Mano az ghere kamaret natarsoon

"Darajeye duff" by Afraz ft Honey and Arix


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Great Song. Duff by the way

by Anonymous1212 (not verified) on

Great Song. Duff by the way means hot girl. You can say kos if you like but it just means a fine ass girl.


Iranian uniform

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Beware of any regime, relegion, or job that forces you wear any kind of uniform.


Iraniha hame kaaf kardan

by A1 (not verified) on

I have observed for the past several years these kind of sher o ver have surfaced from underground and getting nastier. The message is the same in all, Iraniha kaaf kardan! :-)


This kind of music

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

dambali? Dident we sang allways DAMBULUI? Greeting


To Haj agha WOW

by Jaleho on

Did I say that I listen to that kinda music?

I found Party Girl's findings funny and GOOD check of stuff which are out there, representing different kind of Iranians. She finds a good variety of short representative clips, from belly dancing to Iranians singing opera and Koran recitations.


Thanks for you interest in myself, even over BULL like this.


To Haj Khanoom "Jaleho"

by WOW (not verified) on

Oh you listen to that kind of music?!!!!

I thought you only listened to Koran recitations and Khomeini's BULL.


Duff, means kos, it means

by Bardia22 (not verified) on

Duff, means kos, it means taraf kheili kose!

Excuse my french but that's the new slang in iran.

The song is about 6 months old btw


> duf means girl in tehran slang

by Another Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on

duf, dof, duffi, means a girl in tehran youth slang


what does "Darajeh Duff"

by Lily (not verified) on

what does "Darajeh Duff" mean????!!


This kind of music is called "dambali chosak"

by پیام on

Har ki az naneh babash ghahr kardeh khanandeh shodeh in doro zamuneh.


Good One PG!!

by Jaleho on

You GO Party Girl :-)