Operation Kaman 99

1980: Air force retaliation against Iraqi aggression

This video was captured from Iranian TV. It is a rare look into the Iranian Air Force's huge air attack on Iraq on Mehr 1, 1359 in immediate response to Iraq's invasion of Iran. This attack involved 140 bomber aircraft and about 400 sorties- all simultaneously, and took Iraq and the world by surprise. Many The result was that all major Iraqi airbases close to Iran were put out of action for weeks, thus allowing Iran to quickly regroup its army and defend itself. The operation was called Kaman-99, inspired by Arash Kamangir of ancient Iranian folklore.

This film is unprecedented because it actually shows the pilots (now much older) who carried out this raid speak about their historic mission. Therefore I would also like to recommend that these gentlemen be the Iranians of the Day. I (and I hope all Iranians) will always remember them as our heroes.



look at the moment 7:37 nice

by iraqi (not verified) on

look at the moment 7:37 nice shoot by an f15 eagle, wait a minute do iranians have an f15???? and the victim is a poor iraqi tornado, what what?? did iraqis have tornados hahaha.... a closer look at the moment 11:19 it is a video of an american phantom from vietnam war since iraq has no greenish land with rainy forest so i think you have to present a real videos not a claims only to support your ideas otherwise you are wrong.


To those who suggest we

by Anonymous on

To those who suggest we should forget the history:

I will never forget the history, I will learn from it. I will learn how it is possible to defend the country in the worst times. By braveness.

Why we should forget what others did to us. They will do it again very soon.


Operation Kaman 99

by Jose (not verified) on

Read the story the way it happened.



"long live" shut the f-ck up...

by ME (not verified) on

... its been 27 years... Shah is dead, Khomeini Is dead... shit, u should all just get over it, and stop wasting urself behind your keyboard and age-old biases and grudges.. and accept ur country and its exiles as they are... except the MKO, cause they lost their right to be Iranians when they joined Sadam...


Let me get this straight

by Mehdi on

A regime has been forced on the people of Iran by CIA and other criminals. Another regime has been forced on Iraquis by CIA and other criminals. Because it benefits the masters of the CIA, a war is started between the two regimes. US AWACS planes fly nearby (from Saudi Arabia) to ensure that the Iranian air force would not devestate Iraq forces too quickly. Because Iranian air force was at the time about 10,000 stronger than not only Iraq's, but any country in the area, and possessed the latest fighter jets (notice the American-made F-14's in the video, which was so advanced at the time that it was still in service in the US forces until about a year ago - by the way this doesn't make me proud, nor does it make me think that Shah did a good thing). So the CIA didn't want any of these regimes to win or loose, particularly. They just wanted a "sustained war." Something to keep both countries busy and weak for some time and also at the same time justify America's huge military spending, and secure lucrative military contract for a few elite while average American people paid for it. So in this scenario, would a pilot be a hero or not? Hmmmm. Hard for me to tell. On one hand I can see these people doing what they considered was "defending their nation." Of course, Iraqi pilots (heros of the other side) had their own explanation for their jobs. But on the other hand, did it really matter? The way I see it, Iran had already been invaded and raped. Saddam's attack was just the bonus! If Saddam had completely taken over the nation with almost no resistence, what would he do with it? Take all the gold, and valuables and rape all women and leave? I wonder. Or should I be proud of Shah's "foersight" that if you look closely, not only didn't do him or the country any good, it actually ended up being used by his enemies for if nothing else, taking credit. But there is also the fear that if we didn't have these planes and pilots, we would have all been killed and raped by the Iraqi forces (the same logic that Bush is using now to gain support for an attack on Iran). Oh, I tell you, there are so many issues here. I can't figure it out. You guys tell me what I should think! The only thing that comes to my mind is Sun Tzu's Art of War where he says something to the effect that, "A good general wins the battle but a really good general wins the battle with less casualties than the enemy. But a truly brilliant general wins the battle without even starting it in the first place!"


Brilliant. Long live the

by Tir e Arash (not verified) on

Brilliant. Long live the pilots and long live the IRI. Shahis are such sore losers LOL. And that US pilot should see the picture we took of the Iraqi bitch we shot down over Kharg Island - be afraid faggot. we will launch a pincer attack into Iraq, take tens of thousands of Americans prisoner, then strap them to all sensitive sites around Iran so if the US bombs any of them they can be sure some of their gay soldiers will die. :D

PS Shahis are LOSERS, so are MKO that's why you're all in exile and ruling nothing, nada! HAHAHAHA.


Re: I cant wait to drop the big one...

by Anonymous on

And why would you want to make a flat parking lot out of Ghom? That's so unimaginitive.... I suggest making "hoozeye elmieye ghom", ooops, I meant "hoozeye jahliyeye ghom" an international whorehouse complete with casinos and what have you. Then force the khahar zeynabs to serve our deprived youth and the mullahs to change the sheets.


Oon khoda biamorz

by SAVAKI (not verified) on

ageh oon khoda biamorz hamin khalabana ro training nadadeh bood ya jete fantom barammon nakahrideh bood emrooz dashteem zir tokhmaye saddam arabi chacha mizadim



by Ahangar (not verified) on

God bless them all. They defended their country against American-backed arab barbarian terrorists for over 8 long years.

Too bad they were brainwashed into thinking that they were defending the Arab curse of Islam rather than the Iranian fatherland.


God bless The Shah and the

by ardeshir keyvan (not verified) on

God bless The Shah and the pilots that got trained under his reign.
All the leftists used to criticize him about the money he used to spend on military.

Bunch of traitors. The funny part is now most of this retired terrorist are defending human right and attacking capital punishment! Jokers!

Long live Iran.


mko=mothr fuckers

by koorosh (not verified) on

I hate these motherfuckrs so much that I love to turn them ALL into fertilizers.


Islamic Republic Air Force is in the bottom of list when it ...

by Shalom Goldman (not verified) on

comes to advanced technologies. It is no match to what we have. It's all the fault of the mullahs to reduce once a very good Air Force to the the current state. The mullahs have destroyed Iran!?


REPLY TO: "I can't wait to

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

REPLY TO: "I can't wait to drop the big one on the Islamic Republic. I will make Qom a one flat parking lot. God Bless America"



Dear US Navy Pilot

by CEO (not verified) on

First thing first, let us finish fighting and winning the Iraq and Afghanistan wars then start a third war. As you know fighting bunch of crazy Arabs with RPG for the past 4-5 years has not been easy, why should we start a third war if we cannot finish the two we have started. Dropping bombs will not solve any problems. God Bless America and Iran


I am a pilot in the US NAVY..

by Grab the Bull by the balls and squeeze (not verified) on

I can't wait to drop the big one on the Islamic Republic. I will make Qom a one flat parking lot.

God Bless America


I agree

by پیام on

Let the bastard Khamenehyi and his fellow mollah's defend Iran this time! (not)


God Bless all our soldiers

by Darius (not verified) on

God Bless all our soldiers and pilots - its because of them that we still and always have Iran - do not in any way equate our soldiers who defended and will defend Iran be it Pasdaran or Artesh to the word traitor.

Traitors are MKO the scum of Earth and their cult of an organization that is sick to watch - its really pathetic to see such bright people live like they are in a Hindu Ashram - blindly following Massoud the Mariam the Imposters. They are a sick CULT and they will NEVER EVER COME TO IRAN . . . EVER.


Not the place

by SplashOne (not verified) on

Please, this is not the place to bring out these things which are obvious. Let us focus on the skill, bravery, and sacrifice of the hundreds of pilots, just a few of whom you saw here, and many of whom will remain faceless for most Iranians.

Indeed it is ironic and sick that the regime that is showing this is the same regime that executed without trial so many excellent pilots and weakened the armed forces so much that Saddam khareh dared to attack. Any decent government of Iran would have shown a video like this decades ago.

NOBODY ON THIS PLANET wants to see their own country get attacked/invaded, so stop accusing people that they would. Question is, what policies does one's government have to defend its people. In the case of Iran, it has been "speak large and carry a small stick" for the last 27 years. In my mind Khomeini and Saddam were 2 equally hostile enemies of Iran.

But I ask you to look in the eyes of the pilots who speak here and tell me: Did these gentlemen fight for their country or did they fight for an acronym (IIAF vs IRIAF)? Iran has no more monarchy, and will one day have no more mullahs in government. However, what will always remain for us is the existence of people like those shown in this video, who are the recent addition to a long tradition of Ferdosi's, Hafez, Saadi, Babak Khorramdin, and so on.

And for some of us who know military history, we will always be thankful to the Shah of Iran who facilitated the building of a modern, professional armed forces that every Iranian could be proud of, and stepped up to the plate in our darkest hour of need regardless of politics (the definition of professionalism). The weapons and training that were used by these gentlemen were the best in the world, and convincing the USA to provide us that was something nobody in the third world has (or ever will) succeeded in doing. Even the best weapons and training Saddam ever received were no match for the ones we had, until time and supplies ran out for us, and he had to resort to chemical weapons and direct intervention by outside powers.


Propaganda none sense

by mrclass on

This is totally rubbish and propaganda. The idea of this sewer regime trying to take a credit as if they had anything to do with building this air force and train these brave pilots are outrageous!!!!

If the war wouldn’t have started, this regime would have killed every single one of these pilots, you can count on it!!!!

God bless the shah that had a vision, fortitude to built a modern army. The remainder of the same army that was massacred by this regime saved us against Iraq. But that was then. This time around when U.S and Nato decide to bomb the hell out of Iran, there won’t be any body to rescue our ass!!!


Stop it plz

by Bacheh tehroon (not verified) on

Man nemifahmam khalabaneh irani che rabti be aryamehr ya jomhoori eslami dareh. In keh inha ghahremananeh ma hastand keh shaki daresh nist. Yek negah be ghaifeh inha bendazid,bekhoda ina eineh mano shom ahastand.Magar har kas arteshi bood too jomhoori eslami, bad misheh.Akheh in mozakhrafat cheih keh migid.

Man kamelan movafegham keh Shahanshah Aryamehr artesheh novini ro payeh rizi kard keh iran ro dar bohrani tarin roozha nejat dad. Hamin arteshihayeh dalir va pak be hamraheh sepah risheh in jomhoorieh kasifeh eslami ro mikanand.Motmaen bashid keh sepah va artesh ghalbhashoon sararsar labrizeh az mehreh be sarmazineh madari, Aryamoom hast.Digeh ham in mozakhrafat ro bas konid. In nokteh keh khomeini dalir tarin farzandaneh iran ro az artesh edam kard, keh kasi shak nadareh. Khob koli khalaban ham boodan keh edam nashodan chon maslan faghat sargord boodan.OOnha jangidand chon vataneshono doosst dashtand. Biaiid motahed beshim (hadeh aghal dar eteghadatemoon) va iraneh aziz ro nejat bedim.Albateh agar shoam california neshin hayeh az hameh ja bikhabar zareyi deletoon be haleh vatan misoozeh!!!!!


Anyone supporting USAF and Israel at this point is...

by Farshad (not verified) on

Anyone supporting USAF and Israel at this point is a true traitor!
Shame on you!
I like to see the look on your face when Marines rape your sister you bastard. So you rather see the enemy invade your country?
What a fucking asshole you are. FUCK YOU!



by getreal (not verified) on

American aircrafts!

American-trained pilots!

American-organized IIAF!

The splendid IIAF! Many of its best an bravest officers tortured and murdered by the criminal
traitor mullahs.

A great fighting force heroically developed during
the Pahlavi era, and deliberately degraded and destroyed by the filthy mullahs.

Now the criminal mullahs try to take credit for the
outstanding heroism of the the remaining few surviving warriors of the once proud IIAF.


Let's see the despicable, criminal, cowardly mullahs stand up against the coming onslaught of the might
of USAF and of the Israeli Air Force.


We need our heros again

by Farnaz (not verified) on

Our heros forever! We need them again in the upcoming confrontation against a much stronger force. All we can hope for is that we are prepared!


sazeman mojahein khalg also spy on Iranian

by iranian (not verified) on

1986 i be in war in revelotionary gard and i know masod rajavi and his group are spy on Iranian from Korderstan....and USA also spy on Iranian take picture from Iranian army by NASA...and give to saddam hussein to drop chemical bomb on Iranian, first bob drop in halabche and so many Iranian solders and sepah pastaran and basij die by this booms which tested for the first times by saddam hussein and to day this american are talking about freedom and democracy for us and Iraqi are you believe the american?also I saw video shoe British air force going to drops bombs on Iraqi village women and children ? to support saddam hussein when was saddam hussein should be assassinated after this war
no matter what the american talking about please do not trust them, look what they did in Hiroshima, Vietnam and in Iraq ....long live Islamic republic of Iran to protect are nation from are danger


The sad truth of today

by IraniIrani (not verified) on

The airforce that caused us to win that war was US built and trained, we dont have 1/10 of that strenght today. Second point is that the Iran Iraq war was the saddest thing that could happen the middle east. Here we had to neighbouring countries with a high population, oil and gauss, the culture, bright people, destroying each other for the enjoyment of Russia, China, US, and EU.. Not to mention that the war made shure that the IRI would be in power (a lesson for those hypocrite Iranians thinking that bombing Iran today will cause an uprising against the IRI)



by Gol Pessar (not verified) on

These are the true heroes that we should celeberate for every year. Not that fucked up arab called "hossein"


Iran's finest!

by Iranian.com (not verified) on

The brave men of the Iranian airforce...the country owes them a debt of gratitude.


It was Khomenie

by Truth (not verified) on

koskesh who instigated this war. Fvck Allah, Islam, and Islamic Republic.


Long Live Iran!

by Nader on

Farshid jan thanks for posting the clip. Thanks to these brave men who defended our motherland, we came out victorious. Saddam was a coward. He waited until after the revolution to attack us knowing our lack of "defense" (thanks to all the executions and other mistakes done by the new government...).

Even more duisgusting was the presence of real "TRAITORS" (MKO), who sold us out to the enemy. They are still doing the same thing today!

I am proud of those who defended our land. (ALL OF THEM)!