Kavosh 2 rocket

Iran 'fires second space rocket'

BBC: Iran says it has launched its second space rocket, the Kavosh 2, in a successful follow-up to the first launch in February. State media said that two more tests would be needed before an Iranian-built satellite could be launched into orbit. Iran denies that its long-range ballistic technology is linked to its atomic programme. It is already under international pressure to give up its nuclear work, which it says is purely civilian >>>


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Camp out by the Mall in DC...

by Saman on

I'd love to get my hands on one of those for next 4th of July.


Aghay Mohandes

by aaminian on

You are correct on both of those points.  It was so fast that looked more like an engine test for a SAM rocket. 

The link that I've listed below is the real Kavoshgar and it is a full-blown space rocket.  REALLY!   You'll notice on the distant shot of the rocket at lift-off that the rocket starts steering in a curved direction more suitable for a low-altitude elliptical orbit flight.  From what I've heard (you know how secretive the IRI is...) the engine operates on liquid O2/H2 only; there are no solid boosters.  Also, no data on the number of flight stages (most probably 2).




Irani can!

by ....... (not verified) on

I think IRI likes anti-IRI's to deny and ridicule these achievements. That way, they can forge ahead incy-by-inch.

I like gradual home grown technology. It is the right way to gain momentume both in technology and politics as well as social infrastructure!

Peace and justice on Earth;


RE: Gol dust

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Ignore it, he has a habit to piss on Iran when he can, with the glorius help of Iranian.com


Naaaa it can't be

by aghay mohandes (not verified) on

This rocket has solid fuel (not enough without a liquid fuel engine back up) and too fast (great -G) thus not suitable for space mission. Just a ballistic ground to ground missile. But hey, its great if it is designed and built by Iranian engineers and scientists.


It is "Iran's spcae" Rocket! (the space over Iran only!)

by gol-dust on

well, better than what we had w/the shah & US help!


RE: Irandokht

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

It really doesnt matter how you fire it and the size, as long as it gathers the data it needs for the main launch. Its cheaper firing it off a mobile truck with a mobile launch station from a desired geographical point, than to build an entire site for it, especially if its a small data gathering mission like this one.

Plus Irans missile defence system runs basically on mobile trucks with constant movement. Any fixed site would be easily taken out by US/Israeli airstrikes. The space program and the defence program is linked, thats why they chose a truck I would guess.

If this is the kavosh 2, then it means their next launch will be to try putting the Omid sattelite into space. They were going for 3 launches before the main launch, we had the kavosh 1, the safir and now this one, the kavosh 2.

Can someone link me to some close ups, videos, interviews other than whats running on the farsnews site?



by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

How could it be that it made it to space, the tip fell back to ground! I think they have a long way to go....


space rocket?

by IRANdokht on

from the back of a truck?




by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Where is your source that this is the Kavosh 2? Ive been searching through 12 different english and persian security sites and forums for a video of the launch. It looks like the Zelzal, or early solid fuel missile projects.

If you nicked this video of youtube, from some guy who has no clue, he might have copied a clip from the missile tests during the Sejill tryouts, they tested a couple of new and old solid fuels.

This thing climbs way to fast to be a space missile, it has the speed, and its launcher (a truck) has the mobility for it being a military short range missile. Pluss its much smaller than the Kavoshgar 1.


This was just an engine test. Not an actual space rocket.

by پیام on

This was just an engine test. Not an actual space rocket.