1980 TV discussion

Mohsen Rezaie, then head of Revolutionary Guards, and President Banisadr, discuss the activities of "anti-revolutionary elements", 1980. Later Banisadr was also branded an anti-revolutionary and fled the country. Sourena adds: The people on the right side of the panel are the leaders of the Marxist organization "Cherik-haaye Fadaayiye Khalgh": Farrokh Negahdar (next to Banisadr), Ali Keshtgar, Mostafaa Madani, and someone else that I do not know. The organization later changed its name to "Fadaayaane Khalgh (Aksariyat).



Rajavi and banisadr

by hamid2008 (not verified) on

No brother. It was Rajavi who married Banisadr's daughter. Second i dont think they got any children...can you please show me your sources?



by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Abarmard: what are you smoking? You're one the most confused characters on this site. I don't know whether your distrotion and twisting of truth is intentional or you're inherently un-informed??


> B. Sadr, the ''leftist''....

by Another Lost Iranian in France (not verified) on

Someone added that the several men seated next to Bani Sadr were all communists. B. Sadr described himself as an ''anti-imperialist''.

Now, in 2008, he ironically lives in one of the wealthiest suburb of Paris (Versailles, not far from Louis XIV Château...).

You have different areas in Versailles, most of them are pretty much urban and/or commercial. M. Sadr, the leftist, has chosen the residential area on the limit of Versailles and a little town called Marnes la Coquette, right next to an ultra select country club called Haras de Jardy (tennis fields, horsing, ect... : - // )

Please note that Marnes-la-Coquette has the highest household income in France, at €81,746 per year.

Bani Sadr, the one time pro-Khoneiny, pro-revolution and so on, now lives in a mansion heavily guarded by french police (the same french police who fail to stop Shapour Bakhtiar's murderers in 1991).

Shame on this idiot. Every time he appears on french medias, it's another Aberoo rizee.

My question is : how could B. Sadr afford to buy himself a mansion in Versailles ? HOW ?

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Revolutions love to eat their own children!

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Dear Ehsan, thanks for the nice clip

For the full text, you can visit my website and check the draft copy of the book (Farsinameh) in the file folder.

With the collapse of Shah’s regime, like in the other major revolutions, a frenzied rush to fill out the power vacuum started. Ayatollah Khomeini’s clerical alliance (the so called Hezbollah) quickly gained momentum and established itself both in the political arena (through the Islamic Republic Party) and the military front (through the Revolutionary Guards). The numerous revolutionary leftist groups (most notably the Peoples Fedaiyan and Mujahidin) were not trusted with any role in the new government, and were even denounced as infidels and apostates.

 The Hezbollah organizations started a systematic persecution of the previous regime’s leaders and notables. Several hundred were executed, with thousands more jailed and tortured, and tens of thousands losing all their family wealth and properties. The savage behaviour of Hezbollah rapidly antagonized most of the educated middle class and the secular intellectuals, but invigorated the lower classes who enjoyed a measure of revenge, as well as material benefit from the confiscations and lootings.

Most leftist groups considered the clergy alliance as a transitional phase, before the radicalization of the revolution would ultimately give them a chance to take over and turn the tide, as in the Russian October revolution of 1917. Therefore, they started a frantic recruiting drive among the students, workers and the ethnic and religious minorities, who were more susceptible to leftist propaganda. Their efforts quickly paid off in the Sunni ethnic regions (Turkmen Sahara and Kurdistan), where many police stations and army garrisons were ransacked, and autonomous districts were established. The ensuing savage civil war between the Hezbollah and the leftists antagonized the clerical leadership of Khomeini who issued an all out war edict against the ‘infidels’.

 That interview (Monazereh) is after the initial blood shedding in Turkmen Sahara (1979/80), where the Hezbollah and the leftists blame one another for the atrocities. Back then it was also very common to brand your enemies as Shah-lovers and Savak supporters, as you can see.

 Arash M-K


Oh, how history repeats itself

by mahmoudg on

How we never learn from history.  To think that these goons will have a fate worse that the previous regime.  The only good thing is that with the removal of the Islamic regime, Islam and Mohamadism will be possibly forever removed from Persia. 


In case anyone intrested

by Ex comrade (not verified) on

Mr Mostaffa Maddani did later on branched out from Asaryat to form left flank of Aksaryat!
As far as I know Mr Maddani, Mr Negahdar and Mr Keshtgar are still plitically active, however I
think they all have mellowed with their standpoints and ideologies.


Bani-Sadr, Cheerik were pro-Shah????

by ...Anonymous (not verified) on

Abarmard: Are you saying Bani-Sadr et al were not revolutionaries? Are you suggesting Bani-Sadr, Cherik, Fadyee were pro-Shah's regime??

I would like to know what kind of planet you've been living on.

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Iranian Invasion & Occupation

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

The foreign Super Powers (East & West) & their collaborators
planned that Invasion & Occupation very carefully and for a long
time prior 1979... They called it Revolution and later on, certain
fraction of them leaning towards a specific Super power gained control
over 35 million Iranian population(at the time) and called it Islamic
Republic ! 2500 years of Persian/Iranian culture & civilization
once again became hostage to bunch of violent, uneducated, irrational,
unintelligent thugs...

To believe such "Thugs" really had an
organized & comprehensive plan for Iran at that time and were able
to run a country of such size and population is beyond any decent

In most parts of the world then & now, these
guys (thugs) would not be trusted with a pair of scissors let alone
ruling the country!

Unfortunately, it shows you that how educated
majority of Iranian people were to accept and follow such people
towards almost destruction of their own honor and identity!

These UN-IRANIANS (in this clip for example) trying to speak in Persian language were Foriegn agents & were briefed by their real Bosses outside Iran...

In 2003 a super power attacks & occupies another country directly, back then they had to do it another way...

will reveal the bitter truth of what happened to Iran & Iranians
during the second Arab invasion to our beloved Motherland !

One thing for sure, New educated & aware Iranian generation will not forgive & forget that horrible mistake, treason and crime commited by their previous Iranian generation and those Foreign evil entities who planned IRAN's invasion, occupation and destruction.




by Fishmonger (not verified) on

So the Fadaian Khalgh, MEK, Tudeh Party, Bani Sadr, Bazargan and the National Front and Ahmad Khomeini were all purged because they were in power before the revolution?

INCEDIBLE! Revision of historical facts seems to have become a contagious disease among apologists of the regime.


It's not out of ordinary

by Abarmard on

in post revolution era this is not unheard of. That's the meaning of revolution, the untrained and powerless part of the society revolves to the top and begins "Tasfiyeh Hesaab" with the old in power!


Can not expect more

by Iva (not verified) on

Ali, the imam of Shiit moslems, cut off heads of 600 men, women and children with his own hands in one day, allegedly because that group didn't honor their pact! There was no trial and defense or merci by the creator of shiit sect to ensure all 600 was guilty of a crime that deserved their heads to be cutoff. This is the same barbaric Islamic rule that we still witness today, one can not expect anything more from people who follow this evil doctrine.

Darius Kadivar

Chagoo Kesh Trial

by Darius Kadivar on

To think that a bunch of southern Tehrani Chagoo Kesh with no legal training were to trial some of the best elements of Iran's civil society and military. All they offered as proof were a bunch of badly photo copied documents to link the accused to Princess Shams ( as if that was a crime ? ). All this on Television and you cna harldy see the documents in question nor allow the accused to defend themselves.

That said in all fairness, Bani Sadre seems more embarassed than convinced by these fellows. I think he was begining to realize that he had absolutely no real power as President of the Islamic Republic and that Khomeiny was pulling the strings behind everyone's back.

He finally fled Iran desguised as a Women ... Gee I wonder how  History Books in the future will describe the icons of the glorious Islamic Revolution and its successive Presidents ...

Are you sure you still want a Republic in the future ? LOL


> B. Sadr...

by Another Lost Iranian in France (not verified) on

Bani Sadr is in France. He got married to Massoud Rajavi's daughter with whom he had a child. This pathetic character appears on french tv every 4 or 5 years when they have too much free time on their hands and they try to discuss Iran's issues (masalan...).

Even though he's been living in France for almost 3 decades, his french sucks big time. I know cab drivers in Paris who came here much later than him but who can speak french in a more decent way.



by Parthian on

So what happened to the people on the right hand side of the panel? I think I know the answer, but just in case. Thanks for the reply.


Nice footage

by Iranians (not verified) on

This was fantastic, though was taken from IRIB.

I believe that needs more of thsi type of postings instead of junk videos sent by bacheh soosools. Let's show how IRI from day one tried to convict every and each person who was not adhered to its non-sense ideology.

JJ, please steer toward the direction of being a website which reflects useful thoughts.


Bani sadr escapr tactic

by Anonymous Erooni (not verified) on

I read somewhere that when Bani Sadr was branded as anti revolutionary and traitor he lost his job as president and had to hide.When the government official went to his hiding place to arrest him he wore a cloak(chador)so he would not be recognized.He made it out safely,but he had to shave his mustache.


The Other People in the Footage

by sourena on

The people on the right side of the panel are the leaders of the marxist organization "Cherik-haaye Fadaayiye Khalgh": Farrokh Negahdar (next to Banisadr), Ali Keshtgar, Mostafaa Madani, and someone else that I do not know. The organization later changed its name to "Fadaayaane Khalgh (Aksariyat)".


People will

by Hajminator on


effectively judge, one day, the crimes that these ... (I don't know how to appoint them correctly but let stay polite) have committed.


Very informative videos! check'em out!

by goldust (not verified) on

I wasn't in iran during the revolution so i had no idea what was happenning even my entire family was involved. I am amazed at the videos. I am trying to watch them all. educational!I don't think I would have survived there!


collection of garbage

by MRX1 (not verified) on

feel like bringing garbage truck drive and dump these people in it and take them to local dump. Banisadr by far looks like total dush.The rest of them feel free to ask our islamist resident on this site to tell you what c ontributions these folks do to omat islam on a day to day basis.



by Appalled (not verified) on

Lets be fair now.............As you saw one guy towards the end of the video did say to call SAVAK and they will have the evidence and be able to give it to them so it can be published in the newspapers for all the nation to see that they are guilty. You see my friends the IRI justice system is modeled on the Old West justice system, hang'em at high noon from the crane in public! You got a problem with that?


Bitter soles

by shirazie (not verified) on

I think I beat up the guy in the center in the elementary school

That explains his bitterness



by bikar (not verified) on

as you see politics all over the world is b.s., accuse someone of some wrong doing, and when somebody ask you to prove it, oh, document’s have been stole, burned and not available at this time , what a shameful time in Iranian history, and the saga continues




ببین کی به کی میگه جنایتکاران تاریخ ... دنیا رو ببین



News Goffer

Where are they now?

by News Goffer on

Who are the others on the panel? Is the one to Rezaie's right that guy Tavakkoli who is now in the Parliament?