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Let Him Have Fun

by pashmaloo (not verified) on

So he can't dance. At least he's having fun unlike some of you YOBS judges.
Mr. Brad99, please keep your democracy and watch the American Idols more carefully!
He's probably from Iraq because he looks like Saudis only he owns a Klashinkov that Iraqis use.
I wouldn't advise dancing with a loaded weapon. That could lead to extra holes in yourself or your audience by the time music is over.


Bring democracy to this!

by Brad99 (not verified) on

and people in the civilized nations say "people are equal", and expect this guy to vote?!


Scary video!

by پیام on

Especially at the end.


let's send this fool American Idol show

by sexyironi (not verified) on

what do think haji? can you draw something related to this guy? hum, he may be working as a secret agent to recruit!?


Man ba Shabnam movafegham

by Irooni (not verified) on

aghaye javid chi khordin?


sorry bout his is Arab

by hajiagha on


you thinks he is PHD, he is Arab? same nation Muhammad was bring Islam to teach them to became human, we know the Arab as wild nation. they live like that, just look in Iraq


weapon of expression

by viewer (not verified) on

complex questions come to mind about his sexuality and his relationship with his 'gun'.


Tiny dancer!

by Gina (not verified) on

Where the hell is this person from?

Niki Tehranchi

Anybody still believe

by Niki Tehranchi on

Anybody still believe in "intelligent design" after this?


Another one

by Majid on

Another product of a failed condom!



by Abarmard on

really scary


Throw your guns in the air & wave 'em like u just dont care!

by Shabnam_Ghayour on

What IS that?  Al-Qaeda Recruitment Video???  Like "Hey guys!  Come and join the fun, we like to dance & party and just throw our guns in the air and wave 'em like we just dont care... Holla!" 

Very funny, but "Vee vant rakhse Irooni" Mr Javid!