"Holy terrorism"

Strategist Hassan Abbassi, with English subtitles


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This Speech refuses to answer what is Important.

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

30 years have passed since the Great Iranian Revolution.

Imam Ayat'Allah Ruh-Allah Moosavi Khomayni who was stationed in Paris for some time never gave the answer to one important question.

And the question is, "is Escargot (Snails) Halal"?

All this other nonsense is just extra stuff.

May I add, if it were not for the non-believers, especially the French, who gave our dear Imam a free house in Paris and gave him a 1st Class flight back to Tehran on Air France, our great Revolution would have never taken place.

And if it were not for an Iranian-Israeli arms dealer by the name of Albert Hakim, during the Iran-Iraq war then how would we be ever able to get weapons during what became called the "Iran-Contra Affair"? The same sacred war, that our dear country fought to a stalemate.

And let us not forget the British, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, it was the British that permitted Najaf to become a great institution for Shia theology.

If you ask me, the Iranians, especially the revolutionaries have received a lot of help from the non-believers.


LOL This guy's great!

by Zion on



my two cents

by Anonymous9999999999 (not verified) on

I don't trust islamic republic of iran, but i don't trust what us gov does arround the world either. i think iran should get out of the way and let isreal and palestine solve their own problems. majority of iranians don't want to get involved, it is as simple as that. this hassan abbassi guy should get out of iran and fight the isreal himslef. i would respect him for that. but don't drag a population of 80 million to your holy war. yes it is a holy war, i agree. i think palestinians should not give up an inch of their land and fight till they are killed by the monster zionists. i support palestinians moraly but i don't want iran to do anything. iran has it's own big problems. if iran want to help other people, it needs to be strong first. our economy is in shambles, ppl don't have job, prostitution is becoming acceptible in a so called "muslim country. what is going on. we should solve our own problems. and to ppl that blindy support america and europe in their war against islam, i have to say, please don't show your face in iran, you guys are disgusting.


How can a

by Iran parast (not verified) on

How can a realign that is based on lay and terror retin in there [holly book] than have falloers that be normal people?


Davoud khan, fair enough! :)

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Davoud khan, fair enough! :)


he is nuts. crazy person!!!

by Anonymous on

he is nuts. crazy person!!!


To: Mr. Fatollah

by Davoud (not verified) on

Mr. Fatollah Khan, I really hate Ahmadinejad, I hate his face, his smiles, even his ugly jacket. But what I hate the most about him is that some of the things he says are just correct and make sense. I hope that I haven't disppointed or upset you by saying this, but I must be honest with myself.


Dear Iranian friends

by Davoud (not verified) on

My dear Iranian friends, I am not defending the Iranian regime or their policy. All I'm saying is that we should try to see and interpret the issues of the world from an objective point of view. I'm not driven at all by my emotions, as one of the friends has suggested, and I consider myself a liberal person. It means that I even listen and accept the point of my enemy if I see that there are some logics in his argument. And I would like you all to do the same. I think that Ostaad understood what's going on here. The owners of this site have taken a short part of this guy's speech and has maginfied it to misled the people who visit this site. So, we should be more careful and not jump into the conclusion without doing some background check. By the way, if the Islamic Republic of Iran is wrong it doesn't mean that the West is all right. Does this sound logical to you?


Brave men

by Nader Khan (not verified) on

Many brave men from old Shah army brought out of their jails and willingly fight on front line in that Iraq Iran war then after the war they were executed by him and his friends, were are their voices they were no chicken.


Khaahesh mikonam sholoughesh nokonid, bachehaa.

by Ostaad on

One cannot have a deep and intellectual discussion about what he's talking about because the poster hasn't bothered to post Abassi's entire speech. The clip is certainly a small segment of some sort of speech or presentation at a public forum, which is unidentified also. As a result there is not enough context that merits an intelligent discussion. This is simply a piece of red meet courtesy of the "Party Girl" who seems to be damn good teaser too. In my view intellectual integrity requires that you indentify your souces, including the poeple who cut up Abassi's entire presentation and chose this clip.


Agha Davoud

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Defending Iran does not give someone carte blanche in forcing others to agree with him or even putting Iran in harms way! I am sure, you Davoud khan happen to agree with some if not all of Ahmadinejads points!? I am sure Hitler, Stalin and even Churchill made some good points in their speeches, too! By the way, do not assume what you think you know regardings other Iranians involvement in deffending Iran.


To: Davoud

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Just because he may have fought in the Iran-Iraq wa, according to you (I do not know but I take your word for it), gives him the right to now advocate killing of innocent people? Where is the logic or commonsense there?
It's like saying so and so helped his cuntry, so now he has cart blanche to kill a few non-moslem children because he "fought for his country." Please, please think before you write. Let your emotions run their course before you support this misguided soul.


Some one has convinced this

by KavehV (not verified) on

Some one has convinced this imbecil that he has a commanding oratory skill. There should be a strong psychological effect on the audience by someone with this type of skill; a level of excitment.

Ignoring the extreme nonsensical diatribe of his speech, he could not even excite his audience at the end. The tone of the usual Islamist slogan rants at the end lack any enthusiasem, or strength.

He may do better as a stand up comic in certain quarters.


people who visit this site

by Davoud (not verified) on

Well, I dont agree with all that he says, but he has some good points here. Of course, I don't expect that the kind of people (brained-washed, retard intellectuats) who visit this site to understand what the man is saying. So keep calling him idiot, crazy, or whatever you want. He fought and defended his country during Iraq War, while most of you ran away like chickens. Just keep this in mind!



by ahvazi on

K**Khol produced by thirty years of IRI



What a shame

by Teenager (not verified) on

So he is basically saying that he is a GHODSI force of Iranian Revolutionary Guards. What a shame for us Iranians to have such Murderous fascists teaching in our Universities. This kind of guy already did start the Word War III. The terrorist that he is admiring, are nothing but selfish, uneducated, crowed of opportunists who kill innocent people to grantee their own spot in the so called after life.


right and you right is capitalism control the world ?

by hajiagha on


go on you tube watch when Israel lunch attack on children, look at new last night hotel was attack all over the news and call them terrorist, but in palestine women and children and journalist  murdered and we never saw on TV like CNN or, this  kind stupid democracy or freedom of speech good for Bush to go and in Iraq and over 100,000 women and children die by him, after all they call them terrorist if they want protect own life or religion?

this guy is right .

jj can have video here israil kill women and children and journalist



This guy again! Simply a

by Fatollah (not verified) on

This guy again! Simply a charlatan and certainly no intellectual! It would be interesting to find out who he really is? Background? Where he grew up? That would be more interesting then the nonesens pouring out of his mouth.


Killing innocent women, men, and children is Moghaddas?

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Now, don't tell me yes because "Gharb kills innocent people too." This is such a warped sense of reasoning that does not even require a response. So, if someone goes and kills an innocent child somewhere, somehow you are justified to strap a bomb and kill five innocent children somewhere else? How dumb can one get? This rhetoric only works for Moslems. How come you rarely see other cultures kill themselves and innocent people because of what someone has done to someone else? This largeley stems from the violence-prone blood thirstiness which is innate with this religion. Come on, you can excite many other Moslems or dumb non-moslems, but you are full of hot air. Every time you cause an innocent person to die, you have injured our world. You, and the likes of you are pollutants, harmful for the environment.


Did he say

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Did I hear him saying some thing building nuclear bomb? I thought all along islamist have been telling us it's for peacefull purposes!


Why he is alive

by Nader khan (not verified) on

Without people like him CIA, MI5,SIS, MOSAD will be out of work. It wouldn't be surprising if we dig deeper we find out he is under their payroll. That is the best and cheapest way to control the price of oil by keeping dictatorship like mullas in Iran and Saudi's kings in Arabestan as you know going to Iraq was too expensive. I miss Sadam the world was safer now we (USA, England, Israel) have to do his dictatorial works on Iraqis

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Goebbels of Persia

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

This Goebbels of Persia is an Islamist terrorist, who also uses 'Persian' pretexts to call for holy war against Jews (see link below).

Like the other Islamist terrorist "theoreticians", he justifies all their deeds on the basis of revenge against the Jews, present and past. This fascination with the "Jewish demon" is a classic case of anti-Semitism, which tries to tie everything that has ever gone wrong, to the Semites.

Over the 20th century, the Iranian mind has been filled with anti-Semitism, be it against the 'loathed Arabs' or the 'dirty Jews'. We should be ashamed of our pride and prejeduce that gives a "theoretical" base to fascist figures from Reza Shah to Khomeini.

There is a frequently used short-cut between racial bigotry and its ideological cousin. When the ultra-nationalists (Immortal Aryan) were frustrated by the inability of their leaders, many of them quickly turned into Islamists (Immortal Marty). That flip-flop happened during revolution, even among the children of Shah's military generals, who were raised with the unquestionable reverence for the supremacy of Persia.

Now, we should be aware that this Goebbels of Persia and his cohorts are using not only Islamic pretexts, but also Persian fairy tales to entice the youth against Jews and Israel; in order to keep the unholy fire of war and hatred going, which is the natural breeding ground for their rotten existence and growth.

Nice post Party Girl.


Arash M-K


Crazy dude!

by choghok on

These kinds of guys could very well start a 3rd world war.

But his speech show very well that political spectrum of Iran is not as narrow as many people want us to believe. He is pretty much anti Khatami and after reading about him he seems to be anti Rafsanjani as well.

Someone please hijack this guy and put him somewhere in Israel, force him to live amongst jews there. That must be the ultimate punishment for him :-). 

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim

Darius Kadivar

He is the Same Guy who thinks Mickey Mouse is a Jew ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

He is the same ol' crazy folk who also said that all the Iranian Kings were Jewish.

What a Nut ! ;0)