The Mahmoud Song

Music Video celebrating President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim that there are no gays in Iran.



I absoloutely agree with

by vdl (not verified) on

I absoloutely agree with you. I heard his comments and like yourself used to live in the bay area and can see the difference between the gay community in the US and Iran.However, about him being an Idiot,I am not so sure! I think he is a man with certain thoughts ( basically unpopular amongst the west) who has been set or elected by a good number of others
( idiots?!!) who share or even look up these ideas. Why call him an idiot and spare the rest?ultimately whos fault is it that this man is running an 80Million+ country?? shame on us would'nt you say?


Learn Farsi For God's Sake

by Rastgoo (not verified) on

What that idiot Ahmadinejad said was:
" Ma dar Iran, avallan, hamjensbaz mesle keshvare shoma, nadarim."
The translation is:
First, In Iran we don't have homosexuals,as you do in your country"

The part that everybody mistranslated was "as-you-do."
He never said we have absolutely NO homos. And he was 100% right about not having homosexuals as they do in America. I live in North California and there's nothing but homos here. I grew up in Iran and rarely ever met a homo.
Ahmadinejad without a doubt is stupid and can't even say what's in his mind correctly but let's not change the facts just to bash him.


RE:Curious Joe

by XerXes (not verified) on

Curious Joe go watch your program, your favorite show makes clear about your understandings and age. migama, khar keh shaakh o dom nadaareh!


Why would you scoop to such LOW level??

by Disappointed (not verified) on

Mr. Javid,
Or whoever decided to post this piece of JUNK on this web page, Please DON’T!
As an Iranian with a little “Pride” (that thanks to the illiterate Media and the endless hoopla’s surrounding anything that has to do with Iran and the Iranians gets diminished more and more everyday), I’d like to ask you please NOT to post such pointless, shameless and stupid videos on a site that is somewhat known amongst all of us (Iranian or others) as a good and reputable place to go read the wonderful commentaries and enjoy the funny articles! There is absolutely NOTHING funny about such trashy clips, if anything it is very degrading to show clips like this (as the message that may be conveyed is that we are actually supporting trash like this) and above all, it is sad to see that we have scooped this low!
Thank you,
Disappointed Fan


Now, this marg bar is coming back to moslems

by * (not verified) on

Long live Iran and Long live Israel
Moslems love to kill a female teacher in Sudan that named a teddy bear Muhammad. Moslems are only promoter Marg bar this and Marg bar that. This marg now is coming back to them. What goes around comes around. Now, they have realized they are bankrupt and everyone in every corner of universe knows the backwardness of Islam and its cultish system.



by Anonymousff (not verified) on

Stupid Israelis leeches... cant even pronounce the name correctly. Go back to your rat holes in Russia and Eastern Europe.


No Homos in Iran? Are they for real?

by John Carpenter (not verified) on

There are a lot of Homos in America. San Francisco in California and the Village in New York City. I would go so far as saying the West is the "Mecca" of Homosexuality. US Vice President Dick Cheyney's daughter is a homosexual.


The Killers of the Palestinians

by 60 years (not verified) on

Zionists are parasite - ASK the Palestinians how much fun are Israelis

Those who concisely choose to Kill and destroy others for there own benefit ... choose to give this legacy to there own children are indeed Zionists.

Love of GUNS or LOVE of HUMANITY ?
The choice is yours!!!!!!!!!

Stop the killing of Palestinians ...


If they are Zionists; they are fun. Muslims bring only pain

by Wake Up (not verified) on

Muslims are dark and barkward. They degrade everyone. They want to kill every one. They want to destroy every culture.

Have you ever seen a moslem leader to talk about love. The best question is to show us Quran verses about love. There are may be few versus that could intrepret as love. But, the rest is "Ghataloo", " Ghataloo", "Ghataloo". Kill, murder, revenge.


re-zionists must die

by Anonymous-55 (not verified) on

If this video is the work of zionists, then God bless them!


Zionist must die

by s (not verified) on

Work of a the Zionist regime.


talking about gay marrige lesbian every where

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

capitalism , poor , homeless, hard time's I am sick about all this fancy thinking and ideas you have because you are gay .


I am wondering what happend...

by Midwesty on

to our early bird Dr. Dariush Kadivar, who always used to leave the first comments on stuff like these...


Who is Makhmoud Akhmadinejad

by پیام on

I don't know such person.

Oh wait, these are Isralies and they can not pronounce "H".

 Heum, government founded and biased Israilis giving their opinion about Iran's president? Maybe it is time that we Iranians living free in the west say that at least Ahmadinejad didn't order a massacre like former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon ( Remember Sabra and Shatila?)



by Saeed Kafili (not verified) on

What. Are. You. Talking. About. Hajiagha?


you are sick same as this sick place I waste my life here

by hajiagha on


If I became president of Iran and If I have chance to back in Iran I promise I am going to be more hard as Ahmadaei nejad , because when I am looking in past 12 years my life in Canada , working like slaves, with no right , so much racism, no fun, no body , became homeless, and after all government of canada give better job and respect to gay people , not a professional artist or immigrant this culture is sick you may create fun with this video but me and others are going to be next generation of the Iranian to run the Iran I don't care if Islam is power, long as sickness ideas stay far from Iran, canada or USA a drug dealers have more respect as artist, a guy naked , with ring in all own hols and body have more respect as artist , 


Zionism trust and the viral load

by Mahmoud the CURE (not verified) on

You can't establish that kind of trust during your first face-to-face/ass-to-face/...

.... twisting to the tune of Zionism INFECTION : pathogenic parasites...

Curious Joe

Ignore him, rather than acknowledging his existence

by Curious Joe on

I counted at least 40 references to Mahmood, and 20 references to Ahmadinejad in that one song.

If you (rightly so) are trying to disregard/discredit that piece of shit, then the best strategy would be to flush him down the toilet, and not even mention his first or last name. Can't you see that by acknowledging his existence, you are already attaching importance to him. 

Since he is a slave of the Ayatollahs, the best strategy is to make a song, promoting Richard Dawkins' book "The God Delusion".  That would help a lot in closing the shop of the Mullahs and their Allah -- and by corrllary -- get rid of their by-product, such as Mahmood...