The girl can dance

Showing off


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People People

by Mirror (not verified) on

This people is your own people Mashdy. Just because you're in LA it doesn't mean now you're "az ma behtaraan". Let the kid dance and have fun, she's neither high nor crazy she's just having fun. If she knew that her video is gonna be posted on internet she would probably act more phony, paranoid and self-conscious like you.



by Sasha on

You know I did suspect she was high but did not want to offend the young lady. her behavior is similar to someone that is under the influence of drugs or liquor. Hopefully things are better for her.


saw this on youtube...

by sunshine45 (not verified) on

i did see this on youtube a while back. the person who posted it said that this girl was "high".
definitely not a good look if you are dancing, but i suppose it is fine if you are high or wasted....
i am sure she was enjoying herself.


What a fucked up people . . .

by Ali from Los Angeles (not verified) on

What a fucked up people. . . You call this dance? You call this freedom? You call this fun? What a fucked up people.

The girl is not the only person who is fucked up. Is this Western culture for you? Is this what you want for Iran you assholes?

You call this great time? You must be on some crack yourself. What a fucked up people and culture.



She has having a great

by Anonymous345 (not verified) on

She has having a great time...fuck Islam and Muslims and arabzadehayee ironeee!!!!


yk kos beresan barai ma

by jarg bezan (not verified) on

چی میشد ای خوشگله تو اتاق من می رقصید خدا برسان


Is this really dancing?

by Sasha on

I am glad she is having a lot of fun with her friends but I would not call it dancing. Good thing she is young, pretty and educated. She can always dance better later when the camera is off. :o)



by BE Kiram (not verified) on

First of all i would like to start off by saying keram to halghe those who are anti fun....


She is great and having good time

by Long_live_Iran (not verified) on

She is great and having good time. I hope one day to see every Iranian to be happy, dancing, singing, and be able freely express herself/himeself.

Fuck this rigid and backward Islam religion


To hell with all of you

by Me_2 (not verified) on

To hell with all your "role model" and "farhange mobtazele gharbi" comments...fuck you all ! Can't you just see a girl be happy and dancing ? fuck all your bitches and whining and ghor-ghor and negh-negh..goddamn idiots.


Kadivar's comment

by Anonymous_today (not verified) on

What an idiotic post by Mr. Kadivar. When the IRI implodes, that is when shit hits the fan, I doubted it if it's going to be all party time. The chances are the likes of Kadivar will wait out the bloodshed and bombings and shock and awe in their Parisian comfort and move into the Green Zone only after.


Iran and west

by bad bakht (not verified) on

نه به اون حوانهای خشک و قران تو سر نه به این کس خول بازی ....درد ما ملت یکی دو تا نیست.....فرهنگ کیری اسلام و فر هنگ مبتذل غرب...مردم بد بخت ما هر بار ودر هردولتی باید به ساز زمان خودشان برقصند......و هیچوقت هم به همان هم که هستند را ضی نیستند....


Bad Bakht

by Hmmm1 (not verified) on

This is what a large X pill and a small brain can produce.


bandeh khoda k*skhol shodeh

by jaghoolbaghool (not verified) on

ghaat zadeh koskhol shodeh badjoor.
adam delesh misooze barash.


did you expect more when the

by biba (not verified) on

did you expect more when the university is ISLAMIC? hame chimon eslami shode joz hamom omomi


Well... I guess she's expressing herself

by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

I'm sure she didn't think it was goiong to end up on I'm embarrassed for her.


Thats a little too Goofy

by masoud (not verified) on

What kind of dancing was that?! "The hand on your face" or persian version of techno dancing?!..hehe...beechareh javoonha hoselashoon sar rafteh...;(


Dariush jan I agree; what a party it would be

by farrad02 on

Dariush jan I agree; what a party it would be! I just want to be here when it happens and see the fall and following celebration! (blogging from Tehran). I'm returning to Canada next week; I hope it happens before I leave :D


Go Iranian youth! آینده مال شماست


آفرین به همه جوونهای ایرونی! آینده مال شماست!


bi kari bad dardi ast but

by Anonymous3434344 (not verified) on

bi kari bad dardi ast but she is having a great time!

Darius Kadivar

Just Imagine When Iran will be free ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I wouldn't want to miss Party Time when the IRI Implodes.

Gee If Only Elvis was Alive :




by پیام on

She can't dance and she is way drunk. Nice example for our sisters and daughters.


Where is it going with the youth of Iran. Haji, any comments?