Israeli settlers shooting at Palestinians

Following forced eviction from Hebron

VOA: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has criticized recent attacks by Jewish settlers against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank city of Hebron. Mr. Olmert told his Cabinet Sunday that he was "ashamed" after seeing video of Jewish settlers shooting at Palestinians late last week. He said the violence amounted to a "pogrom," a word most often used to describe organized attacks or persecution against Jews. On Thursday, Jewish settlers shot three Palestinians and burned Palestinian homes and olive groves. The settlers were angered that Israeli police had forcibly evicted a group of them from a disputed house, in accordance with an order from Israel's Supreme Court. Meanwhile, an Israeli human rights group said discrimination against Palestinians in the West Bank is reminiscent of the apartheid regime in South Africa>>>



I dont know if you've

by IranLove (not verified) on

I dont know if you've noticed, but the other (very wealthy) Arab countries couldn't give a damn about the Palestinians, so why should we. Maybe they have a reason.
I cant tell whats going on in the video or why theyre shooting. It's hard to judge a situation without knowing what led to it but I think its crazy that Palestinians strap bombs to themselves and blow up and shoot at innocent Israelis everyday but were supposed to care that one group of Israelis fought back? The palestinians provoke them, it seems to me. The British gave that land to the jews. They need to get over it, move to another useless part of the desert (there is plenty), and go on with their meaningless lives while their arab brothers do nothing to help them setup a country and government for themselves.
Let's see some of those Billions of Oil dollars go towards setting up a country for these idiots finally.
Rich arab contries dont care, why should we. Our contry's not exactly perfect right now.


IRI supporters or may be we should say Arab supporters

by antiIRI (not verified) on

To all those Arab sympathizers and Palestinian heroes or saviors:

Go save your country and your people first.

Go help Iranian women who are been treated like crap like your mothers and sister or aunts if you have any honor, pride or dignity. Oh I forgot a Palestinian is worth more than your mother

Go help Iranian children that are dying from hunger, stop sending Iranian people money to these terrorists.

Go help Iranian minorities who are also been treated the same way by militant IRI supporters who love Arabs and Arab cause more.

You Iranian are obsessed with Palestine. It is not your fault IRI has brainwashed you for 30 years.

They don't show images of 10 million Iranian drug addicts or aids infected patients that are dying on the streets of Tehran like a worm.

Yes, care about Palestinian and Arab causes.

UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwaitis don't give a damn. But we Iranian should.

Despite the fact the Arabs hate us Iranian more than the Jews.

Did you know your name is Ajam? Ask an Arab friend of yours why he calls Iranian Ajam?

Or ask JJ he knows?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Iran isn't as bad as this. At least there is security.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Can you imagine coming out of your apartment on the way to chelo kabob nahar and you seen people shooting at each other and waving guns in the air. That amil dude has more proof against his dumb argument about israel's superiority. Iran forever!


Some pure facts for some of you how apparently need it!

by World Citizen (not verified) on

For all of you emotionally charged people, specially "Zion"!


not our problem

by MRX1 (not verified) on

we have a system in Iran that is brutal, repressive and backward as a result millions of Iranians are political and economic refugees out there. so take care of ourself know cheraghi ke be ...

This is Arabs issue. last I counted there are twenty two arab countries with billions in petro dollars. let them do some thing for their fellow palestenain brothers. we have a bigger fish to fry called IRI.

By the way as far as settlement being an invasion,illegal,imoral and stuff like that: let's face it all of us Iranians that live abroad in places like U.S,canada and austrial on live on a settled land, I don't see you whining about that
or selling or giving your property to native people!


Poor Zions

by XerXes (not verified) on

The atrocious and biased media 24/7 is showing the zions and occupiers as evil, while we all know that the occupiers came there to make the land better, bring democracy and wealth for all Zions. Arabs just don't get it!
Settlers are kind individuals that while kicking the backward Ayrabs out of the area, try to protect themselves from those barbaric Ayrabs who claim settlers should have NOT taken the land...What kind of freaking logic is that.
Oh Zion, tell them the amount of bias that the world has towards occupiers. All you hear is what happened to the Palestinians, no one even talk about the price of butter that the poor settlers now have to pay a few cents more for. How come media is silent about that?
aah, these barbarism is just crazy...


Zion, please comment on the actions of Israeli soldiers.

by پیام on

The ones that break the bones in the arms of Palestinian boys and the one that shoots the Palestinian boy from point blank distance. And all the other systematic terror acts that your government has comitted since the establishment of Israel illegaly on occupied land (remember Sabra and Shatilla, invading of the sovereign Lebanon, deportation of Palestinians and massacraring them during the establishment of your country and so on...). It is not only the hardline settlers ( Israel is btw built on setteld land and in the 30's and 40's all Israelis were settlers) that commit these acts of terror and ethnic cleansing, but it is on the agenda of Israel's government to concur Palestinian land inch by inch ( remember the wall of shame that is built to "secure" Israel). And if the Israeli government is so keen to have peace and give the Palestinians their land back by evicting one building that is occupied by settlers, why does Israeli army arms this idiots in the first place? So that they can go and cool their anger by rampaging on defendless Palestinians?

You can't fool people by putting yourself in victim corner anymore. Let Israel abbandon and clear all settlements built on Palestinian ground, withdraw to pre 1949 borders and let the Palestinians build their own state with their own rules and without your interference. Maybe then people give you the respect that you so long for.


Israeli settlers shooting @ ....

by Nader1234 (not verified) on

Peace for all .

I hope some day we all live in peace and justice.



The new antisemetic traitor: Ehud Olmert

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

funny how politicians find their soul when they don't have to run for office in a corrupt system anymore.


Anti-semitic human rights!!!

by Ajam (not verified) on

These Israeli human rights groups are all anti-semitic terrorists! Didn't you know that?!!


Zion: There is no bias!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Zion, I understand that you (if you are in fact Jewish) have very strong feelings because of what some Palestinians may have done. But so have Israelis. I fact, they have done much much worse. There is no bias here. In fact, I am not even crazy about Palestinians. That's not the point. The point is: a person (the Settler) should not be allowed to walk around with guns and machine guns amongst civilians, shooting at people.
I am totally against terrorism and violence. But these Palestininas are left no choice. The injustice is choking any reasonable rational person. If they resort to terrorism, I will not condone it, but I certainly understand the reasoning behind it.
Even Olmert, a right wing Israeli politician condemned the acts of Settlers. So, please, please don't be Kase Az Ash Daghtar. 'hope for the day that all these thugs (settlers) are kicked out once and for all.


This handful of dust...

by faryarm on

This handful of dust, the earth, is but one home, let it be united.

Bahá ‘u’ lláh 1817-1892


The well being of mankind its peace and security, are unatainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole world.

Peace is the next stage in the evolution of planet Earth.

Bahá ‘u’ lláh 1817-1892


I do not know where Israel

by Oh...My! (not verified) on

I do not know where Israel is but I heard it is a very democratic and progressive country. I heard victims of holocust established this country on the ruins of local citizens.

I'm also hearing that the sons of Zoroaster are not caring for human dignity. Are we living in a perverted world or are we living in the world of Genocide, Lies and Video tapes?!?!?!?!?

Politics is dirty......BUT money is even dirtier!

There is a lesson to be learned...YET!



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

For the past thirty years the Islamic republic has been killing and abusing innocent people everyday, where is the international outrage, have the people of Iran become so dehumanized around the world and in Iran that now the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has to take precedent.



by Zion on

The amount of pure bias and shameless lying when it comes to Israel is just unblievable.

'It is about a people (Settlers) who have been given carte blanche to "settle" where they want.'

Carte blanche? This whole mess has begun because the Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the eviction of these idtiotic settlers from the house they claim is theirs, and the enactment of that order by Israeli forces.
The blind hatred, and the ease of lying here is just mind boggling.

'"Settling" means taking someone else's land by force and kicking that person out or killing him and his family if necessary.'

Really? In your sick mind perhaps?


A Settler is an invader

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

I know that my Jewish friends can somehow justify almost anything Israel or Israelis do. But there are some open-minded Jews living in Israel and around the world.They condemn this barbaraism, as should the rest of Iranians and Americans. This is not about Arab, Moslem, or Iranian. It is about a people (Settlers) who have been given carte blanche to "settle" where they want. "Settling" means taking someone else's land by force and kicking that person out or killing him and his family if necessary. I am not necessarily pro violence and in fact hate to see anyone, Jew, Molsem, Chrisitian, or others killed for any reason. But these Settlers are NOT human. They are apes and should be dealt with as dangerous apes. No one should be kicked out of their house by force and if they refuse be treated like that.
I believe that these Arab nations and Iran, instead of advocating vilence against the State of Israel and Jews, should unify and blockade Israel in order to kick out all the settlers from their stolen lands and houses. In 21st century a family is uprooted and its occupants shot and the world watches. How sad! and how hypocritical! Take action and unify against the settlers!


Not an Iranian problem!

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

This is not to say that I do not care about humanity ,but this is Palestinian problem first,Arab problem second ,Muslim problem third and Iranian problem fourth.So I thinks we as Iranians should care about others regardless of their faith , race or color,but we should care about Iranians first and others next.We have many problems in Iran that IRI should address instead of worrying about Palestinian/Israeli problems.The reason Iran is helping Palestinian is for their own political gains or because Iran is trying to prove to other Muslim countries that they are the leader of Muslim world.


Injustice is wrong...

by ahvazi on

where ever and to whoever it is done.

But how much is IRI will throw money at the Palestinian at the expense of Iranians. That too is injustice...



Moral Equivalence?

by Zion on

What angers me even more is all these nice liberal Jewish Americans who out of the blue pull Darfur genocide out of their hats but do not make a peep about this sort of thing.

Really? So systematic genocide of an entire population village by village is the same thing as a few idiot settlers shooting around, filmed by Israelis and publicly denounced by the state?
You want to know what anti-semitism stinks like? Look at the mirror and get even more angry!


This is biased

by Barack Hussein Obama (not verified) on

My stallwarth ally is better than this, this is anti semitism made by the corrupt evil people behind the real cause of such events in the middle east, Islamic extremism and Iran. This video shows Islamists getting what they deserve.

By the way, now that we are talking about Iran, Iran should not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Then they would threaten the only democracy in the Middle-East, namely Israel. It would be a game changer, a term I pulled out of my a¤¤. Iran should not bla bla bla bla, and further Iran is bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, Lets not forget that Iran bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Let me add since I already make so much sense; Bla bla, bla bla bla.


You Iranian worry about your own people

by antiIRI (not verified) on

STOP worrying about Palestinian causes.

See the thing it is with us Iranian, we like to play the role of victims and someone who saves the victims (Shiite religion and the f**k up Hossein)

Worry about your own people that are suffering in millions in the hand of IRI.

Let the Arabs (UAE, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon worry about their own kind).

When our people were killed during the 80's by Arabs who waged a savage war upon us and were funded in billions by Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia who cared about Iranian in Ahvaz, Abadan or Kurdistan.

Did the Palestinian send us any money? Did they gave us morale support? Ask JJ, he'll tell you, he was an ex. Hizbollahi and revolutionary covering the fronts.

Ask JJ how many Iranian sons 13-15 years old died like dogs at the front line in the hand of Arabs?

Ask JJ since he was a journalist at the time, did any Arab country show any moral support when thiousand of Iranian died in a most gruesome and horrific crimes through chemical weapon dropped by an Arab country against us?

We the Iranians did not use any chemical weapon, since we are too nice we don't like to defend our people.

Egyptian pilot used to fly over the Iranian front, since they knew how to fly MIG 29 and 21, Iraqis were just been trained in the early 80's.

So damn it you confused and illiterate Iranians.

First worry about your country, your people and your neighborhood, your family and then talk about saving Palestinians.

Unless you like to be called Ajam and continue to be called Ajam by your Arab brothers.

Ask any Arab official or leaders, they tell you this? Persian are more of an enemy than the Jews.

You illiterate sheep, you should have watched last night 60 minutes.

worry about your country you donkeys and then worry about Palestinian causes.

Which country do you think has sent the most money to the Palestinian, answer me sheeps? IRI regime, while our own people are suffering.


This is nothing new

by پیام on

Is been going on for six decades. When one speaks about the unhumane behaviour of these animal zionist settlers, he is marked as an antisemiet or is accused of propagating against Jews. I am clearly not a fan of radical Islamic movements like the one that runs our country and it's proxies around middle east, but one has to give them credit for their struggle and fight against these dogs. No one else seems to care anyway: Need I say more? Where is that fellow Zion btw, maybe he can explain to us why the "so great state of Israel and the only real democracy in the ME" acts this barbaric. He is good at justifying their actions.


Let's pray for peace

by Proud Jew (not verified) on

Let's not make this into a jew-hating debate. Attacking the civilians is wrong, whether is the attacker is jewish or not. This conflict is very complicated, the heros on one side are the murdurers on the otherside. Unfortunately these brutalities happen very often on both sides.
The truth is that we see more of the clips showing Israelis as perpetuators, I have never seen a clip of my 21 year old second cousin being blown into pieces by a Palestinian suicide bomber, nor did I see a clip showing other 2 month old infant relative losing her left eye in a different suicide bombing in Israel.
This is a sad sad situation for both sides. Let's pray for peace

Iranian Reader

God damn these bastards.

by Iranian Reader on

What angers me even more is all these nice liberal Jewish Americans who out of the blue pull Darfur genocide out of their hats but do not make a peep about this sort of thing. The self-proclaimed keepers of Moral Imperative...


Its really painful to watch

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its always been a mystery how a human being can do such a thing. Unfortunately we live in a world that its humanity to kill millions of Iraqis and afghans. Up is down and down is up. Unfortunately they will be treated like this as long as they do not have a USA.