"Bokhoram Toro"

Pop song by Afra

Interesting insight into the "lines" young men use to approach Iranian women these days!


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by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

case made for vegetarianism.


آشغال موزیک


%۹۰ از موسیقی تولیدی ایران و مخصوصا این یکی‌، ساخته شده کمپانی آشغال موزیک هست.
و واقعا خیلی خوبه برا آنهایی که میپسندند و دوست دارن.
تا موقعیی‌ که سلیقه و درک ما در همین حد باشه و برایمان این حد از هنر قابل قبول باشه، توقع نباید داشت که وضع مملکتمون بهتر از این باشه.
با تبریک فراوان برای جامعه هنر موسیقی ایران.


Please help this guy

by پیام on

... out of the illusion that he can write a decent song or at least, to sing.


baba it's OK

by Abarmard on

In a society you need all kinds otherwise that society becomes ill...Nothing wrong with a shallow song to dance with



by Disgusted in Seattle (not verified) on

These so called “artists” have no talent. They don't produce art and don’t provide a real product for our society. All they ever produce is this type of crap. Young Iranian minds then take this crap and gherghereh it like a bunch of monkeys. The whole thing with these new Iranian musicians is shallow and disgusting as it damages a damaged society.


حالا شما ما رو نخورین هم اتفاقی نمی افته!

دختر ایرانی (not verified)

!...که اینطور!...جدی میفرمایید؟!
نه توروخدا، …لطفا اجازه بدید ما شما رو بخوریم با این اشعار تخمی تون که ماشاالله روز به روز ادیبانه ترهم میشن! آدم اینا رو که می بینه با خودش میگه مثل اینکه خدمت سربازی اجباری هم بد چیزی نیست!


Suggested line for the artist...

by Saman on

Here's a line I'd like to see the artist add to his beautifully written song: Ready?

"Sombol Tallaa, Jeegareh Doodool, shanana na na naaa...shanana na na naaa"

 Vaaghean Honar Nazdeh Iranast VA BAS!



cute song!

by IRANdokht on

I guess those lines would work on girls who are young enough to use strawberry lip gloss. I wouldn't know but liked the song!

Thanks Party girl  :0)