Intelligent school

A school in Iran uses latest technology

Educating kids with e-learning tools, mobile value added services, software, e-libraries.



آقا وقت کردی چند تا کامنت پشت سر هم بذار !



آقا وقت کردی چند تا کامنت پشت سر هم بذار !


ماشالله به اون قدرت نوک انگشتاتون، حضرت عباسی !

حالا....لق بینایی ما ،  همین روزا کیبورد تون میره از دست شما پناهنده می‌شه به سازمان ملل‌ها ! از ما گفتن.

خدا وکیلی ماهی‌ چند تا کیبورد اوراق می‌کنین شما؟

کاه مال خودتون نیست کاه مپیوتر که مال خودتونه!

 بقول خوزستانیها    پیه.......اه ه ه ه!






One must be able

by Abarmard on

To distinguish and promote good deeds. The world is not in black and white.


As far as women, under IRI

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

As far as women, under IRI law they are 3rd class citizens, first they have to ask their hysbands, fathers or brothers permission before studying.

Betetr see and accept the reality than be9ng blinded by unlogicals. Greeting


Very nice پیام on Wed Dec 03, 2008 09:25 But beware of

Faribors Maleknasri (not verified)

But beware of carpal tunnel.
Just a question please: Is it also because of carpal tunnel syndrom that the youth is not supposed to masturbate? or at least not so offen?


this is shameful more than anything

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

these students that u saw in this class room will leave iran and work in the USA or Canada?
Hier some news which is in contrary to this thesis:
So I think it would be the american and canadian scientists who will be obliged to go to the Islamic Republic of Iran to learn new things. Of course they will get also a Visa. After they have accepted the islamic Fundamentals. Greeting


Always critical!

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

yes but also allways destructive and allways unlogical. The origin of likewise critic is often a personal frustration, a personal lost of wealth and so on and is based on hate against someone or something. mIn this case against the honorable Iranian Nation duo to their Islamic Revolution 30 years ago and Founding their Islamic Republic of Iran by sacrificing Blood and life. I think the kind of critic which we are talking about is based on hate and has no objective origin and consequently zero effect. It brings not even a real relaxation for the Person but only intensifeis his uncomfortableness.Greeting


To all IR supporters......

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I Wonder, Dear Sir I`m afraid your message will never be recieved by IR supporters. They all live in the Islamic Republic of Iran or are on duty for that Republic in other countries. The true supporters of that Republic never and never would ever click on "IRANIAN". I think, if you realy want that your message comes on by the supporters of the Islamic Republic of Iran may be you would like to try other chanels? greeting


Any doubts that IRI is part of the New World Order?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Not at all. Greeting


32 years ago the rich kids..........

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

.........could go to abroad and -in best case - get a certification which was of zero value in all over the world. Now today 30 years after the Islamic Revolution upon which Iranians founded their Islamic Republic of Iran by sacrificing blood and Life - at least the rich kids and IF only the rich kids - have the possibility to learn something, to be somebody and to be able to help their Homeland goinig on with its selfsufficiency in all levels. Greeting


To all IR supporters: With so much hate and contempt

by I wonder (not verified) on

I wonder how possibly your government in Iran can reestablish ties with a country for which you've got ao much hate and contempt and upon which you've wished death and destruction for the last 30 years???


Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

by Reality sucks (not verified) on

I see that some people with obviously not so hidden agendas handselect and post IR government manufactured propoganada clips here, yet refuse to post clips which show the REAL reality of life in Iran under mullahs (and not the fanciful IR government made trash all over Youtube and in the UNcensored movies made in Iran).

America is a free country and like all other democratic free countries of the world has good and bad in it. Nobody's denying the fact that one can find a lot of drugs, violence and lawlessness in some American public schools, but to claim that American schools, public and private, promote violenc and lawlessness is quite deceitful and contemptable, and can only fool the minority who are still being fooled or allow themselves to be fooled by mullahs and the likes of Antarinejad.


To all being crital to this great school

by پیام on

This is how public schools look like in US:

And this ain't one of those in the ghetto.


Hichi nadrim khoneh ....

by Naneh noghli (not verified) on

Hichi nadrim khoneh
.... turki mikhoneh


بچه دوران انقلاب


One of the BEST comments here, thank you, you said it all!


32 years ago the rich kids

by emories (not verified) on

32 years ago the rich kids had the best and still the rich kids have the best!!!


It's amazing to see so many negative comments! Always critical!

by gol-dust on

Is there anything good about iran? My goodness! Just because we hate the regime, everything that average eduacted iranians do is awful as well? give'em a credit dude! It is a damn i do, damn i don't case with you guys! you want them to become like afghanestan!

We need much more of this for average students! Great job my iranian HAMVATANS!


"If I write 3/8 on the black

by AnonymousIAM (not verified) on

"If I write 3/8 on the black board, he won't understand it, but if he sees it on the computer he gets it, and then understands it".


Training the future drones for the future Surveillance Society. Any doubts that IRI is part of the New World Order?


this is shameful more than anything

by Anonymous99999999999999 (not verified) on

what a waste of resources. instead of waisting the god damn money from god given oil, why don't u invest it in something that will keep on giving after the oil is finished. these students that u saw in this class room will leave iran and work in the USA or Canada and all of this investment will be gone! they won't even be greatful for it. I see kids coming from iran in our university all the time, they all bash the gov. and none want to return to iran. I'm not saying they are bad people, what i'm saying is that our government has no plan for people's future



by maziar 058 (not verified) on

o.k good for the previleged in one of tehran's private school,how about a clip from aghol abad (masjed suleyman ) where the first oil well was discovered and still is pumoing ?
and 12 kids from different grades are inside an AGHOL to learn math & creative writting at the same time .



by Hajminator on

It’s not true that in average European or American schools look like this one. But what will probably happen is that 99% of students being educated here will leave the country when they grow up. And, then they’ll not be disoriented when working in Europe or USA.


Bla bla bla

by Iran parast (not verified) on

In Iran problem is [Din Manesh]Irani nist that is nat of Iranian and by this monkey business yak chizi dar miad ke na Irani ast na modern din from arabia computer from Europa.


Not impressed.  This is

by desi on

Not impressed.  This is what public schools in the US and Europe look like.  With the oil revenue Iran has, all of the schools both rural and in South Tehran should look like this.  This caliber of education shouldn't only be accessible to little boys in Shemran.  Yeah and where's the gym?  I bet athletics is the Wii tennis game there providing too.

Paymaneh Amiri

Here comes the wet blanket

by Paymaneh Amiri on

This so-called "report" is nothing but a planted advertisement for this school.  Unfortunately, this has become a trend in Iranian journalism of recent years.  Journalists and publishers actively solicit and receive money in return for featuring a "documentary" on a business in their publication.  IRIB and IRNA have not been exceptions to this plight, either.

Iranian private schools have been competing with each other, each trying to have a "different" and "exclusive" niche in the market.  This school's niche is based on e-learning.  Why do kids need a smart card/ID to get into their school in Tehran?  Why do their parents need to receive text messages when their little darlings enter the school? 

Why doesn't the report talk about the software used in that classroom?  Who wrote it?  Who supports and updates it? Is it specially developed for that school?  For all subjects?  For all grades?  I'm willing to bet that what we saw is more or less all we will get in that school.  By next year, they won't be able to procure the software for keeping this e-learning up and soon the school would go belly-up as many similar "different" schools have in the past.

An ideal school is where a child can have good textbooks, a loving environment, good teachers, and a place to run and exercise.  It's not Oxford or Harvard universities, after all.  Unfortunately, no Iranian school offers those simple elements today, for children are crammed into tight buildings where they can't exercise, and we all know about Iranian textbooks and the way Iranian teachers treat children.

This is just another instance of the many different ways in which the very few wealthy Iranians splurge these days.  Sorry for being a wet blanket, I have first-hand knowledge of these "special" schools.



by ruja (not verified) on

girl and boy school r seporate in Iran :)



by ruja (not verified) on

that was not the gym area :) . and the guy actually talked about art assignemnt one of the kids had done.


I still like learning from books

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

Don't get me wrong, being a computer science graduate I appreciate such learning environments, but I still think humans should have capability to learn from books first.


شرمسار و دل شکسته

بچه دوران انقلاب (not verified)

می تونست باعث افتخارمون باشه!
این صحنه ها تنها درصورتی موجب افتخار می بود که همه بچه ها، از تمام اقشار جامعه امکان رفتن به اینگونه مدارس رو می داشتند. من یادمه اوایل انقلاب، یک فیلم سینمایی انتقادی رو بطور مکرر در تلویزیون جمهوری اسلامی نشون می دادند که یک صحنه اش برای همیشه در ذهنم حک شد. صحنه این بود که یک پسر بچه پولدار بستنی بدست سوار اتومبیل آخرین مدل پدرش شد و با زبون درازی به طرف کودک فقیری، که با حسرت اون رو تماشا می کرد بستنی اش رو جلوی پای اون پرت کرد روی زمین.
در اون زمان فکر می کردیم که انقلاب کردیم تا این اختلاف ها از بین بره و همه بچه ها از حقوق مشترک برخوردار بشند. فکر می کردیم با از بین رفتن قرتی بازی های خانواده هایی مثل پهلوی و بقیه درباری های (عمدتا بی سواد) این مشکلات زشت جامعه هم ریشه کن خواهد شد و مردممون رشد خواهد کرد. اما متاسفانه امروز نه تنها شاهد گسترش روز افزون این اختلاف طبقاتی هستیم، بلکه مردممون هم انگار کاملا نسبت به این موضوع، که ریشه تمام بدبختی های ماست بی تفاوتند. روشنفکرهای جامعه هم ظاهرا این واقعیت تلخ رو پذیرفتند که بعضی از بچه ها باید با حسرت خوردن غذای سالم، میوه و گوشت سر روی بالش بگذارند درحالیکه بعضی های دیگه (مثل همین طفل معصومها با قیافه های پخمه و رفتار ماشینی) در مدارسی باشند که پدرو مادرهاشون بتونن اونها رو از دور کنترل بکنند. تازه با افتخار در این فیلم تبلیغاتی گفته شد که بخاطراین تکنولوژی پیشرفته دیگه لازم نیست اولیای بچه ها برای رسیدگی به زندگی بچه هاشون به مدارس سر بزنند...
...حالا بگذریم که این بچه ها (که در اون جامعه مریض و قناص دارن بزرگ می شن) چه مشکلات روحی روانی پیدا خواهند کرد ولی اونچه که من هنوز نمی فهمم اینه که چرا ما ایرانیها اینقدر خودخواه و عقب افتاده هستیم و کی می خواهیم یاد بگیریم که این دنیا و نعمت هاش فقط مال "من" نیست و مال همه است؟

...آهان درضمن تا یادم نرفته، مشکلات ما به این آخوندها و رژیم و دین اسلام و این حرفها ربطی نداره، به مردم ما، طرز تفکر و نحوه زندگی همه مون مربوطه که آخوندها و زژیم و دین اسلام و اینها هم همه جزئی از اون (ما) هستند!


Not for everyone

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

This school is only for few rich Tehranis living in the nort. Most these kids will leave Iran any way as a result of brain rain.

As far as the kids in south Tehran or any where else in Iran, they have to attend old, nasty, asbestos wall (carcinogens), with no heating devises and crowded schools, since they don't deserve education, they have to become Martyrs for Islam and IRI.

As far as women, under IRI law they are 3rd class citizens, first they have to ask their hysbands, fathers or brothers permission before studying.

IRI system and IRI regime anti Iranian


نظر ِ شخص ِ بنده

ديپلمه بيسواد (not verified)

بابا اين بچه ها رو آزاد بذارين كه بازى گوشى كنند
اگر نه سى سال ِ ديگه مثل ما غرميزنن به پدر ومادرِ شون كه چرا نذاشتين فوتبال بازى كنيم يا دنبال ِ دختر بازى بريم


so much missing

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

The gym area seemed horribly crowded. When are they going to put a focus on sports and arts to make really well rounded students?