Should the Cyrus Cylinder be loaned to Iran?



BBC: Iran has said it will cease cultural co-operation with the British Museum if a treasure is not loaned to the nation. The Cyrus Cylinder is being held by the museum because of Iran's "post-election situation", an Iranian official told the country's Fars news agency. Hamid Baqaie said the museum's pledge to send the Babylonian artefact at another date was "just an excuse". The British Museum said its trustees "reaffirmed their intention to lend the Cylinder to Iran". Their statement added: "There are a number of issues and practicalities to be resolved, but the intention is to send it as agreed."

What do you think? Should the British Museum loan the Cyrus Cylinder to the Islamic Republic?

60% (367 votes)
38% (229 votes)
Not sure
2% (12 votes)
Total voters: 608

12-Oct-2009 (36 comments)



by timothyfloyd on



I personally

by anonymous111.2 on

think that it was Mola Nassredin using 600 different computers to vote "Yes" on the issue. 



by Fair on

It belongs to IRAN. Not the anti Iranian Islamic Republic.

Until the government in Iran is an internationally recognized legitimate representative of its people, elected through a free and fair election, I vote for this cylinder to be entrusted to the United Nations, as it is written for ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Whenever Iran's government recognizes that its people are human beings also and treats them as such, then they may claim it back.





Give it back to Iran!

by Iraniandudeee on




You know the problem why not fix it?

by choghok on

First of all you detected this by looking at where the request came from, then it should be pretty easy also to do a polite block on those requests and also blacklist the site.

 Second of all I think your poll tool should show a demographic data, so we will see for example how iranians in Iran voted compare to europe compare to North America. 



by yolanda on

Wow! This whole thing reminds me of the June election! Someone or people must be pretty desperate! 


Reply to Ali Lakani

by admin on


This was definitely an orchestrated compromise. It is not that dramatic. Probably just one or two people writing simple code to get other people to automatically vote. We know for a fact that all of a sudden, 600 people showed up to this poll page, from "", a page that contains an automatic "Yes" vote code specifically for this page on It is certain beyond a doubt that these users did not choose to take part in the poll.

The word "torrent" is referring to bit torrent file-sharing protocol. It's a way of splitting large files and dispersing them throughout the web, a little bit on everyone's computer. People who want to download the files, need not do so from one central location, hence it is impossible to shut it down. It is used extensively for trading large files like movies, music and games, including by people who want to circumvent digital rights (i.e. illegal file sharing).

The site where the offending file resides, "torrentpond" appears to be a search engine for torrents (a useful thing for file traders. I don't see any indication of any Persian meaning of the word.

Hacking is probably not the correct way to describe this. No systems were compromised. Our poll restricts voting by IP address and by user name. Since every anonymous IP can have one vote, this is a way to get other anonymous IPs to vote. So really, the integrity of this online poll was compromised.

Jahanshah Javid

No to Yes

by Jahanshah Javid on

Ali Lankani, is blocked in Iran. It can only be accessed with proxies. As a result, less than 5% of our readership comes from Iran. Therefore whatever Iranians inside may feel about this issue, their impact on this poll in normal circumstances would be minimal.

Ali Lakani


by Ali Lakani on

What does "reversing the results" mean?  Did they increase the number of "Yes" or "No" answers?

Perhaps you underestimate the reach of inside Iran because you think it is filtered there.  This poll must have spooked some people.  Doesn't "Torrent" translate into "Gerdaab?"


The poll being compromised

by admin on

This poll is compromised, so I have closed it.

So... a few hours ago I noticed a big jump in the number of votes in a short period of time. At that time, the votes were about 60/40 NO.

I looked into server logs and saw all kinds of anonymous users having voted. But I noticed many of them were referred from this site (meaning the people went to this site first before coming over to


The page will appear blank to you. But if you are familiar with the code, you'll see that it is a way to submit a form to our site, in other words, a way to vote "YES" remotely.

The critical line toward the end of the file is this:


You will notice it is commented out, meaning it is no longer active. That's what the "//" means in Javascript.

Also, the page itself is not a proper HTML page.

My theory is that, this code "section" was being dynamically included (maybe by server side includes) into unsuspecting visitors of other sites, probably people interested in "torrents" (online file sharing where the site gets its name). So, this piece of code would be tagged along in their own web view and they would never know that they actually voted YES on our poll. They wouldn't even know about

It's a well known technique, and it hides the perpetrator because the people actually voting are innocent.

So, there was some 600+ hits that were referred from this "ir.html" file on the "" site.

I assume the person uncommented the critical line that does the voting. Soon, hundreds of people unsuspectingly "voted", then he put the comments back on the line so that it wouldn't go unreasonably high.

Whoever controls "" controls the file that does this. I don't know if it's IRI, or some hacker kids, or what. But that's all the facts for now.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

This poll has been hacked. We will give a full report soon.

Mola Nasredeen

"Maybe we should give them Persepolis too!

by Mola Nasredeen on

What a pathetic bunch!" said Hazrate shotor.

"Who Hajagha?" Asked I, he was pissed off.

"According to this bunch the British will take a better care of it, what an unpatriotic, pathetic line of reasoning. They put their trust in that old colonial power blindly" said he.

"Why is it Hajagha? is it because the British were the first ones who introduced us to wearing hats and necktie?" I was curious.

"According to this crowd we Iranians are incapable of looking after our own national treasures and People of Iran are not entitled to hold or see Cyrus Cylinder in their National Museum where it belongs, Iran". said he disappointed.

"Why is it Hajagha?"

"They're blinded by anger, rage and hatred". said he. 

"And the British know how to use this anger to control us, is that right?"

"Ahsannat, Ahsannat" said he gleefully. 


Don't loan them!!

by MRX1 on

Don't load islamo facist government anything. NOTHING, NADA, HICH CHEE!!

Since when they started careing about Iranian culture and history? few days a go their education minister said they are planning to phase out name of kings from the history books alltogether! Several months a go an scripture in the Kharg island dating back to Hakhamaneshi period was destroyed by these bastereds.

So much of our historical treasure has been destroyed or on it's way to distruction due to neglect since these monkey's took over. I wish we could send anything I mean anything that still not touched by these bastereds to Europe and /or U.S for preservation.


During the revolution

by Abarmard on

and when there wasn't a government fully established, is kind of unfair judgment. I don't want anything to happen to this either, I just never heard of a loaned piece not being returned. It's a common practice for all countries. This piece, by the way, belongs to UK and not Iran, just to clarify...Regardless of what system is in Iran, the piece will remain in UK.


What's the Use?

by masoudA on

If returned to Iran somhow it will find it's way back to a London Auction House anyways....

But seriously - In no way this Persian Heritage should be given to the Arabs/Mullahs. 

Shifteh Ansari

Dear Abarmard

by Shifteh Ansari on

Take a look at this news article which alleges that the "Golden Tablet" discovered in archaeological digs in Persepolis in 1933 was stolen and melted sometime between 1979 and 1981.  The allegation is so serious, I wish it to be untrue.  Theft and smuggling of precious Iranian artifacts is unfortunately a standard practice in Iran and even authorities complain about it all the time.  Let's keep some things safe until we have a government in Iran that cares about our Iranian heritage and history.  Here's a part of that report:

لوح زرين هخامنشي ذوب شد

ارزشمندترين اثري که طي سي سال اخير از موزه هاي ايران به سرقت رفته، لوح زرين هخامنشي است. اثري که يکي از چهار لوح زرين و سيمين کاخ آپادانا به شمار مي آيد و در روز 27 يا 28 شهريور 1312، توسط فردريک کرفتر، از اعضاي هيات حفاري در تخت جمشيد از زير ستون هاي اصلي کاخ آپادانا به دست آمد.اين الواح چهارگانه بلافاصله پس از حفاري به کاخ مرمر تهران (دفتر کار رضا شاه) و از آنجا به موزه ايران باستان انتقال يافت. يک جفت از آنها هنگام افتتاح موزه شهياد در برج شهياد (آزادي کنوني) به اين مکان انتقال يافت.از آنجا که در جريان تظاهرات و شورش هاي خياباني، امکان سرقت از موزه زياد بود، تمام اشياي آن که همگي از آثار منحصر به فرد ايران به شمار مي آمد، به موزه ايران باستان منتقل شد. در جريان اين نقل و انتقال يک جفت از الواح ناپديد شد. اين ماجرا 20 سال مسکوت ماند زيرا سندي مبني بر انتقال آن ها به موزه ملي وجود نداشت و کسي متوجه مفقود شدن آن ها نبود.همزمان با ورود محمدرضا کارگر به موزه ملي و آغاز عمليات ساماندهي آثار اين موزه، خبر گم شدن اين آثار و بازجويي از مسئول موزه در خلال سال هاي 1357 تا 1360 انتشار يافت.لوح سيمين پيداشد اما پرونده مفقود شدن لوح زرين به جايي نرسيد. هرچند دستگاه قضايي و مسئولان سازمان ميراث فرهنگي در هيچ يک از گزارش هاي مطبوعاتي خود، نام متهم و روند دادرسي را فاش نکرده اند اما شنيده مي شود، متهم به ذوب کردن لوح زرين و فروش طلاي آن اعتراف کرده است.


a pimp named slickback

Send it back

by a pimp named slickback on

say No to the imperialists


Hefazat bekonim

by Guilan on

Ta moghi keh beh in houkoumat etminan nist, jayash dar englestan bashad behtar ast. Yadetan raft talebanha dar afghnestan ba mojassameh bouda tcheh kar kardand?


the man was Persian

by Iraniandudeee on

It belongs to Iran, and only Iran... Not Iraq or those brits.


Rephrase the Question...

by aaminian on

... to:

What do you think? Should the British Museum return to Iran what is rightfully theirs (the Iranian nation and not the IRI)?

I wonder how the Brits would feel if Iran stole a piece of the Stone Henge and put it on display and snubbed the British government when asked for a loaner?!

Mola Nasredeen

"It should be sent to Iraq"

by Mola Nasredeen on

Mumbled Hajagha reading the results of camel races on his monitor.

"Why to Iraq Hajagha?" asked I surprised!

"Because it's a Babylonian document" said he.

"Get serious Hajagha, this is not a laughing matter." I said it indignantly.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

In the time of Cyrus The Great, honor, prestige, and religious beliefs of our nation were protected, and now alas in my homeland those in power  have no respect for human beings and human rights.nothing. :(

"The Story Of Human Rights" is a documentary, in min 2:20 it's mentioned his name.

Long live liberty, justice and democracy



Farah Rusta

We owe it to the British Museum

by Farah Rusta on

They were the people who made us and and made the whole world aware of the Cylindre and its invaluable significance. Without them the world had no idea who Cyrus was and the historic importance of this Babylonian document.




by yolanda on

 Abarmard on

            LOL! LOL!




by Hajminator on

What would these arab zadeha do with the cylinder? I would have said yes, if they expected to learn the meaning of Human rights from this writing. Hélas!


This looks like Ahmadinejad vs Mousavi

by Abarmard on

The percentage is at 62-33 and not changing.

Where is my vote?

Poll e dorooghin estefaa estefaa

alah o akbar



I think

by Onlyiran on

that they'll grind it down, make a brick out of it and put the brick in newly constructed Ministry of Intelligence building.


Give it back to the Iranian people

by Iraniandudeee on

And to the people saying "The IrI will destroy it", come on, they're not that stupid.

Maryam Hojjat

IRI will destroy it!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I do not trust IRI which is an ARAB Government against  Iranian / Persian heritage.

 Payandeh IRAN & Iranians


What do you think

by Abarmard on

Iranians inside would vote for?