Mehrshad Kamizi

Big baby

Twenty-kilo (44-pound) 7-month-old Tehrani. Photo by Hamed Jafarnejad of FARS news.


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by Asfandyar (not verified) on

Baby is a gift from God... all those saying bad things should realize that is Allah who creates people... and how many of u can give me 100% guarantee of their health. so let it be, I LOVED the child..... he is a Gift from Allah



by persian (not verified) on

Lovely sweet baby, Nazanin, for sure you have a good parent who helps you to have a qualitie of live.

With good love of parents and good doctors, you will have a normal weight.

The best for you Mehrshad¡¡


when he is getting bigger ..

by human (not verified) on

when he is getting bigger .. life is become hell for him.. its better that get help right way


Not Good.

by Mosach (not verified) on

This Kid does not look cute (uhhhhh......I think), and his parents should be careful with him and make sure that he gets his castor oil regularly. God willing he'll be fine by the time he is 20 - 24 months old.


The obese iranian baby

by Carmen (not verified) on

I second goldust's view with both hands! How true and precise is his view.


His Video

by ShamshirH (not verified) on

His video with his parents is on youtube. He seems to gain and lose the weight depending on how he's fed, mother's milk or other stuff. He'll lose the babyfat by the time he's 2 years old and he'll lose the rest of his fat when he walked 3 miles to school and he'll even lose his meat when he watches Mollahs on TV 24/7/365 for 10 years.


The economy must be good! Or is it?

by goldust (not verified) on

You guys are so silly, arguing about a fat iranian kid, as how could that be! I wonder who his parents are! Just came back and noticed that most people have financial problems, but there are those who make millions ($).
Instead of arguing with each other, get off your heavy bottoms and get involved by helping millions of malnutrishened kids in iran who need your help! and don't worry about this kid! if his parents were like most, he would be losing weight very fast!


Hossein Rezazadeh's new baby?

by fozool (not verified) on

The future hevayweight champion of the world:)


Hey M.D.

by Another MD (not verified) on

With the kind of intelligence and reasoning that you have, you are fit to go to iran and cure IRI leaders for mental disorder and sadism. hopefully you will overdose them with aspirin, unintentionally of course.


Introducing the all new

by Malaga (not verified) on

Introducing the all new "Atkins for kids". This is the before picture.



by hajiagha on


his going to be next heavy man in the world?

with 500 kg or his parent should carefully about his life


I bet, Grandma thinks he doesn't eat enough...

by bahmani on

Knowing Iranian grandparents, this is why this kid is so fat. Probably when mom goes to work, and grandma is babysitting, she double feeds the kid. Ask me how I know...


REPLY : IRANIAN HERCULES, only overweight , no disease.

by Farbors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

The Parents of the nice child have surely had the appropriate medical adwise. The reason of its overweight could stil not be identified. Please acknowlledge the following and meet Iran's 7-month-old Hercules

A 7-month-old baby boy in Iran now tips the scales at over 20 kilograms and has caused his mother to lose 20 kilograms since his birth.

Mehrshad was born in Tehran at a normal birth weight of 3 kg but he started gaining weight about three months after his birth.

Mehrshad's mother says she has lost 20 kilograms since his birth and has developed back pain due his high weight.
Mehrshad's mother and father

Genetic factors and his mother's milk have been cited for the 7-month-old infant's obesity.

His doctor says all tests have shown Mehrshad has no disease, just his weight should be watched carefully.
One can surely resume: ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT IS BAD, BBC IS GOOD, Mullahs - they count 70 Millions - must go, USA should come and start again with ransacking the nation and the country as whole. I for my part hope for the Iranians - that are the ones who live in Islamic republic of Iran, have founded it and are willing to stay and if neccessary fight for thier peace and friedom - and I am 100% sure that they will never ever give up their struggle which begann most seriously 1963 after the capitulation Law. they mean, as it is said they will continue at least till after the reappearing of mahdi (s). Greeting


Obesity on the Rise in Iran

by Vahraz Yazdanmehr (not verified) on

Not healthy at all!! Overweight children become overwieght adults. Obesity is becoming an issue in Iran. Here is a link to an article from the BBC on the subject:




by topol mopol (not verified) on

This ain't fat. It's inflation!! All over place in Iran! For perfect diagnosis a picture of parents would help too!!!! ;-)


oh my

by A.A (not verified) on

how he got that far,specially in iran that being fat isnot common among children or even adults.

I hope his parents realized that.



by Anonymous dietician (not verified) on

What this kid needs is a dietician, not a pediatrician!!!


Not healthy

by پیام on

Hope the parents got a good pediatritian.