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You are right Bita..

by Sharareh (not verified) on

You are right Bita, we are sensitive about our country and our culture, and we have high expectaion. Further, we have every right to expect more of our comedians. There is nothing wrong with laughter, but I am so sorry that you think it is good to have Iranians point out this kind humour in our own culture! We do not want to be viewed perfect, we are perfectionists’ nation, that is who we are. Therefore, our comedians also expected to be nothing less than perfect, in performing their work! I would recommend that you watch some Comedy Festivals. If people do not agree with what you think and say, they are not fanatic religious or whatever you want to name them………. Do not be so judgemental, they can still enjoy a decent comedy and good laugh. Finally, life is tough and full of challenges, not everyone needs this kind of comedy, as Mr Djalili’s, to survive this world!

Good Luck!


Just grow up

by Ramin Lessani (not verified) on

Just grow up


I love this guy.

by Fozool (not verified) on

He is a great comedian, love all his movies ( he is awsome in THE MUMMY. to all u BBC haters, simply STFU. all you tehrani, isfehani, mashhadi and tabrzi went to street va enqelab kardid now u all end up with khomeini. so STFU. he is a comedian and we love him.


This is funny... Very good

by Bita Sharafi (not verified) on

This is funny... Very good work.

We can debate politics and try to argue Iranian victimization. I'll let the so-called scholars of this site do just that. I have no time for this BS.

It's great to have Iranian comedians that can get us to laugh in this f----d up world. Every country with an ounce of liberty has their comedy... It shocks me that some Iranians are so sensitive and feel that we need to be viewed as perfect. It is good to have Iranians point out the humor in our own culture. Finally, we can breathe... and maybe learn something about who we are.

Omid, you help us by allowing us to laugh at ourselves and see the art created from within. (AND SMILING AND LAUGHING ARE DEFINITELY GOOD... UNLESS YOU ARE A RELIGIOUS FANATIC OR AN ACADEMIC NUT)


Comedians such as this guy

by Ed, LA, USA (not verified) on

have an obligation to be more careful about the message they relay not only to their countrymen but also to the rest of the world. The Art of comedy, if used skillfully, can bridge the gap of cultures, something desperately needed between Iran and the west during these dangerous times. As a celebrity one should assume that responsibility.
Reflecting on Faribors’s comments I like to say that people all around the world are sick of war, sick of seeing innocent civilians die for the ideology of a few high and mighty politicians and power hungry vultures. As an Armenian born in Iran and now a US citizen I welcome this new NEI report. With this new intelligence military option on Iran has been effectively put on hold. Well done by some of our true U.S. leaders who have had enough of Bush&Co and Mr. Nejad for hanging in there. In essence, he has checkmated Bush. I like to see this administration held accountable for the following.1- Overstating the case that Saddam Hussein had WMD, particularly nuclear weapons, and falsely implying a relationship with al Qaeda and links to 9/11. 2- Failing to plan for the civil conflict and humanitarian problems in Iraq that the intelligence community predicted. 3- Over stretching the Army, Marine Corps and Guard with prolonged deployments. 4- Justifying our military involvement in Iraq by repeatedly distorting the situation on the ground there. 5- The illegal NSA warrantless wiretapping program. 6- Extreme policies on torture, the Geneva Conventions, and detainees at Guantanamo. Sheers


Mr Djalili an Eye-rain-an man who must stay in UK.........

by Dena (not verified) on

How disgusting shame on you Mr Djalili you sing ' I am an Iranian' please do not repeat that part of your song too loud. That is very sad that you cannot even value your own culture. I am not going to waste my energy on you anymore.

However I would like to thank Fariborz Maleknasri for his great comment. As an Iranian person I am most proud to see Iranian like Fariborz Maleknasri who always come up with facts and some thing interesting to say, unlike some other people in ...




by Faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

what BBC dones, is a sighn of the britons helplessness and frustrations. they dream from thier rubberies in Iran as in the times bevor 1978/79. Even when they could not take all after 1952/53 they could stil leak what the su-imperialism has eaten from Iranian property and then - because too much - vomitted. First of all it was britons turn to leak. after britons could france &,germany get aktive. The later leaked also the faeces of yunkees. Now thanks God because of the Blessings of islamic revolution ( I know some siteuser has a kind of allergy against these words ) those times are over. all other countries can only make honest handle with IRI and the Iranians - I mean the ones who live in IRI, have founded it and will protect it - do not give any more thier Gold away just for chocolates. Now is the time to make jokes and keep silence about seriouzs matters. for example please acknowledge the following:
Most of the Guantanamo detainees are without charges
Two Sudanese released from the US Guantanamo Bay prison have returned home after five years complaining of their treatment.

Salim Mahmoud Adam, 49, and Adel Hassan Hamad, 49, were seized in 2002 from their homes in Peshawar, Pakistan, by Pakistani troops and were eventually taken to Guantanamo.

Hamad said Thursday that the conditions at Guantanamo were ``very bad,'' but did not elaborate. He accused US authorities there of mistreating prisoners who stage protests or hunger strikes.

"Hunger strikes and protests result in mistreatment'' he told journalists at a press conference alongside Adam in Khartoum, hours after their return early in the morning, according to AP.

Hamad expressed fears over the health of a fellow Sudanese prisoner -- a journalist for Al-Jazeera TV -- who is on hunger strike.

He said the condition of Sami al-Hajj, a Sudanese cameraman for Al-Jazeera, who has been on hunger strike in Guantanamo for nearly a year, was ``very bad indeed''.

Adam and Hamad were released Wednesday along with a group of 13 Afghans.

There are now about 290 men held at Guantanamo, most of them hled without charge. Seven Sudanese, including al-Hajj, are still in detention there.

The Guantanamo prison facility has become synonymous with the failure of the rule of law that has taken hold of America since the Bush administration announced its so-called war on terror.

It has not only damaged the administration's reputation but also put Congress in a most unfavorable light, as aside from jaw-boning the two houses of Congress have done next to nothing to close the facility where torture and mistreatment are well-documented.

International humanitarian and human rights groups are unanimous in their claims that of the hundreds of prisoners held at the facility, less than 5% of the total have anything that even look like criminal charges that would stand up in a court of law.
I confess: bringing news like this is not in Interesst of those barking dogs and grunting swines. But what about the Iranians? I mean the ones who live in IRI. Any why such long long discussions about these barkings and gruntings in "IRANIAN". Anyhow in the latter nothing is sacred. of course as any other point of life also hier there exist things which are less sacred. nobody is alaud to talk about them. otherwise he gets a shower of very nice earthy words thrown about him. Greeting.


Voice of Reason, go $%^&#

by Anonym (not verified) on

Voice of Reason, go $%^&# yourself, with your mumbo jumbo b.s. reasoning.


Leave him alone!

by voice of reason (not verified) on

Why are you guys so full of piss and vinegar? Omid Djalili is just as Iranian as you guys, and has every right to poke fun at his own nationality. It is his birth right. You guys are so uptight! Don't you know he's just saying what hicks say about us anyway? Educated people (who really matter) know it's a joke. Only he takes the sting out by saying it himself! And may I add, he makes a decent living, which is also his right, and few of you would pass that up. Be honest. He is exceptionally funny and talented. He is also very popular, and if anything, he does more to help us be liked and have people warm up to us, than a room full of uptight phD narcissists who think the only good Iranian is as pompous and delusional as they are.



he is an asshole

by a (not verified) on

the only thing that he is good at is shouting, he shouts like a bitch. cant stand the mother fucker, he should learn from Maz jobrani or shappy khorsandi


He is Iranian, but on the

by Anonymousian (not verified) on

He is Iranian, but on the very distant surface only. The true trait of a comedian of a higher level is when he can make fun of himself and be funny, not by making fun of others (meaning Iranians), that's the lower road. Djalili go watch Richard Pryor and Chris Rock tapes, and take notes.


Dareh Bimazeh Misheh

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Great, now we have the 20th Iranian comic whose only schtick is to talk shit about Iran and our culture. Where is Yakov Smirnow now? How far can you go with the 'shit on your own culture' routine? How about an Iranian comic who does not talk about Iran at all!



by Saggezard (not verified) on

He does a great job, always. Common people he is a comedian, and he is good at what he does, he is not a clergyman trying to run a country, or a street side politician trying to run an online magazine.



by Moallem (not verified) on

How about pronouncing Iran the correct way:
IRAN(ee-ron) and...... Iranian(ee-ronee-an)
NOT: (eye-ran) , NOT: (eye-rainy-an) , and NOT: (ee-rainy-an).
If we don't say it correctly ourselves no one else will!
I've taught everyone at work and they all say it correctly!!
I give them this example:
'Italy' ,'Italian' , **Iran-Iranian.... see the resemblance??


Mr Djalili is usually funny

by Zarr-1 (not verified) on

Mr Djalili is usually funny but this concept is Not funny!!!!!!!!!
Be part of the solution and not the problem, yes even in the comedy genre.


Please stop...

by پیام on

.... ridiculing Iranians, or at list speak of your own behalf.


btw, love his other works.



by BBC bowel movement (not verified) on

Fuck BBC.....for bringing Khomeini to Iran.