Email from god

Preacher on Iranian TV gets electronic message from god


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What would God's e-mail

by skatermom (not verified) on


concerned iranian

by BABAK nEEKPEYE (not verified) on

I liked your comment please write again You think well


e mail from G

by Babak Neekpeye (not verified) on

It's hard to understand the mentality of this Dude; U must be part of them to understand where he is comming from; Right in the middl e of Ramazan these "Cult memberes" think they have accomplished alot, by not eating and dring fom sun rise to sun down; People,,,, these individuals exihbit adult schizophernia; they are the one the British wanted to come to power in our country they are dangrous sobs be carefull; Excuse my spellings

He does not need to be very educated; if he reads alon he sould be able to have a better perspective of life O M G

ebi amirhosseini

email equivalent in Farsi/Persian is.....

by ebi amirhosseini on

پست الکترونیکی


Khar , Re : is "email " a Persian word ?

by Souri on

No, it's not. Usually in Iran they use the word "Payaam" but like
many other people, this guy failed to use a correct Farsi word.

Many other people do it. Just ask your friend, the intellectual poet of the
century, NAMJOO, he may know a thing or two about this !

Ask him why he choose the words like "Bar-fix" and "Yaar-fix" in his "Dahe
Shast" poem. He is a poet after all, he should be more vigilant with
this !

..the Barr-fix or Bar-fix(wrongly) or Barre-fix (in French) is an instrument
in sport, but the "Yaar-fix"...?

Nobody knows !! Maybe just a word to rhyme with the Barr-fix ? 

Yek souzan beh khodet bezan, yek javaldouz be digaran !!!


I disagree dear Goffer

by Iva (not verified) on

you said, "The problem isn't Islam or the message, Ali1234, the problem is the messenger here."

The problem is indeed the cult of islam and its uncivilized and prehistoric rules. And the only way that those rules can be followed or enforced is by BRUTE force. islamics know that well ... they have no room or guts for dialog because their whole principles based on hoccus poccus, so they resort to only tool that they have ... Force.

Kouroush Sassanian

His prayers continued . . .

by Kouroush Sassanian on


give me strenght while I pull my enemies' finger nails


give me strenght while I rape and torture these apostates


give me strenght while I rape my 13 year old new bride tonight


give me strenght to better hold down my 11 o'clock while I remove his eye


give me strenght to better tie the kafan around my 2 o'clock so he cannot escape while being stoned


give me strenght as I pour boiling hot oil in my 4 o'clock's mouth


continued . . .



these programs

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

are meant to brainwash us,,What a bunch of crap...These people are murdering innocent people and they talk about god......


رابطه آقای گودرزی با آقای شقایقی




-ماشینها تو خیابون تصادف میکنند و این میز من چهار تا پایه داره ( تقریبا" فرمایشات همین آقا)....حالا کسی‌ میتونه بگه من چند سالمه؟

- ۴۶ سال آقای معلم.

- آفرین !! از کجا فهمیدی؟ 

-آخه آقا اجازه ست ؟ ما یه برادر "نیمچه"  ک...خل  داریم که ۲۳ سالشه!


WoooooW! slow down!

by NostalgicWorms (not verified) on

Some Iranians are hypocrites to the bone!

Do you feel the same way you feel against this poor gus to those "God knows what kind of religion they preach" evangelists in America?

Come on Boys and girls! How fats have you lost your IDENTITY? Maybe you never had one, but was hiding behind the veil of our culture!!!!!!!!!!

As Iron-Sheikh does : Tof!


Ok ! Now I got it :O)

by Souri on

News Goffer :See ? To some illiterate person like me, you must explain it twice :O)

I did get your point, especially the last paragraph, was very well articulated. I do agree with you, and thanks for clarification.

Not all the comments were in this direction and view as yours. People
joked about the word "email" or even some, tried to pretend they are so
naive that they thought the guy is serious about saying that he got an
email from God ! That was what I called exaggeration.

Otherwise, I do agree with all you said dear. All religion do the same, only when they are in the position of power, they do worse

Gold Fish : Thanks for this beautiful poem of Forough. I really enjoyed



gold fish (not verified)

بر روی ما نگاه خدا خنده میزند
هر چند ره به ساحل لطفش نبرده ایم
زیرا چو زاهدان سیه کار خرقه پوش
پنهان ز دیدگان خدا می نخورده ایم
پیشانی ار ز داغ گناهی سیه شود
بهتر ز داغ مهر نماز از سر ریا
نام خدا نبردن از آن به که زیر لب
بهر فریب خلق بگویی خدا خدا
چون سینه جای گوهر یکتای راستیست
زین رو به موج حادثه تنها نشسته ایم
ماییم ... ما که طعنه زاهد شنیده ایم
ماییم ... ما که جامه تقوا دریده ایم
زیرا درون جامه به جز پیکر فریب
زین راهیان راه حقیقت ندیده ایم
آن آتشی که در دل ما شعله میکشد
گر در میان دامن شیخ اوفتاده بود
دیگر به ما که سوخته ایم از شرار عشق
نام گناهکاره رسوا نداده بود
بگذار تا به طعنه بگویند مردمان
در گوش هم حکایت عشق مدام ‚ ما
هرگز نمیرد آنکه دلش زنده شد به عشق
ثبت است در جریده عالم دوام ما

News Goffer

Dear Souri:

by News Goffer on

I never get mad at you. As I said, this program is no better or worse than any other IRIB produces. It is all the same. You hear different versions of the same thing on the news, social and political commentaries, children's programming, and even humorous programs on IRIB.

Let me answer your question: If someone wants to hear this kind of programming, they are free to enjoy it. I have heard worse and I have heard better than this and I am not too concerned about the quality or delivery of this particular program.

The point I was trying to raise is that watching this kind of program is not a choice in Iran. It is not like the American television where you can go to a channel where TV evangelists are preaching. IRIB's entire programming is this, no choices involved.

In a vacuum, this program may be palatable to some. But to look at this clip as an isolated program is far from the reality of how this powerful medium has been used to brainwash and further isolate a large population of Iran. The significant programming budget of IRIB could have been spent on far better and more valuable programs over the past 30 years to truly educate and inform the people of Iran who are paying for that budget. Instead, they are being bombarded with religious lingo and jargon which might be comforting and a choice to few, but a serious impediment to learning and knowledge for others.


News goffer

by Souri on

Please don't get mad, when I talked about exaggeration, I meant in general, I didn't point your comment.

My question was simple, if you don't want to answer I will understand and i won't repeat it again. This was not clear for me, so I asked you :

For some religious people who like to watch a religious Islamic program at TV, what kind of program do you propose ? what do you think they should say (or not say) in this program for those kind of audience ?

Regardless of whether IRI who promote those things 24/7 and force-feeding this type of propaganda all the time, and they are not at the best place to preach others about God and what's good and what is bad. My simple question is only about this single program, what do you expect them to say in there ?

News Goffer

Dear Souri:

by News Goffer on

First, nothing earthshattering has happened here. This video clip is one of thousands like it available from the millions of hours of similar programming of IRIB. So, there are no hidden or particularly shocking meanings or truths here. We are just all looking at something together and having a dialogue about it, some of us using softer words and some stronger.

Second, the subject I am talking about is the constant preaching of a state owned broadcasting system. I am not talking about Islam. I am not talking about choosing to watch or ignore something, either, for there are no "choices" in Iran. I am talking bout IRIB's force-feeding this type of propaganda all the time. I am not talking about your mother's right to fast or pray, a right to which anyone is entitled regardless of their age or orientation. I am talking about the poor people of Iran having to hear this type of condescending, religious jargon all the time from everywhere, where none of what is preached is practiced and the effects such duplicity has had on the people of Iran.

I don't think I was exaggering anything.


What do you expect ?

by Souri on

I still don't see the relation between bashing the IRI and hating this guys' preaching. What do you expect to see in a religious TV program ?

The guy is preaching in Persian (not Arabic) about God for the religious people who are interested to his program. Isn't it true that some of you say : If you don't like it, then change the channel ?

Freedom is good only for us and not for others ? Some people are interested to this kind of program. My mother (73) as an example.

She doesn't like to listen to the Aakhound, but she is still doing her Ramadan and rouzeh and namaaz.

I can't understand what this guy said that shocked you at this point. Sorry, I am always against the exageration.

News Goffer

Dear Ali1234

by News Goffer on

I understood what IRANdokht was saying.

IRIB and all its affiliates are government organizations, directly fed and supported by Islamic Republic's government with a very lofty annual budget. They are, in their multiple names and entities, mouthpieces of IRI.

When they talk to people in such condescending ways, even if the text is copied or translated from another condescending English document, they get on my nerves, too. If people of Iran, the real owners of this broadcasting system, had access to media where they could express differing and opposing points of view, it would have been equally O.K. for anyone to have a channel in which they talk about their religious beliefs or whatever they believe in and wish to promote.

But when all poor Iranian people get all day from the state-supported/assisted/owned newspapers, radio, television, schools, Friday prayers, etc. etc., is only preaching to them all the time, it becomes sickening and disgusting. This is not about Islam, it is about the tone, frequency, and depth of the hypocrisy that exists in Iran.

Their approach is to talk about God and deity and right and wrong and prayers on IRIB, and at the same time sell out, cheat, beat, harass, torture, imprison, execute, amputate, and abuse the same people, their captive audience. They promote Islam 24/7 on 57 channels (and nothing's on), and rip off Iranian women of their rights under the name of the same Islam.

The problem isn't Islam or the message, Ali1234, the problem is the messenger here.



by IRANdokht on

You seem genuinely interested to know why I feel the way I feel. Although puzzling, I will oblige. 

What I find disgusting is to preach spirituality while having your noose around people's neck.

I am appalled by hypocrisy of taking people's freedoms and preaching to them about God.

I can't stand seeing the pure spiritual feelings of people get manipulated in the hands of the government media, the same gov that is taking away women's right, throwing journalists and students in jail, hanging young people for crimes they committed as kids and stoning women who are deemed promiscuous. 

When people who support this government speak of God or pure belief I know they're lying. I know they have no fear of hell

واعظان کاین جلوه در محراب و منبر میکنند   

چون به خلوت میروند آن کار دیگر میکنند



to IRANdokht

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

I am kinda puzzled by your response! Does "freedom of speech" mean that no one should care or ask questions about anyone else's views and opinions?!!


Much better than Christian BS they put on TV here in US

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

this guy actually made some sense the people unlike Pat Robertson and other christian pastors and preachers here on US TV!


you mean is not worth it?

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on




by Khar on

"The only outcome from holding grudge is hearting one self" Richard M. Nixon!... He was the master of holding grudges and paranoia.



by Souri on

forget about. doesn't worth it.


Someone Pinch Please...

by Khar on

Who would have thought Souri and I can agree with each other. She is right! This was a Christian prayer chain email which was circulating awhile back. Now, the issue is not the prayer, people should be free to pray to whomever and whatever they choose. But pushing one religion down people throat on TV every night and day and the separation of church (Mosque) & state are the real issues. Did you all notice that he used the words “DIVERT” and “EMAIL” I didn’t know those are Farsi words, perhaps he was practicing his English (for migrating to U.S.) or trying to attract young viewers by throwing the words like that. Anyways he sounded and looked like a Mullah without an Ammameh.

PS. Souri Aziz perhaps we can agree, in another word I don’t have any "Pedar Koshtegee" with you. Maybe this Rouzeh (prayer) was a good Omen that brings people together:-). Oh BTW I still think Mohsen Namjoo is the greatest and a cut away from the norms. Peace!



Lets do this

by IRANdokht on

You say what you think and let me say my peace.

Why is anyone concerned about my views? why would my reaction to this video be so troublesome to you? 

Do you need to take away my right of free expression? Do you feel threatened by my negative reaction? They have complete power in the country. I am not taking away their rights nor yours for listening to this guy's sermon. Do you have to silence me to hear him better?



Apples & Oranges

by Agnostic (not verified) on

Believers and nonbelievers are like apples and oranges,and they both strongly believe in what they believe and nobody can make them change their minds. That is absolutely fine with me. When members of one group prosecutes (sometimes even kill) the members of other group for what they believe,that is not fine with me.


As someone else pointed out

by comment (not verified) on

As someone else pointed out here this is an adaptation from an English text.
Some of you here perhaps don't/don't want to realize what he is saying is that during your long day remember God sometimes. Of course he adds a little extra about namaz and vozoo etc.
He also suggests(as was in the original text)
that we we talk to God. He also talks about emam Reza the haram and the pigeons around the haram and more... and if i remember correctly he also talks about af o rahmat and other things .
I don't find anything wrong or offensive about what he is saying. Of course that is because I believe in God.
Well if you Don't, that is a totally different story... and to each his own.
But I find this to be one of the most acceptable, and easy on the mind ways of preaching on youtube that I have heard so far.( the "email" is obviously being used symbolically).
If only all others would use the same concept and not threaten, scream and try to put fear of God in people's hearts, instead of trying to remind them to take a short while out of their busy daily schedule to think of spirituality.

Let's not go to extremes.
I am not a 'religious' person, but I believe there is a Creator... and let's 'not hameh ra be yek choob beranim".


Silly Iranians

by I dont like farhang-foroushi (not verified) on

It seems that some Iranians look for every single excuse to bash Islam which happens to have been part and parcel of our culture for 14 centuries.

Did any of you ever think that this program, this speech was theatrical in that he wants to get a message across through allegory and theater play?

Sometimes I wonder why Iran is so messed up. I would blame the regime, but in reality it is because of prejudiced, childish, scamming, emotional, uneducated and utterly vulgar people like yourselves who destroy the country. If the government is supersticious and corrupt, it is only a reflection of its citizens whom you illiterate racists are at its first row.

If the alternative to the Mollahs are people like you, may God keep this regime for another million years until your genes are extinct.


Nothing unusual!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This is not so different or any more "disgusting" (as some have suggested), than all those Jewish and Christian (and others) preachers. He is doing what his constiuents want and seek. He is in the business of god. This is his line of business. As long as there are people who get emotional with this musical rythmic theme, these people will exist. These individuals in a different life would have been actors and story tellers. We should simply enjoy this exercise of religious preaching. I used to watch a ypung American preacher on TV year ago who closely resmbled this line of preaching (mixing old thoughts and modern technology). It is amusing and entertaining. Anyone who actually falls for this gibberish is a constituent and deserves to be fooled. Even then, this is what we call freedom of religion. AS long as they don't run the government they should be allowed to entertain or fool willing people.


An adaptation

by Souri on

This is an adaptation of an inspirational text (a catholic one) which has been circulating for a while. I got it 3/4 times by email some years ago. Nothing new. This guy just took his idea from that text and bring it to his TV program. He didn't invent it. It came first from the Churches.