LA says: Get out and vote

Public Service Announcement from Southern California

Noor Film Festival presents second PSA [see first] with actors Fariborz Davoodian, Shaun Toub, and Maz Jobrani who give their take on the elections. There are only few days left to the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections. You can only imagine what we ended up with...



This is the best thing I've seen this election season

by Iranian Reader (not verified) on

زنده باد ایرانی ها که انقدر کمتر از آمریکایی ها خر هستند. رای چی کشک چی پشم چی. من که فکر می کنم یک نفر اوباما را گروگان گرفته مجبورش کرده run کنه. کی در این شرایط حاضره مسئولیت قبول کنه؟ بجز البته یک آدم senile مثل مک کین با اون یارو خانومه که عینک میزنه و چشمک میزنه ولی blink نمی کنه. وای وای وای دنیا را ببین...


To Kambeez

by پیام on

Relax, it's all an act.


Re: Weak and Stupid

by Anonymous15 (not verified) on

Let me guess, if this was some MTV shit, you were all goo goo ga ga over it.
It was fun and sent the message.


There is no need to vote (except on prop 4 and 8)

by NO need to vote (not verified) on

Very funny. . . .although I must agree with Fariborz (guy in the middle), don't vote.

Rast megeh. . . che farge mekoneh ageh raye dadeen ya na. . . hichi avaz nemesheh.

Fagat baraye prop 4 va prop 8 raye "NO" bedeen bad beroo khoone va chorte bezan.


very funny!

by jalili (not verified) on

I think some people don't watch enough comedy to "get" this or are just mean spirited.


good job

by morad barghi (not verified) on

I think it was funny and effective.


Weak and stupid ...

by Saman on

When will we evolve? Really ... we need to get our shit together!


‫بخند تا دنیا بهت بخنده

‫حسن کچل (not verified)

‫خیلی کچلهایه با حالین این ۳ تا، منم خندیدم مخصوصاً آخرش


The guy in the middle

by Kambeez (not verified) on

Should be kicked out of this country immediately. He is a typical hypocrite and double standard. As they say in Iran, ham az akhor mikhoreh ham az tobreh. If you don't like it here, why don't you get the hell out.



by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

stupid and funny



by Princess on

What a funny bunch! I had a good laugh.


This is great,

by پیام on

Laughed my portion for today.