Ahmadinejad's Christmas Message

UK's Channel 4 broadcast



Thanks ....

by MiNeum71 on

...for sharing.


nice words

by zigourat on

When somebody who doesn't know what is happening in Iran day to day hear this speach, says to himself what a wise man and how lucky are iranian. But we know what is the truth. This speach is propangada toward third world nation who believe that he is the alternative of capitalist/imperialist free market. Poor world ! 


let's do it...

by Saman on

Unlike what happened in the States and a second term for Bush, can Iranians please get rid of this guy soon?


happy festivus!!

by hendooneh on

aa already graced us with the airing of grievances

now for the feats of strength!!



hiiiishshsh, usefull idiots

by samsam1111 on


His excellency ,president of the republic of tokhmeh Arab, speaking !. weeeeiiii


to:Anonymouse 232345: Give us your tally!!!!!!

by aaj sr (not verified) on

I came up with my tally, you do yours and choose between the two.
I thought 98% of population approved the revolution
for achieving far fetched freedom, equality, transparency, while Khomaini and his thugs thereafter promised over and over prosperity and justice including removal of all those so called horrible stuff left over from previous regime, now you are suggesting what? I do not get it.

One credit should be given to IRI entirely, that I missed in my previous tally: Many people lost their faith or left Islam and converted to Christianity, Zoroastrians, or other denominations and the entire credit with thanks goes to IRI. Takbeeeeeeeeeeeeer. salute!


Dear "aa"

by Anonymous232345 (not verified) on

this awful regime is a direct result of the Pahlavi regime's corruption and mismanagement. Choosing between the two is logically impossible: it would place you in a vicious circle.
Depending on your age and experiences within the Shah's Iran, you would've come up with a different tally.


to mamad damagh: If I have TWO choises, I choose Pahlavi

by aa (not verified) on

Not defending Pahlavi categorically, (there is no flawless country in the world), but if I have only two choices, I choose Pahlavi fifty times over un-Islamic, illiterate, un-democratic elected president/ majlis, barbaric, moronic, fascist IRI.
1-At least I would have my civil liberty, now I have nothing, not even wearing a T shirt!!
2-I wouldn't be an immigrant or a refugee like 4 million others,
3-Our little sisters would not have be sold as sex slaves in Persian Gulf countries
4-Russia and Persian Gulf countries wouldn't dare to steal our oil/gas from the same sharing basin
5-Saddam would not dare to attack us and we did not have to loose about a million (killed and crippled) and billions of dollar destruction and humiliation.
6-Our passport, currency had respect and value internationally
7-We wouldn't be called a "terrorist" nation
8-Our sisters and mothers wouldn't have to be sigheh or have to co-marry with many other women under the realm of a Hajagha.
9-We wouldn't have unemployment, double digit inflations, double digit under poverty statues, and still would have brought skill workers from all over the world
10-Instead of Dubai, Kish would have been the center of Free Trade for entire Region,
11-Children wouldn't be executed, UN treaty would have been respected
12-We wouldn't have so many crime, murders, homicides, as we see now on a daily basis , girls and boys didn't have to carry knives in their pockets or purses , we would not have "street children", "carton box accommodation", and no child labor. Most probably our kids were given "mooz o sheer=banana and milk at school level.
13-Instead of increasing number of Emamzadeh, Mosques, Mehdi this , Mehdi that, Chamkarans, we would have more schools and hospitals
14-Our Army, Navy, Air force would still considered as high as number 5 in the world and we didn't have to risk our lives flying 4th hand/grade/30/40 years old Topoloves ( flying with Salavaaat)
15-30 years ago, we were equal to South Korea, Spain and far ahead of Turkey and many other countries in the world, NOW we are behind every one including Pakistan, Bangladesh to name a few.
16-The hand of thieves were not cut off, but we would have seeked the source of problem and try to find a cure for it. The criminals were taught a profession and they would be useful when they are out of prison, instead of today's grim situation, where a petty thief is educated criminal when his/her term is over.
17-Women's and equality rights were much better and there is no comparison with today's suppression and second citizenship for women and minorities.
18- minorities religions' rights were protected
19 -Instead of having one "Shahre Nou" where all prostitutes and diseases were controlled, now, we have legal (sigheh) and illigal prostitutes all over the country without any control on sexual diseases
20-We wouldn't have so many drug addicts
21-We wouldn't have been named number on or two in execution in the world
22-we would not have stoning or amputation penalties,
23-We would have spend the oil money for our infrastructures rather than buying oranges, banana, black chadoors or buy votes from undemocratic countries supporting us in United Nations
24-Russia and runaway ex-soviet satellite countries would not dare to reduce our 50% rights in Caspian sea basin and shipping rights to 9%
25-No one dared to call Persian Gulf something else, no one dared to question our sovereignty over our islands in Persian Gulf
26-We would have had our nuclear technologies many years ago, the best available in the world, from France, England, Germany, USA and not begging for obsolete technologies from 3rd world/ developing countries like Pakistan and North Korea
26- to number 1000, please help and add your suggestion here


I have tried to listen to it without bias.

by Curly (not verified) on

I thought , give it a try , listen to it without any bias, see what he says. he really does , make sense to me and all he says is fine and nice. BUT, when I attached their tract record of killings , tourture, rapes, corruption, and criminal activity to it, it was very SCARY. Because only a spychopath can be so violent, then talking about love, kindness, justice and humanity!!!!


Mamad D.

by YT (not verified) on

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?"......Mahatma Gandhi



This is for Pahlavi Lovers

by Mamad Damagh (not verified) on

Life under Sharia? Or under "freedom lovers Pahlavis"?


Shame on you trying to obscure Pahlavis crimes

Mamad Damagh


Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth, Jesus is the

by believer (not verified) on

son of God who is the Inventor of the laws of physics and the programmer of the DNA code. On this day God decided to enter the uterus of a Jewish virgin, got himself born, then delibrately had himself tortured and executed because he couldn't think of a better way to forgive the theft of an apple, committed at the instigation of a talking snake. Merry Christmas.


نظر ِ شخص ِ بنده

كمال ِ الدين ِ مستجاب والدعوه (not verified)

اين محمود نه سر ِ پياز ِ نه ته ِ پياز. مسيحى هم كه نيست، پس كريسمس بهش ربطى نداره. باز دو باره خودشو نخود ِ هر آشى كرده كه يك مشت چرت و پرت بگه.
مگه ملكه انگليس عيد ِ غدير ِ خم رو به اينا تبريك گفته كه حالا محمود بايد جواب بده؟


In celebration of Ahmadinejad;s speech on Channel 4...

by faryarm on

In celebration and confirmation of Ahmadinejad;s speech to

The Bristsh people and the Christian world on Channel 4...


The Islamic Republic's Security Apparatus Closes the Office of Human Rights in Tehran:دفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر در ایران پلمپ شددفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بش


ر  ایران پلمپ ش

دفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر در ایران پلمپ شد

 توسط نیروهای انتظامی و امنیتی در شصتمین سالگرد تصویب اعلامیه جهانی حقوق بشر


دفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر در ایران پلمپ شد


روابط عمومی کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر: دفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر مستقر در خیابان یوسف آباد تهران روز یکشنبه اول دی ماه 1387 توسط نیروهای انتظامی و امنیتی بدون ارائه حکم قضایی پلمپ شد.

این دفتر با قسمتی از جایزه صلح نوبل که در سال 2003 به شیرین عبادی تعلق گرفته بود، خریداری شده و در اختیار کانون قرار گرفته بود. در این دفتر علاوه بر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر، نهاد مردمی دیگری به نام «کانون مشارکت برای پاکسازی مین» که آن نیز توسط شیرین عبادی و گروهی از همفکران وی تأسیس شده بود، اداره می شد. در حقیقت با پلمپ غیرقانونی دفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر، محل کار دو نهاد مردمی تعطیل شد. ریاست این نهاد مردمی شیرین عبادی برنده جایزه صلح نوبل بر عهده دارد.

قرار بود روز یکشنبه به مناسبت شصتمین سالگرد تصویب اعلامیه جهانی حقوق بشر، در دفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر مراسم جشنی برگزار شود. این برنامه به مسئول مربوط در نیروی انتظامی منطقه یوسف آباد تهران جهت حفظ امنیت مراسم و طبق معمول قبلا اطلاع داده شده بود.

کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر از سال 1379 شروع به کار کرد و درخواست خود را به کمیسیون ماده ده احزاب تقدیم کرده بود که حتی مسئولان وقت ( علی جنتی، معاون سیاسی وزارت کشور ) صحه بر قانونی بودن این نهاد مردمی گذاشته و اعلام عمومی در روزنامه ها شده بود.

کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر به ثبت جهانی نیز رسیده و عضو رسمی فدراسیون بین المللی جوامع حقوق بشر است که 190 کشور جهان عضو آن هستند.

کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر طبق اساسنامه خود سه وظیفه اصلی بر عهده دارد، «دفاع رایگان از متهمان عقیدتی و سیاسی»، «حمایت از خانواده های زندانیان سیاسی و عقیدتی» و «گزارش دهی منظم و مستمر در موارد نقض حقوق بشر در ایران». از آنجایی که در دو سال اخیر به هیچ یک از گزارشگران ویژه حقوق بشر سازمان ملل متحد جهت ورود به ایران ویزا داده نشده بود، بسیاری از سازمان های بین المللی به گزارش های این کانون استناد می کردند، از جمله بان کی مون، دبیر کل سازمان ملل متحد در گزارشی که به مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل متحد در دسامبر 2008 ارائه کرد و منجر به صدور قطعنامه علیه دولت جمهوری اسلامی ایران شد نیز به گزارش کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر استناد شده بود.

به نظر می رسد مجموعه فعالیت های حقوق بشری این نهاد مردمی باعث برخورد غیرقانونی روز یکشنبه اول دی ماه 1387 شده است.

برنامه جشن کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر قرار بود با سخنرانی تعدادی از فعالان سیاسی، اجتماعی و فرهنگی برگزار شود و راه اندازی سایت کانون و اعلام فعالیت آن و همچنین جایزه تلاشگر حقوق بشر به تقی رحمانی انجام شود که یک ساعت و نیم قبل از شروع برنامه نیروهای انتظامی و لباس شخصی ممانعت به عمل آوردند.

گفتنی است در حین اقدام نیروهای انتظامی در پلمپ دفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر که بدون ارائه حکم قضایی انجام می شد، تعدادی از افراد لباس شخصی با دوربین های عکاسی و فیلمبرداری از داخل ماشین های پارک شده در خیابان یوسف آباد و داخل ساختمان های مقابل و همچنین دفتر کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر تصویربرداری می کردند. این در حالی بود که نیروهای انتظامی و لباس شخصی ها از انجام وظیفه قانونی خبرنگاران که برای پوشش خبر و گزارش به محل دفتر این کانون اعزام شده بودند، ممانعت به عمل آورده به گونه ای که دوربین عکاسان خبرنگار حاضر در محل توسط نیروهای لباس بدون ارائه کارت شناسایی ضبط شد. هرچند در این محل نیروهای انتظامی نیز حضور داشتند.

عدم ارائه حکم قانونی و قضایی به مسئولان کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر با اعتراض آنان مواجه شد. این اعتراض با برخورد توهین آمیز برخی از نیروهای مسئول در محل همراه شد که برخورد فیزیکی هم وجود داشت.

نگارش یافته توسط kavian   



Darius Kadivar

Mahmoud A Message for You by Wafa Sultan on Sharia

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Islamic laws explained to you:




by Setease (not verified) on

I wonder why Zionists are so pissed off with AN's message on a British TV. It was a Christmas message broadcast on a British TV to the British audience. It had nothing to do with Jews or Israel. The first group that jumped on it and criticized it were the racist Zionist foozools. As usual, they must control everything everywhere in the world. And worse than that are their behind-kissers on this site.


To Shohreh: great comment!

by Davoud (not verified) on

Hello Shohreh, your comment is great. This is something that Iranians have forgotten or simply don't know. These British pigs don't deserve a congratulation for thier commerical celebration. I am glad that there are some bright people who leave message on this site.


It is now officially Christmas

by Santa's little raindeer (not verified) on

Every year, when we pass across the sky of that holy place Ghom, Santa reminds me to cover my ass, you know how those mullahs can be; it is christmas eve and all, they might mistake me for a sheep or monkey. This year was special year ,since antari was gone speak on the british TV. Santa said, we will not start the distribution of the toys until Antari speaks. Well, he has spoken now, that is all folks, Christmas is officially here.


One thing about Islamo fascists, Islamists, and mullahs

by Parthian on

Haya nadaran..they have no shame! how can he say all this with a straight face with all the stuff happening in Iran? What a circus the world has become!

It looks like that "cook shode"..not cook like ashpazi, but I think his master Ali cholagh cookesh karde, and the brass monkey is jumping around....He should talk with a pair of brass in his hands.

And you can tell the rest of the brass monkeys too on this website , like robots, they have been hypnotized, as soon as they see an image of their masters in Tehran, they have to bring the issue of Israel, jews, and zionists into this.



امیر کبیر با لیف صابون منتظر سدر و تخم مرغ و دلاک (not verified)

حالا حضرت عیسی که فردی فروتن و باگذشت بود و بسیاری از گناهان را میبخشید، ولی صبر کنید تا این امام زمان اینها از ته چاه بیاد بیرون و آنوقت او که خود یک شیئه خشنی است و انتقام جو اول کاری که میکند کاسه کوزه این جیره خواران آفتابه بدست انگلیس را بهم خواهد زد.

تا دیر نشده زمینها و ویلاهای بندازو دررویی را که خریدید بفروشید که فردا خیلی دیر است.


To Toofanoncegreat

by Davoud (not verified) on

Great speech, but you forgot to mention equal civil rights en freedom for all the pedophiles, rapists and drug-dealers!


They just don't deserve!

by Shohreh S. (not verified) on

The west, especially the rotten imperialist UK, doesn't deserve any gesture of goodwill and congratulatory message from Iranians who have suffered from them so much for so long in the past and recent history. When they trash the Iranian culture, religion, history, and identity through their media, movies, "art", and policies, why Iranians should congratulate them on their tainted, commercialized Jesus-For-Profit feast?


Keep it shut Afshin-Jam

by Davoud (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad's message on the British TV was annoying, but the reaction of some of the Iranians on this site, people like Afshin-Jam is disgusting. Why didn't you write a letter to the UN or anywhere else when they were killing Iraqis or Afghans. Where have you been with your letters when the Europeans gave chemical gas to their friend Saddam to use it against Iranians? I am not a fan of Ahamaidnejad, but once again I must say that his dog is better than Western leaders. So Afshin-Jam please tell the truth of keep your cute mouth shout!


He did a great job

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its stupid to try to make a big deal against a simple congratulation. He delivered a simple message and pointed out that Jesus would not be for war. That seems a logical message, he has done much worst in the past and some of his opinions are way out there, but this one he did a good job and thats that. The thing is that west's fixation withim, he is not a decision maker in Iran, he is just an administrator.


Dear Santa Mahmood

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

This year, me and my people have tried to be nice and behave as well as we can, shure we have been naughty from time to time, wearing our chador a little canted or organizing a demonstration or two, but still. Thats why I have made a wish list for christmas;

1. Full freedom of expression and the right to criticize the guardian council and the supreme leader, and put these positions under a referendum.

2. Full equal rights for women as for men.

3. Release of all arrested political Iranian prisoners in our dungeons.

4. Full rights for the Bahais, and the release of such prisoners.

5. Full basic human rights for Gays, and the release of such prisoners.

6. Compensation to such prisoners and their families.

Thats a starters.. I cant see Jesus possibly saying no to this? Can you Santa Mahmood?


To Answer Ms. Afshin-Jam

by ghalam-doon on

Is Ahmadinejad worse that Tony Blair? Did he invade other countries and killed innocent men, women and children?

I oppose many policies of the Islamic Republic, but lets be fair. Ahmadinejad first and foremost is a politician and believe you me, a good one. Remember the guy who throw the shoe at Bush? Remember the reaction of the people and not the governments of the region? That is the level of anger of the whole region and perhaps majority of the people in the world toward Bush and Blair’s policies.

That is where we stand now. Ahmadinejad knows that and as a politician, he's taking advantage of the situation.  

And where is Blair now? A peace envoy? Give me a break.


Shazde jan, well said! thanks

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Shazde jan, well said! thanks


Talk is cheap,

by پیام on

Put your money where your mouth is Mahmoud agha. Right words out of wrong mouth.

 And to Zion and such, I still prefer Mahmoud khan above your crooked leaders such as money stealing Olmert and genocide convict Sharon. I think that Sharon comes much closer to Hitler than "our" Mahmoud A.


That was a great one Gad Fly. I loved it.

by Zion on



Is Mahmoud Christian?

by Anonymous eye raini (not verified) on

He has such nice words about Jesus that I wonder if he is Christian,but I could tell you one thing , if he was in the west he could have been a minister for a church.