Ahmadinejad coming back to New York

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New York Daily News: Not even Columbia University wants him back. Word that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to visit New York again in the fall was met Tuesday with rolled eyes and grimaces. Officials at Columbia University said they had no plans to invite Ahmadinejad back to the campus to speak. Iran's leader sparked protests at the school last September, where he expressed doubts the Holocaust ever happened and questioned "who truly was involved" in the 9/11 attack>>>



Frankley I'm,surprised

by yinzer (not verified) on

Frankley I'm surprised that the US and Iran are evenly talking about semi normal relations. But maybe I shouldn't be since the US has troops in 2 of Iran's neighboring states.

I feel that Iran and the US working together on resolving the Iraqi and Afgani situations is far more desireable than having them work against one another. So in my mind, such relations are a good thing.

As for how this will effect Iranians domestically and living abroad, it's far too early to say.


Ushuring in a new era in US-Iran talks

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

It is certain that this visit is to pave the road for direct ties. Both the Bush Administration and Obama or McCain administration want direct ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran. There will be direct flights from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran and JFK Airport in New York. Both JFK and Khomeini had long lasting effects on their countries. It is great to see such great things happening. People in the world must celebrate. Once again it is cool to be Iranian. After the movie "300" and the "Arabian Gulf" Fiasco direct talks are a plus. It seems that the world wanted to say, "hey Persia no longer exists... it's Iran".


Darth Vader

by Hajminator on


Imagine Mahmood with the german stahlhelm helmet of WWII and listen to the star wars music ...


Who cares

by Abarmard on

Hopefully he won't get re elected.


Morons make Laugh and then Cry

by Iva (not verified) on

The following statement "(with Islamic values) in control of IRAN. Everything will be just fine." at first, it made me laugh and then made me extremely sad that there still are people who have free access to information, they are under no pressure to accept someone else's ideas and truely can decide for themselves rather have a "risho" decide for them and YET they come up with such statements.

Haven't these people been reading news and keeping up with events in Iran for last 30 years?!! Perhaps someone need to inform him that Iran has been occupied by MEN with Islamic Values, and all they have accomplished was KILL, DESTROY and RUIN everything .. perhaps in this commentator's dictionary the word "fine" equals DESTRUCTION.


Mahmood conjecture: I make noise, so I exist

by AnonymBemmon (not verified) on

I had a teacher in mathematics at the university who advised to respond to his questions even with wrong answers! His theory was that by responding we showed our face and so for him we existed. Now, I think that instead to be loved, Mahmood makes it know that he exists by inviting himself to places where he's not even well seen.


Sync. the article with Timberlake's Sexy Back!!

by 135 (not verified) on

You Ready?


> To John Carpenter Seh

by Antother Lost Iranian In France (not verified) on

Mester John

For your info, H.I.M Reza Pahlavi II (I bet you like that hun ? = ) is a monegasque citizen, in other words he travels with a Monaco Passport.

My pleasure,


Welcome To America

by mostaghel on

Mr. President,

If you were smart, you would learn an important lesson from the current conditions in this once great nation of USA. They mixed up relgion and politics, and they put a "born again moron" at the control, they whole-sale contracted out their foriegn and domestic polciy makings to a bunch of blood sucking zio-nazis, and see what happened to that great nation. You can learn a lesson -- everything has its own place. Just push the morons and religeous nutts aside and let young and smart iranians (with Islamic values) in control of IRAN. Everything will be just fine. You will need to have a strong intelligence service to keep an eye on the enemies of Iran, because they are plenty and they want blood of our nation. Look at past history of America before it fell in the hands of zio-nazis and right wing christian nutts, and see how great it was. The same is true anywhere else. Try it and you will like it.


Looks like he had fun the last time!

by ali reza (not verified) on

I was looking at his speech that he gave to some people in Iran,he was kind of making the fun of USA,and making negative comments about her,but I bet deep inside he admired USA.I also bet if Iranians could leave Iran and come to USA,millions of people would leave .


Omlette should invite him

by Mehdi on

And have a ZioNazi/IslamoNazi bash at Tel Aviv! What a great idea! :)


He is just an idiot

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its true that he sees strange things, also has some strange beliefs, his attitude toward most minorities and gays is just stupid, but there is an exaggerated sense of his evilness, in fact I think Dubaya is responsible for many more deaths. Heck he has not committed a genocide and yet our fearless leader in the name of Jesus has done it and more. In fact I think he is only surpassed by Hitler and Pol Pot.


Just Ignore the Moron

by shirazie (not verified) on

with direct negotiation looming. His expense report is about to be canceled. He will be another like Sharon, Sadam , and others like .

K Nassery

We could all go and protest, then have lunch.

by K Nassery on

There was a Jewish woman on the series "Real Housewives of New York City" that went to the street demonstration against him last Oct., then she and her friends went to a fancy lunch.  I think it sould like fun.


Let us not forget Reza Pahlavi

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Reza Pahlavi is a green card holder with Egyptian citizenship. His mother also has Egyptian citizenship.


From Garmsar to NewYork It's Saturday Night,,

by Live From Tehran (not verified) on

Its Iranian Oil money that suppose to go to iranian household instead he's taking a useless trip in a first class flight staying in a first class hotel.. why not?..If i was in his situation i would do the same..After all some one comes from GARMSAR of course would come to NewYork frequently..i bet before he became president he never set in an Airplane..Do you know even where the heck the Garmsar is?,,


Yek Dehati dar NY (A Villager in NY)

by t (not verified) on

Maybe "dar shahr behesh pishnahati shodeh" !!!
My apologies for the non-Farsi speaking crowd. This one is impossible to translate, as it is a famous saying of the Iranian TV character Eynollah in the Samad movies.


Re: it's a business trip

by Mehdi on

That is SO funny! Had a good laugh! Thanks!Wouldn't that be nice if he all of a sudden asked for asylum from the US? Oh, that would be a hoot!

Babak Khorramdin

back with more lies :D

by Babak Khorramdin on

Khomeini and antarinejads lies



Antarinejad is full of ----







it's a business trip

by Miz Abdol Azim Khaneh Shahvat Panah and his little puppy (not verified) on

he is just coming to do his fingerprinting for his citizenship application. In two months his citizenship papers will be ready.

He is the only IRI official (other than Dr. Yazdi whom becomes US citizen), the rest are all British citizens to follow the line and path of Imam....