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brown nosers in Iran

by iranianpesar (not verified) on

hehehehe, is this a disco dance parking lot for the rohanion ironi?
some of us are still promoting that worship etiquette. Persians are always looking into worshiping and symbolizing someone; and just like my parents who are still worshiping the Pahlavi people with no reasons. I am sure when mollas are gone Iranians will continue worshiping another fat belays. heheeheheh


حاج با عرض پوزش



But I can not keep myself from writing this.........................


خر استیشن دولوکس, جایگاه اختصاصی روحانیان


Soorakhe moosh...

by MastanehART (not verified) on

special place for ROHANIOON to check it out, They might need it ONE DAY to use as soorakhe moosh to hide......human imagination is Unlimited ...we will see that day sooner or later...


VIP Teleport Pad to Emam 12

by MilkyWay (not verified) on

VIP Teleport Pad to Emam 12



by meg (not verified) on

this private gas station belongs to man named Mr. Rohanian! that is why it's called Rohanian.



by Majid on

I don't know about you, but I'm ALWAYS right........LOL

Migi nah? ask my Mrs.



by Abarmard on

Abaayetaan raa kenaar zadeh va nazel raa vared konid!


eh Majid

by IRANdokht on

I thought it was the section of the cemetry reserved for mullahs.

are we both right?




I can not find anything funny ,since it is so sad!

by Tahirih on

Leaders of Religion, in every age, have hindered their people from attaining the shores of eternal salvation, inasmuch as they held the reins of authority in their mighty grasp.

Some for the lust of leadership, others through want of knowledge and understanding, have been the cause of the deprivation of the people.

God will hold responsible religious leaders for this tragedy,who have presumed to speak for Him throughout history. Their attempts to make the Word of God a PRIVATE preserve, and its exposition a means for PERSONAL aggrandizement, have been the greatest single handicap against which the advancement of civilization has struggled.

ebi amirhosseini

Nerkhe anvaa'e faraavardehaaye sookhti....

by ebi amirhosseini on

Be sharh zir e'laam mishavad:

1-Benzine Hojjatoleslaam(Ma'mooli) = har litr 300 tooman.

2-Benzine Ayatollah(super) = har litr 350 tooman.

3-Benzine Ayatollah Ozmaa' ( super bedoone sorb) = har litre 400 Toooman.

4-Fahimoleslaam(gaazoeel) = har litr 250 Tooman.

5-Talabeh(naft) = har litr 180 Tooman.



Arash Monzavi-Kia

No mortals allowed

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

آخوند که پست و مقام نمیخواد !

- امام خمینی



خر استیشن



بعلت جیره بندی, کمبود بنزیـن و وضع کنونی کشور فقط روحانیان میـتونن از این 'خر استیشن' اسـتفاده کنن 


اولين 'خر استیشن' مخصوص روحانیان براي رهسپاري بسويه جمكران





Enter with your right front tire !


لطفا" اول "ا_هن" گفته بعد  با لاستیک سمت راست وارد شوید



by Dana (not verified) on honestly might think this is a cemetery!! at first glance ..( I did ) but then when u think u'd say : Nahhh , the only thing akhonds never think of is DYING!


Rohanian Gas Station

by Bi-Hoseleh (not verified) on

1. Unleaded and "Kor" gasoline only.

2. Halal Fuel Available.

3. Full-Serivce: includes fill-up, car wash, Dallak service, siesta shed, and Lavaat options.

4. Full-Service: includes Jamaa and Ghosl stations.

5. Rohani-Special Full-Service, where we pay YOU each time you fill up!

6. Full-Service gas station and donkey-feeding station.

7. Two-For-One Offer: Fill up your bullet-proof limo, and we will fill up your personal guard's tank.

8. All-you-can-fit.

9. Naft-bar-sar-e-sofreh-ye-shoma Station.

I might come back later when I have more hoseleh.