of our heritage . The legacy of True Iran is too immence to be washed off by buncha chello kebobi ommatis .

  this semi-illiterate Ommati turned distortionist malijak has more right to be protected from opposing comments than the forefathers of Iranian heritage who are long gone and can,t defend themselves with this Pan-Arabist seed of Qadesiyeh barrage of insults & demeaning account .   

Cheers Pal & Mehbod is a good name for a true patriot .


An enemy within

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Why I am not surprised by this video and at this web site, because there is a systematic approach by the IRI goons to destory Iranian identity by erasing both any physical remainder (building dams, and lack of care on a continous basis ) of pre omatis ivasion monuments and also erasing and putting self hate and doubt in mind of the youth so they can prepare them for their ajagh vajagh omatist identity.
As usual this goon starts talking about jews and you know where that will always lead, this time he can not use contemperory mumbo jumbo like zionism and stuff like that so he wants you to believe that Daryush, kourush and others were nothing but lackey of jews!


Samsam11111 where re you?

by Mehbod (not verified) on

Where are pal? What is going on whit this guy?


A businessman with mental problem

by Imperial Lion (not verified) on

I had watched his interview before. This guy is a total loser. Be ghole maroof, noon ro be nerkhe rooz mikhoreh.
He likes to twist facts, such as Persepolis was never completed. That is a fact, Persepolis was a continues project, by the time it was destroyed it was already a couple of hundred old in construction.
He also claims the jews have fabricated the Persian history as we know it. Wow! So a group of historians and scholars don't go after the facts but conspire to write over a 2500 year old history! and the scripts on the many historical sites are fake and of modern writings? who knows how to write mikhi on a mountain cliff?
Maniac radicals like him, plan to blow up the Shah's car, even the Tudeh party kicked him out for such things.
I really think he was dropped on the head when he was a baby!!! :-)