Jumping off train to pray

Khamenei recalls :o)


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Addressing the United Nations: Share! Share! Share!

by Shabol Shassan Shanesh (not verified) on

Let's "Mashdali" instead of "Ahmadi" come visit New York next time for as far as fresh is concerned it is a rare commodity that must be shared by all in small quantity like the "Senatorial opium" that comes in a "twilight zone impossible color" between vidid yellow and sparkiling robust brown.




Haji agha on train

by Iva (not verified) on

Baba, yeki payda nemishe in Hajiagha ro savar ghatar bekoneh va bad az inkeh ghatar shoroo be harakat kard, behesh begeh Haji vaghte namaze!


The X Trip?!

by Ajam (not verified) on

It's possible that opium doesn't cut it for him anymore, hence the XTC and Crystal-Meth (aka Shisheh) trips!


remove my pld cartoons please from Iranian

by hajiagha on

تا زمانی که جی جی غیر قانونی کاریکاتور های من را نگه می دارد من ه به همه فحش میدهم شاه و رجوی سیاسی ...کاریکاتورها رو بردار درد سر شده برام


trains are happy now

by Nader gholi (not verified) on

I am glad the revolution even brought free dome to trains they couldn't stop in old regime , they use to go around and around none stop, yeab I remember well, me and my family travel a lot by train we couldn't get off till the revolution, we weren't brave to jump


Majid jan

by pishi (not verified) on

Your comments are hilarious. I love the arabic ones.


I can relate...

by Saman on

I once tossed myself out from back of the school bus on our way to Namaaz Jomeh.


از قدیم گفتن....


چون قافیه تنگ آید شاعر به جفنگ آید !

این‌ها اگر بخارات معده رو به اینصورت منتشر نکنند پس فرقشون با آفتابه سوراخ و بی‌ دسته چیه؟ هر دو  بدرد هیچ گهی نمیخورن !

ا عوذ با لله من الشیطان العجیب الغریب  

فقال ال امام ال مستظعفون (۱) انا الپریدون من الپنجره" القطار المتحرکون (۲) المحکم فی‌ ال عرض الا صابتون  و فی‌ التنبان ا لبریدون (۳) فلذا  الاخ و لتف لقبر  الپدر الکلهم  الخالی بندون (۴) صدق لله ال علی‌ و الاعظیم 


Laaf-e Seyedi...

by Khar on

Gooz Dar Baazare Mes-garaan! he says used to jump "when the train was in the station" so train was stopped or near stop?!, This idiot cant even lie correctly... I remember back then the normal train (Addi) used to stop in every station along the way and they would stop for drop off/pickup passengers, namaz, food and such! What a @#$% joker! Thanks Ebi Jaan.

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Ebi jaan - you are the best !!!

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

God damn it; where do you find these links? This is gold, solid gold! 

Arash M-K


far as I know we are not better as him

by hajiagha on


he is better as we are and we are afried about this some one tell us we are ugly?


khareh be shakho doom

by mahmoudg on

enn olagh ham mesleh jado abadeh arabesh, hamoom mamad ghedaye arab, devaneh hast 


He jumped off because...

by ahvazi on

They found out Ali Gadda had not paid for the ticket :-)


The name is "Bond", "Khamenei Bond"!

by Choo_Choo_Train (not verified) on

Isn't it a sin to lie? Why is he lying?

Also, in Islam there is a concept for postponing your prayer for later if conditions do not allow you to pray on time. It is called "Ghaza". Of all people you would think he knows that rule. You can pray later in the day.

No need to jump out the window like marmoolak.



I guess he saw cowboys and Indians

by Anonymouscat (not verified) on

QQ bang bang ououou....


Tavahhom gerefteh in baba ro.

by پیام on

wtf man! this guy is ruling our country.


Ali gedaa

by ThePope on

Either those old John Wayne movies by Jam-e-Jam (Iran's national tv) or toooo much opium has affected you...

-I think it's the latter.


Kash rust gofteh bood

by Iva (not verified) on

va khodesho part kardeh bood va saghat shodeh bood ... one less evil moslem cleric.