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What is wrong with Iranian way of performing?

by پیام on

Why do we Iranian tend to copy the style of "foreigeners" (in this case black Americans) in everything while we have a herritage to be proud of. Some people are "Arab parvar" and are so fanatic in their way of being a muslim that they even raise eyebrows in Arab community, and others are so "gharb parvar" that they start moving like monkeys and finally come to behave like one. Not knowing that by this kind of performing they introduce the "gharb"'s way of life in Iranian community and making it normal to be moral-less (smoking at the age of 15 etc.).

In case of music, i love all kind of it, but nothing touches me more than Haydeeh or Mohsen Yeganeh's songs than this unoriginal copy of afro Americans. Persian Hip-Hop is right now best presented by Yas who uses thought through and welwritten lyrics.