Gol-e-Sangam in Nepal

Nepalese Children singing in Farsi

An Iranian man taught these Nepalese children to sing Gol-e-Sangam in Farsi at MusicCamp 2008 Nepal. I believe the dayereh player's name is Khosrow.


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by khosrow (not verified) on

از ابراز محبت همه دوستان ممنونم


So Beautiful, innocent,

by sara22 (not verified) on

So Beautiful, innocent, lovely.
Must have taken hours and hours of practice to be able tp perform this so well!
Thanks to the teacher and to the kids.
Thanks Party Girl this made my day!


Beautiful song and beautiful performers.

by پیام on

Just loved it.

Party Girl

Dear Monda

by Party Girl on

Yes, they are very sweet.  Can you imagine what a lot of work their teacher had to do to get them to perform so beautifully?

I look for video clips on YouTube all the time.  Some days I'm luckier and find really good things, some days not.  Even when I think I have found something fabulous, it has to pass by JJ's very selective scrutiny and many of my suggestions are rejected.  I don't lose heart though, and I continue looking for Iranians and things related to Iran.  It is not easy work, but I do it with joy and love for Iran, the subjects, and the audience (that means you and all the others who comment on the selections.  Thank you!).  That's how I find them!  Keep coming back Monda and don't forget to party on!


Send it to Fox news

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

as an example of more Iranian international infiltration and Muslim endoctrination taking over the world


cheghadr naaz hastan!

by Mondanonymous (not verified) on

That dayereh player did great too! PGjon How do you come across such nice youtubes?


So delightful....

by Happy Boy (not verified) on

So delightful...


great job

by Mazloom on

great job




غم در دل تنگ من از آن است كه نيست

يك دوست كه با او غم دل بتوان گفت

Alahazrat Hajagha

that was awesome

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

that was awesome


Vay vay moosh...

by iranian mama (not verified) on

Naaz beshan elaahi... Bezanim be takhteh.