Mehdi Rohani

"Eagle of Iran"

Shah-era Air Force officer starts TV show "Oghab e Iran" (Eagle of Iran). His moto is "Iran will be free soon":



For those who criticize,

by no one at all (not verified) on

For those who criticize, perhaps you should open your minds and realize that it is ignorance that has led your beloved country - Iran - to the horrific state it is in today. This man is nothing but goodness and is doing all he can in his late age- when he could be enjoying life and relaxing- to continue a fight that will hopefully someday see the light of success. Maybe then it will be safe for your mothers, daughters, wives, and friends to visit a country that detests women and destroys the very notion of freedom. Until you fight for something you believe in, please keep your criticism to those lowly things you know about and keep your nose out of the courage of others.


reply to Dashing and Smashing! writor

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you are impressed that the Timsar has kept himself as ...his uniform fits him etc...And you continue:it is very dangerous to drink and drive...and talk on camera as you know very well!!but what you should add to your knowledge is: it is also dangerous to comment in this situation as i see in your comment! you need also to develop your culture, you know The General is a persian soldier and in persian SARBAZ is meaning who put his head in the game that is all.. But ABOUT yourself: KHODA VAND TO MARIZ RO SHAFA BEDEH!! AMEN


Dear homcountry men you

by Major Kaveh (not verified) on

Dear homcountry men
you should know that if the US is super power in the world, because of its' military is strong and all the US citizen supported them weather they like or dislike the goverment. unfortunatly some of our homecountry people with or without any reason try to put down the military people and this is really sad and hearbreaking. although i am not in sevice anymore, i saw many of our military men were lost their life and many others become hadicap for defending our country in the war with iraq and this has nothing to do with shah or khomini. only for defending our country and iranian, so it is not fair to treat one of our general in a cheap way although i don't know him and i have so many question from this general by myself. The point is we should respect our military people and give them credit for what they have done for us, as we do even for our yesterday new singers in their concerts that they entertaining us. i personaly blame the shah who handed the country to mulla and trained the military put him first and before the country, so it is not this general fault he just try to do something for our country if i undrestood him correctly. please give him chance and help may be this is the way we can free our country. god bass iran and iranian in the whole world.
X Major Kaveh


offcourse IRAN,

by shahir (not verified) on

I would like to know if i sent a privat message
addressing our general,how it goes please.


Rohani was a general in

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Rohani was a general in Iranian Impirial Air force. But that doesn’t accredit him for a being a good political leader. Please take a look to the so called group that they are. There are no more than 5 people. Take a look to their background. For example the La plastic surgeon that is one of their group member is no one else than a former left wing activist. This is just PR for attracting LA gold digger women. If you don’t believe look at their personal life


Reality Sucks

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I think that you misunderstood my comment. I was actually defending Mr. Rohani. The "bulging gut" guy is the new "commander" of the Iranian Air Force. The link (that did not come out right) is a link to his photo. You can actually copy and paste it in the address section, and it should connect you.


It goes without saying ...

by Reality sucks (not verified) on

I can see from Hizbulahis' persistent comments that Hizbullahis are taking this guy with "the bulging gut" very seriously otherwise they would not even bother to comment on him. That says a lot.



by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

This old man that you make fun of-- as we say--"sad taa sharaf dareh" to this moron with his bulging gut.


Tell your buddy here to lay of the free halvaa for a while!!! Pilot my rear end....


Why are we like this?

by I wonder (not verified) on

Iranians in general (myself included but try my best not to follow this destructive pattern) are notorious for immediately putting down (e.g. character assassintation)whoever who, for various reasons, stands out among us.

I don't know whether I should call this national self-destructive characteristic of ours as uncontrollable extreme jealousy/envy, malice, viciousness, pettiness, hypocrisy, misery or something else?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



by ali1348 (not verified) on

I am proud to call you my hamvatan.....
and the so-called critics who try to ridicule you, should be ashamed- I don't see any of them having the courage to stand up against the evil that has plagued our homeland. If you guys are so tough, why don't you do anything to help your country???
instead of spewing hatred and nonsense, stand up and do something to help the cause.
I can't wait to assist in any way I can....the mullahs will not go quietly, since "poshteshoon garme..." the brits, french, russian, and chinese would love for this nightmare to continue....
javid iran



by Fair on

Some "pundits" here ridicule General Rohani for being pathetic because after 30 years, he is in the US still calling for action against IRI.

As if the rest of us (yourselves included) are in any better situation.  Which Iranian, after 30 years, is living in their homeland under a free system?  We are all either in Iran in a huge jail, or outside in what some have called, "Lala land".  So it is not just him, you are in the same place too.  Get used to it.

So now to you all, I say bravo - and present you with one question:

What the hell have YOU done to bring about change in our country?

In fact, what have you EVER done for your country?

Now, tell us how pathetic we should think YOU are.

Complaining is easy, solutions are hard.  This man is doing what he thinks can help.  If you have a better idea, bring it on here.

But don't take cheap shots at a man who devoted his entire life to his country's defense.  He was

-deputy commander of tactical fighter base 4 at Dezful.  This base and the men and organization he built and commanded were the ONLY thing standing in the way of Iraqi tanks rolling all over Khuzestan in the first few weeks

-deputy commander of tactical fighter base 6 at Bushehr.  This base virtually was NOTHING before he arrived, and became one of Iran's strongest bases.  It is from this base that Iranian fighters took off to destroy almost 80% of the Iraqi navy in the beginning of the war.  This opened the way for Iranian navy commandos to resupply Abadan and prevent its fall after that of Khorramshahr, as well as deny Iraq any control over any part of the PERSIAN Gulf.

-commander of tactical fighter base 7 at Shiraz, one of the strongest fighter pilot bases in Iran and home base to General Abbas Doran, who personally flew hundreds of mission and is credited with causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to Saddam Hussein's regime.  He killed himself during his last daring mission over Baghdad in July 1982.  He was devoted to, trained by, and served under General Rohani and his colleagues.

-deputy commander for tactical operations of the Iranian Air Force, responsible for all plans and tactics in case of various conflicts.  All his work was put to good use against Iraq, and successfully defended our country despite all the disasters created by IRI.

This is a subset of his list of accomplishments.  ANY of you who ridicule him can perhaps list your contributions to your country, and the readers can decide for themselves who is pathetic.

But I doubt ANY of you will do that.

Pathetic, isn't it?




by aaminian on

I'll get on that rightaway, sir. First, let me see if I can find 40 friend/family members that've not been killed/tortured by the IRI!

Are you kidding me, man?!! If you'd finished up the job you were supposed to do (you know, the coup d'etat, thing!) in the first place the IRI wouldn't have happened. Now, after almost 30 years, you're standing up in front of a camera with your dyed-up hair giving absolutely ludicrous (and often incoherent) instructions to the poor and exhausted Iranians on how to start a new revolution?!

In one of your videos you mention how the Iranian youth has, sadly (and I concur), become preoccupied with drugs and alcohol and your solution is to send them to the streets by millions to stand up to ruthless, blood-thirsty, hateful criminals with machine guns.

Sorry, ex-General, but it looks like you are already high on whatever it is the Iranian youth is smoking!


Dashing and Smashing!

by Appalled (not verified) on

Lets be honest here...........Timsar looks very dashing in his garb after 29 years( I was a A student in math). I am impressed that he has kept himself in shape as long as he has so that his uniform still fits him so smashingly! Well done Sir, Well done indeed!

As we all know it is very dangerous to drink and drive. I like to add that it is even more dangerous to drink and talk on camera. Furthermore, each time he pounded his chest and the microphone it scared the hell out of me! Damn!

Khoda Vand Hameye Marizan Ro Shafah Bedeh! Amen.


here is the solution

by MRX1 (not verified) on

You don't need to find 7 million basijis (assuming that's a Wright number) and kill them all (even though the thought behind it sounds good!) even if you hit cross section of these guys it will work. most of these low life's are there to get some money from the regime and they have no real allegiance to this regime. you are not dealing with Nazi germany or even Bolshevik soviet Union. Plus we Iranian have two characteristics:

1) Most of what we do and say is “Tazahor karadn” just like a good actor does.
2) Monkey see monkey do.

If you drop bombs on pasdars, basisjis head quarters, the parliament, t.V station, and houses of bunch of influential mullah’s, every thing will start crumbeling piece by piece. Even if it doesn't it will bring such fear to this people that over night they change their behavior. you can count on it!


Lala Land...

by Saman on

Cap'n crunch is brighter than this tool. Someone hook him up with Lithium quck!


Thank You Sir

by Rok Goo (not verified) on

Dear Teamsar,thank you for your honesty,you are a man of action.
I knew you when I were doing my 2 years national service in vahdaty air force base in Dezful and you really did a lot of good reform during your service in that base.
you have my vote and support.
in order to clean Iran from these parasite we have to get help from any country that wants to help us,
the same way european country got helped to get rid off Hitler.
Iran would be free from mullahs and Hezbollah.

Ali P.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

by Ali P. on

" When you have nothing to say, say nothing".

                                                         - Charles Caleb Colton


if only.......

by luciferous (not verified) on

If obnly.........
7ty million basigiz do not stay in a headquarter.
All area of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN IS a headquarter.But only if......
what a pitty? What?



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

..These groups has forgotten that we need to focus on basic ground and that is to remove IRI and its Shia constitution, the rest is up to people of Iran......and what "we" will have to do then IF the poeple of Iran vote again for Islamic Republic of Iran? Undautedly "we" will have to remove IRI and its Shia constitution, the rest is up ........Greeting



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

there has never been unity between different opposition groups. And that is why IRI is still in power...Many groups has too many regulations that they want to bring to the table whether it be Monarchy constitution, Socialist ideology, Federal system and so on...These groups has forgotten that we need to focus on basic ground and that is to remove IRI and its Shia constitution, the rest is up to people of Iran (referendum)..However communications are getting better and the red lines are gradually fading...I'm no fan of monarchist but I believe that he loves his country and talks with his heart.


> Colonel Behrani

by Another Lost Iranian in France (not verified) on

This guy reminds of Ben Kinglsey in House of Sand and Fog. Stucked in a time tunnel for the last 3 decades. So sad and pathetic...

I feel sorry for his wife and kids, who had to live with so much sorrow in their exile.

I'm myself a Colonel Behrani's son, but I didn't like skate boarding like Esmail. Only psychotherapy and social interactions with similar people can help these guys.

Other than that his ideas are more or less pretty good, but unrealistic.

p.s : have you guys noticed his fake hair color ? = ) so typical...


Verey Funny

by Sialashgar on

Teamsar I think is time for you to chang your colostomy bag I can smell it from here.

Just like his Shah too weak to defend Iran Zamin. 

My grandmother can kick this guys ass with one hand behind her back

when she is Rozah(during Ramedon).

You Shahi people are no match for Hezbo-Allah not even if you have the entire Western hemispher behind you. give it up.

Peace Shah Hossein



To all you naggers

by Majid on

.....and I repeat:

زنبور درشت بی‌ مروت را گوی

گر شهد نمیدهی دگر نیش مزن

!If you're not living on the edge, you're taking way too much space


When it happens, ALL of you naggers are going to line up to get a "maghaam"


!For now, just get out of the way 


Baaz yek nafar khaast yek kaari bekoneh, sang andaakhtan-e maa shoroo' shod


P.S.    did you noticed the flag he kissed had no "TAAJ" on the lion's back?  That should tell some of you something 


Gen Rohani, the proud Persian Eagle!

by 38-GS (not verified) on

Thank you for your devoted service to our motherland. Hoping someday soon proud Persian patriots like you will soar in the Iranian sky, replacing these Reeshoo, Felestine parasts.


Dorood bar shoma Jenab Timsar

by Fair on

Thank you for your service. Thank you for caring about Iran. And thank you for NEVER giving up. Even after 30 years.

The Iranian Air Froce (IIAF and IRIAF) have always been there for our people, and are the Rostam of our modern history.

It was you and your men who saved our country from certain defeat and humiliation in the early days of the second Arab invasion. Despite your comrades and superiors being unjustly imprisoned and executed everyday. Some of you left your prison cells and got into your cockpits to give those Iraqis what they deserved. The Islamic Republic deserves no less.

I am Iranian. I will NEVER forget those days and what you and your men did. NEVER.

And for those who say "why now after 30 years"? I have this to say:

The struggle has gone on continuously for the last 30 years. Do you need more bodies on our hands for evidence? How many more hangings and executions and rapes would convince you? General Rohani is one Iranian who is picking up and doing what he thinks he can. If all Iranians do what he does instead of waiting for a miracle, this regime will last no longer than 2 hours.


Iranians are smarter today than 30 years ago. They will not follow one man, we will free ourselves using our own ideas and thinking for ourselves. Never again will a RASPUTIN have our ears again. NEVER.


Thank you.






He didn't say anything wrong! Long-lived Iranian Royal Armed For

by Frazandeh Iran (not verified) on

He may be old, naive and not cunning like many other politicians, but look at his face and compare him with IRI pilots. What was wrong in his speech? He is saying that all our life aspects were affected by damned ISlamic Revolution in 1979. IS this wrong? Le me tell you something: If we want to get rid of IRI, we first have to understand what happneded to us and understand the depth of teh abyss we are in now. Then only we may be provoked to dos mething for our mother land!

Zendeh bad yad v akhatereh artesheh shahanshaieh Iran av hameh janbakhteganeh raheh Vatan


January 1979-October 2008 is 29 years

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

This guy's mathematics is off. The Shah left January 1979. February 11, 1979 is the date of the Iranian revolution. No matter how you do the math that is 29 years ago. This guy, he says he was a General in the Shah's Army, is very weak in math. He was in an Islamic Republic of Iran Prison and was let go? Either he was not a threat to the theocracy, he did not kill any Shia clergy prior to the revolution, or he divulged a lot of inside information about the Pahlavi dynasty. Let us not forget General Rahimi, General Nassiri, General Naji, General Pakravan, General Moghaddam and Prime Minister Hoveyda were all executed by the revolutionary courts.
Most of the Monarchist military men and SAVAK men that were given light prison terms were either afterwards retired and given a pension by the theocracy or they help build the IRI. These former monarchists helped the IRI crush the leftists in Iran. By the early 80s their use came to the end and these former monarchists turned theocracy helpers were retired.
This guy is a nut. Get a bunch of former Iranian nationals opposed to the theocracy on planes to enter Imam Khomeini Airport in order to be arrested?
He even said that he helped create the revolution. "Een balaa ke be sare khodemoon..." He admits that the revolution was caused by him, a monarchist.

I have been saying this for 29 years. The monarchists and Mr. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi handed over Iran to Imam Khomeini in 1979.

They probably discontinued this former Iranian Military Officer's food stamps, SSI disability and Welfare case. He no longer gets any benefits from the US, so he wasnts to return to Iran and be a parasite on the Iranian economy.


Are you funded by CIA's special "Iran fund",or Mossad? hope not!

by gol-dust on

After 30 years? What happened all of a sudden you got the resources to start your revolution? I am sure you love Iran, but probably used and supported by your old masters! As a former military man in the shah's army, I agree this regime is a disaster for iran and should be done with, but I don't want to go back to where we were before the revolution either! Obviously you are too old to fight! Then like a commander that you were, you want to put an order for the youths to march to their deaths? For what and who? It is a never ending cycle! Reform peacefully is the best way!

You (Shahis) were no angels yourselves, only they are much worse! The revolution should start by the Iranians, but not the Iranians who are recruited by Iran's enemies Israel & US!

Enjoy the remaining of your life in peace! Damn mollahs are going nowhere soon and long as you and I live! Drink your wine & listen to Iraj and Aghili! stress kills! Peace!  


Daei Jan Temsar!

by ohwell... (not verified) on

Daei Jan Temsar!

Thankfully there are medication for these peopel.



by Amir Kabir (no longer trusting anyone, except his dog) (not verified) on


How come you waited about 30 years to speak out? What made you come forward now? All slogans aside, how come you did not outline your plans and just talked about theories?

The only way you can attract Iranian's trust is if you DO NOT follow the same path as all the other so called "heroes in exile" did, stay away from slogans and only talk about facts. If you can't please leave this poor people alone, they have been fooled many times before.

One more thing. If you do not blame the British for the installation of the Revolution and Khomeini, no one will trust you. You must be vocal about the British.

Do you agree that we have to close their embassy now?

Forget about phone calls, just come forward and write an article for the and let us know what is in your mind.