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Festival in Orange County, Southern California

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Persian youth, Ms.Shoshahi, and Bebin TV

by Babak Babak (not verified) on

Say what you will about Ms. Shoshahi's command of Farsi, her show is one of the most popular segments of Bebin TV. She also represents a large segment of the Iranian-American community that you may have overlooked. Besides being and Iranian female seeking to establish a career in a male-dominated industry, she represents second-generation Iranian-Americans assimilated into a homogeneous American culture while under pressure to develop and maintain an "Iranian" identity. She represents all those individuals who will never be Persian enough and never speak Farsi well enough, but yet expected to be a representative of the Persian community. In my opinion, Ms. Shoshahi represents American-Iranians very well.


Makes me want to move to LA.

by Anonymous68 (not verified) on

Makes me want to move to LA.


I agree with Che Ajab! One

by Hemayat (not verified) on

I agree with Che Ajab!
One of the Bebin "members" was on the Los Angeles radio during this week (Raha), he should start giving Farsi lessons to Miss Shoshahi.


Cheh Ajab!

by Shabnam_Ghayour on

Farsi sohbat meekonan!  Im impressed!  I have no problem with Bebin TV other than Melissa (whilst gorgeous) is not the best representative for the Persian Youth of today.  Her Farsi is embarassing, and as someone who left Iran aged 2 and has lived in London for 29 years, there is NO excuse for not speaking a basic decent amount of Persian.  Reading and writing is a bonus, of course, and some of us spent years in "Kellaaseh Farsi" learning to read and write.  But well done boys... MUCH BETTER at representing us!!! Bravo!


I get hungry by watching all this food :)

by پیام on

Life is good in US of A.