Maysam Ghovanloo

Medical student honored by President Bush for achievements in bio engineering

From President Bush speech
at a White House "eftar" dinner, Septemebr 17, 2008: At the beginning of a new century, Muslims in the United States are continuing this proud tradition of innovation and invention. Tonight we honor members of the Muslim community who've risen to the top of their professions. Among our guests are individuals with wide-ranging accomplishments -- from working on the Apollo Program, to pioneering advances in healthcare and medicine, to developing cutting-edge applications for the Internet. One of these innovators is Professor Maysam Ghovanloo. This immigrant from Iran has become one of our nation's most ingenious biomedical engineers. Last month, the good professor and his team of researchers at Georgia Tech unveiled an incredible invention that could one day help people with severe disabilities operate wheelchairs and surf the Internet by simply moving their tongue. Through this pioneering research, this good professor has brought new hope to thousands. He, like others in this room, have earned the admiration of our citizens. Stories like the professor's remind us that one of the great strengths of our nation is its religious diversity. Americans practice many different faiths. But we all share a belief in the right to worship freely. We reject bigotry in all its forms. And over the past eight years, my administration has been proud to work closely with Muslim Americans to promote justice and tolerance of all faiths.


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I have nothing to do with

by Merkel (not verified) on

I have nothing to do with these subjects. I just wanted to introduce you a good site which I have found recently.

Check it now and you can find everything:


Good Luck


Great Iranian Back Ground.

by Karen Ford (not verified) on

Congrats to all Iranian abroad for checking this clip and being proud of our nationality Persian,Iranian.
By the way Anyone who read the article up here from Ahmad, Tim Hooks, He is an Iranian who's father is Iranian and American Mother, he is an absolute intelligent and smart American Iranian cousin of mine.
For those who made their comments about our Iranian engineer who is been in the white house with our president and been recognized for his talents and intelligence, I feel so sorry to see them not understanding the principal of this clip.


Fellow Iranian Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Congratulations!

by Ahmad "Tim" Hooks (not verified) on

As an Iranian I know the tremendous burden you may carry, I have been persecuted for my nationality even though I am only half Persian. Despite persecution I continued to persevere and am know one of only approximately 50 dual AAMI/ICC/USCC board certified individuals in the world.

Over the past 15 years I have published numerous papers and worked as a Clinical Engineering Manager and a Field Engineer. Currently, I work for Toshiba America Medical Systems where I provide engineering services for some of the most sophisticated medical devices known to mankind these include: Cardiac 4D Speckle Tracking Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine, MRI, and CT.

I commend your dedication to excellence!

Ahmad “Tim” Hooks BS, CRES, CBET


It's talking about bio-tech.

by Ghazanfar (not verified) on

It's talking about bio-tech.


Mr Amir Kabir eh aziz

by Saeed K. (not verified) on

"aibeh may jomleh begoftee, honarash neez begooy"

Haalaa yeh kaaree shodeh! :-)
The policy, on the surface at least, is " we don't have anything against Islam, we are fighting Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism"
Throwing an "eftar party", could help prevent a backlash by the public against 'good muslims'.

Didn't they throw Japanese-Americans in the concentration camps during WWII?

Would this be strategic or otherwise, it was a positive step.


سعید آقا

امیر کبیر با پای چپ وارد شد (not verified)

منظور بنده آنستکه یکی به آقای بوش باید بگه که آخه توی تاریخ آمریکا کدام رئیس جمهور جشن افطار گرفته که تو بد مذهب بگیری؟! حالا برای آنکه فاجعه "گوانتانامو، زندان ابو قریب و ویرانی عراق ماستمالی بشود این ظاهر سازیها شروع شده. آخه اینکه شد همون جمهوری اسلامی که ننه جون، دیدی حالا؟

بوش اگر خیلی مرده روز عید قربون جلوی کاخ سفید بده بیست تا گوسفند زنده زنده سر ببرند گوشتشو خیراتی بدن به عابرین تا بنده باور کنم وگرنه بقول سلمان فارسی "بیلاخ"

بد میگم؟



by Saeed K. (not verified) on

It was "White House "eftar" dinner"!

"Eftar" is a muslim thing!

GW mentioned the fact that he is Iranian.

Had he not said anything about his "muslim" faith, I bet , a ton of people would raise hell here, calling him 'hypocrite'!

Are you people ever happy??


Accepting Honor From War Criminal

by Stop The War (not verified) on

Never accept a prize from a war criminal.
Is a shame....


My deepest respect for the achievments of my fellow countryman!

by پیام on

Great job, by this kind of achievments, we ebable ourselves to rise above the stereotypes regarding to current situation of Iran(ians).


Great Job

by shirazie (not verified) on

as 1980 grade of Georgia Tech I am very please to see a fellow Iranian do well.

Now we have two famous GT grad.

jeff Foxworthy ( the red neck tour guy)and Maysam

as far as GW, please go ahead and go away.

the new sheriff is in town now ..Obama


a hypocrite called George W Bush

by Amir Kabir (not verified) on

If this is indeed Bush's speech it shows the level his hypocrisy for classifying these scientists as Muslims! Where else in the world is a scientist from NASA or a Technology Institute is categorized as a "Christian" a "Jew" or a "Muslim"? ONLY in America land of the free! What a joke.