Persian Corridor

World War II supply route across Iran

During World War II, the United States sent vital supplies to the Soviet Union through the "Persian Corridor" from the Persian Gulf across Iran. This 1952 ad published in an American magazine shows White trucks operating in Iran.>>>LARGER IMAGE


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Persian Corridor - Neutral Iran invaded in 1941

by LeChat Sauvage (not verified) on

To create that poster neutral Iran was invaded with dire consequences, see the video below. Just copy an paste the below link in your browser:



Persian Corridor

by Beruz (not verified) on

Typical of the way westerners specially North Americans sea Iran; desert, long clothes, rag on the head, camel, donkeys, rough roads, the city in the picture looks more like little urban area in a desert either in Arabian peninsula or some where in Palestine in and around 500 A.D.

The camel and donkey sign on the road junction is not even worth talking about.

This is their fantasy and apparently does not go away.


Dariush jan, The poster says

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Dariush jan,
The poster says across Iran. Not Persia!
Regards Fatollah


One day Iranian trucks will cross USA

by پیام on

Durind WWII are country was annexed, our king deposed and our military dissolved. Iranian had less rights than a dog.

One day Iranian trucks will cross USA. Lets see if the Americans can appretiate that,