George Galloway on iran

British politician argues with radio caller about attacking Iran



Zion wow, good logic

by XerXes (not verified) on

How do you feel about Ronald Reagan? Just meeting and shaking hands does not constitute agreements or anything else. Also Saddam wasn't anti west for a long time...At a point he was a nice poppy at the service of your government and Zionazis didn't mind him to push their American servants to fight the and destroy a sovereign country and kill millions of innocent people.
But hey, this guy is the problem because he is not paid by Zionazis. As long as one is paid by Zionazis, no matter what they do it's OK.


Darius Kadivar

Sean Connery & BraveHeart would disagree Gentlemen ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Of course I know that the Scots are British on their passport but they have always considered the British by that I mean the British Crown  as a forced upon them. They first wished total independance from London and the Crown, but realizing that was impossible they finally asked for autonomy and as you may know even Sean Connery ended by accepting to be knighted by the Queen of England. But the roots of Scottish Independance are still very strong although curbed because the British Monarchy as you all know is a perfectly defined democracy thanks to its constitution where the King or Queen Reigns but does not Rule. We have the same problem with our Kurd Brothers and other ethinic groups which also claim independance or at best autonomy.

My Point was that very much like the Welsh the Scots are very proud and often stubborn ( for Better and for Worse) in regard to their identity which often prevails on the fact that they are ALL subjects of Her Majesty the Queen. They accept the fact but have a hard time swallowing the pill so they are reminded of it from time to time. As you know Scottish independance has been also curbed by the fact that they have their own parliament quite recently.

Correct me if I am wrong Lads!

Thanks for the feedbacks.



The scary part

by toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Is that there are to few of him in british and american politics.. Anyways, this is a man I would shake and kiss his hand if I met him.


Baz aberoomoono bordi DK

by Anonymamman (not verified) on

Mr Galloway is gently reminding his British compatriot that war with iran is a mistake. Now, saying the guy is dump is not good for us in this moment: we all have done big mistakes in the past, for example some of us still admire the son of a simple Ghazaghi soldier as the king of Iran and are ready to give their soul to kiss his hand again!

K Nassery

So, are there Iranian terrorists all over the world?

by K Nassery on

If his claim is that Iran will attack us here, then we must look at the Iranians in Britian and in the US right now.  There are two sides to every threat.

I am uncomfortable with his claim that our neighbors, Iranian Americans, are prepared to blow us up if Israel makes a strategic strike.  I hope the US government is looking at this issue and deciding on a plan of action should Israel do this.  Perhaps, camps for Iranians here in the US?  It takes years to get justics in the US system ask the Japanese who were interned in WWII. 

Lots of bad things happen in War.  Punishment to any of the enemy's supperters is one of the first things any harmed people will do.  Iran will punish us.  Americans will punish the Iranian community here. 

Don't be joyful that this will happen.  I have half Iranian kids and I hope they can look non Iranian enough if this senario takes place.



by Free Thinker (not verified) on

(to borrow a word from GG).

Mr Kadiver, for your information Scottish people are British too! The term British covers, English, Scottish, Welsh and Norther Irish!

And as for those who are enamoured by the Gorgeous George, I have this to say: GG's suggestion is clear, don't touch the warmongers because they will bring the war to your homes. If this was a winning argument, then the whole world should have stood by watching Hitler's forces marching over Europe, and the rest of the world, because if they had bombed him, he would have bombed them!! Fortunately, the Allies were not as dim-witted as Gorgeous George, otherwise the first language of the world today would have been German!


scotish is British!

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Salam Mr. Kadivar,

I live in UK. May I correct you that Scotland is a part of Great Britain.
I wish you success, hamshahri.

Payandeh Iran


we in UK know this hypocrat very well!

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Galloway is a pacifist and hypocrat who has put himself always on the side of the dictator regimes. in 90's on the side of Serbian regime who was responsible for the biggest massacre in Europe and then on the side of Saddam who is known to all of us. Galloway and the mad ultra right shirinowski of Russia competed with each other in licking Saddams boots during/after the occupation of Kuwait. Now as the West with US leadership are preparing to stand to the world leading terrorist regime of IRI, Galloway and his leftist fans cannot shout loud enough to leave IRI alone so they can take other nations in Middle East hostage as they have done to Iranian nations. Shame to all his fans.

Darius Kadivar

Ain't British but ... Scottish ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Major difference in order to understand why Galloway is always opposing the establishment and politic correctness.

Neverthless I agree with most of his arguments here. War is not the solution.

But Galloway is neverthelss a Smart Ass in disguise, he also shook hands with Saddam Hussein whom he admired as a "great leader" a few years ago.


I suppose some prefer to forget this due to alzheimers ;0)


Ahmed from Bahrain

Galloway Rocks

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Good man Galloway.

And we thought the average British male was highly educated in world affairs. What a dumb ass and ignorance is surely not bliss when one considers these idiots rule the world with their US/Zionist proxies.

Is it any wonder we are in the state we are in??

Thank God for people like Galloway

Ahmed from Bahrain


Contrary to popular belief here

by javaneh29 on

Contrary to what seems to be widely believed, the Brits in general dont want to bomb Iran. Most of them didnt agree with the invasion of Iraq and dont want to enter into to any type of conflict with Iran. This caller James was exceptionally stupid (that was obvious)and belongs to a minority view in the UK. The Brits are not so anti Iranian generally although there are the few exceptions its true. The Uk can not afford another war economically or emotionally ... the Government aren't going to go there and risk the support of the public. With Tony Blair out of the driving seat, its more likely the UK will take a neutral stance.

Also I have had some private dialogue with Mr Galloway in the recent past about some other issues re Iran. On this occassion he right on the button with his views. It was good to hear. I am not a great fan of him but I take my hat off to him this time.



Yes he is a very lovely guy

by Zion on


Message to MRX1

by Adam-e Irani (not verified) on

Speaking of "cockroaches", it's a good thing that people like you left Iran. You are the same as the Mojahedin traitors who helped Saddam when he invaded Iran.


After I have given up on the

by AA (not verified) on

After I have given up on the prospect to witness any rational, impartial or evenhanded view anywhere on local or international media, and after failing my many hopeless attempts to wrestle with the phony logic of the nauseating views aired by the likes of Fox news I hear George Galloway with an almost forgotten delight. After all these trash fabrications and intended deceptions published and broadcasted daily to the public in North America to convince them with views dictated by the masters in Tel Aviv I hear a voice of an honest British politician and a courageous man. George's voice, though lonely, means a lot to many people who know the truth but are blocked away or are too frightened to tell it. These are the silent majority who can clearly see who is the bully and the aggressor and who is the defenseless, oppressed and occupied party in the Middle East conflict and in the so-called conflict surrounding Iran's nuclear program.

Truly a prime example of the fact that Zionist money cannot buy everyone.


I like him very much

by Abarmard on

He has freedom in mind and understands the logic of respect and peace. Always enjoy his arguments. Welcome back dokhtar e Iran


where is this

by MRX1 (not verified) on

commi getting his figures (80 nuclear places) in Iran?
he says there will be retaliation by Iran (I presume by rev guards, basijis) in the heart of London.if that's the case why would British government allow these cockroaches in London then? this guy is as messed up as the guy that called him.


The caller was a Moron but Galloway was also wrong...

by Internets on

The caller was an atypical English twit, but Galloway's rationalization on the following is wrong:

Just because Israel, India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons in their arsenal, it does not make it plausible for the world to give a pass on this to Iran. Any addition to the nuclear club will make the world a more dangerous place, not only because of its military implications but also because of potential mishaps.

Although Iran as a member state and signatory to the NPT has an unalienable right to developing a peaceful nuclear technology, it does not mean that they have the right to developing nuclear weaponry which I believe is a clandestine purpose of the IRI nuclear technology.

The acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran will lead to an unimaginable arms race in the M.E. starting by Israel amassing probably over 1000 of such weapons!.


Iranian of the day

by sanazi on

If only more Brits were smart, reasonable and honest like him, the world would be a much safer place. This man deserves an honory citizenship of Iran! Or maybe the nobel peace prize!! This post should have been on the "Iranian of the day" category!!!



by John on

Please, everyone watch this and really listen to what he says.  He is articulate, honest, intelligent and a truly fantastic speaker.

On the other hand, it is quite sad to listen to the caller, because he so obviously has bought the government line and swallowed it whole.  We hear his arguments and convictions destroyed one by one until at the end of the call he sounds like a beaten man.

There are also a number of other George Galloway videos on Youtube that are equally enlightening and interesting.


public openion in west

by simorgh (not verified) on

Unfortunately, there is a huge number of less informed people in west which have been used over and over to create public opinion support to start wars. Media in west manufacture public opinion in any direction as desired. Iran must show strength and be powerful to deter any attack.



by IRANdokht on

it's just scary how some people thought process works (or better yet malfunctions)!  I hope Galloway doesn't get a heart attack arguing with these morons, he seems to be the only voice of reason there!! 

What an intelligent man.  Thanks for posting this!



حال کر دم



That's all!


poor James 


What a breath of fresh air.

by mirzakhan (not verified) on

We could have more of a real political discussion here too, only if any the Israeli/AIPAC controlled media did not bury any dissenting voice....

Again, we all want the fanatic/moslem regime in Iran to go, but war is not the way to do it....