Graffiti bombers

Boys graffiti train bombing in Tabriz

By "icy and sot":


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by Anima (not verified) on

these people who are doing this are toys .... the best examples of graffiti in our country is Alone , and you cancheck his works at //


Nice work out there

by Waltor (not verified) on

Got some new info today, the train has left tabriz boys! It's now the best time!



by icy (not verified) on

hi party girl .
thanks for put on my video in this page .


Party girl does a great job

by skatermom (not verified) on

Party girl does a great job scouring the web for Iranian related stuff. One person's junk is another persons' treasure. These kids are just being rebellious. Remember rebellions take on many forms. Look how well our parents' well organized rebellions turned out. It's now called the IRI.


what's the big deal? the

by sohrab in Manchester (not verified) on

what's the big deal? the bloody train needs a paint work , it's so old and rusty. well done boys


they should get their asses kicked

by Anonymous536 (not verified) on

Iran has enough problems without vandalism


dameshoon garm

by Damon Jaan (not verified) on

nice work boys. i wouldve liked a lion or an assault rifle or a clenched fist added but still nice work. this isnt an iranian (chinese built piece of anne) train. akheh what form of civil order is there in iran????? for it too be such a shame for these youth to rebel against it? vaaay vaaay bacheha ghatareh tokhmio kharaab kardan, ohhh nooo its sooo illegal... hahahaha

Party Girl

Agha Payam

by Party Girl on

Thank you for being vigilant. 

In finding video clips, I rely heavily on what the clip description says.  If you look at the description of this clip on YouTube at this link: 


you will see that the clip description says:"iran tabriz graffiti train icy and sot."  If you click on the video poster's icon, irangraffiti, you will see that in his channel he says his name is ICY, he is 23 years old, his city is Tabriz, and his country is Iran.  The terrain in the clip also appears to be Iran and not Germany, unless Germany has aarid spots like this.

Could it be that this train is an abandoned carriage?  Anyhow, thanks for caring enough to leave a comment.  I do my best to find accurate information about the clips, but sometimes there is little to go by.  Any help is always appreciated.


The sign on the train clearly says DB

by پیام on

Meaning Deutche Bahn ( German national train system). Please check your facts before posting. So don't worry folks, THIS IS NOT IRAN, but Germany. In Iran people can not afford to lose time on stupid things like grafitti. As one poet once put it: It's a hard knock life (in Iran).


Our youths are learning good things from the west! Idiots!

by gol-dust on

I am sure they have seen it through internet and satelite. This is so sad! Put them where they belong!


What a shame. I rode a train

by benam-us (not verified) on

What a shame. I rode a train in Tehran on my last trip. It was clean and amazingly enojyable. I compared the trians in DC and NY full of graffiti. Now I see the same thing happening to my motherlan, part of westernize culture.

I have to agree with a reader about Party Girl putting junks on this web site. She obviously has nothing else to do but search for the garbage. Get a life Party Girl.