Sleepless in Tehran

Photo essay: Islamic Unity Conference

by Party Girl

IRNA -- The 21st International Conference on Islamic Unity started in Tehran on Sunday in presence of 850 thinkers and intellectuals from 45 countries. The three-day conference opened with inaugural speech of Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Thinkers and intellectuals from Oman, Sudan, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Germany, the US, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, France, Morocco, India, Algeria, Hong Kong, Qatar, Britain, Denmark, Iraq, Turkey, Gambia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates are among the participants in the conference>>>

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Naveed Khan

Muslims are not stupid

by Naveed Khan on

Not only Muslims do that.  It depend on the age and physical fitness you are in.  I have seen President Clinton
snoozing in live conferences, not because he is stupid but because he
is getting old and has undergone few major surgeries.  For some people
these conferences bring no concrete outcomes, but to waste their time. 
It is the contents of the proceedings and powerful speaker, who can
keep the audience awake.  This can happen anywhere and to any one.  You
better wait till that age!!!!!!!!!!!



by No name (not verified) on

LOL, at least they are not throwing sandles at each other.


2500 year celebrations, Islamic Style...

by Amir khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on

Our time will come.

Just wait and see how animated these guys will be.


moft khora oomadan

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

Better feeding friends than be eaten by aggressores. I can well imagin who dreams from festivities 2500 years IRAN E SHAHANSHAHI at the beginning of 7ties and developes such an hate against Iranians today that she/he get soon sick on Liver cancer. Only because she/he is not invited to teach them the real Islam and drink Champaign to Chelo-kabab. Also it does not fit. Greeting


ha ha ha ha

by ha ha ha ha (not verified) on

perhaps they had dance and party last night and so much drinking


Very interesting subject!

by Majid on

That shows just how interesting, informative, goal oriented and real eye opener the conference and it's subject was!..............NOT!!


Oh come on guys!

by chalousroad on


not funny at all...

by Anonymous99999999999 (not verified) on

after lunch break...and every one is sleepy,, duaaD!!!


after eating chelokabob and

by Zoreh Ramsey (not verified) on

after eating chelokabob and doogh . it is so funny, and so true, and so sad. I love it,I laughed so Hard ! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Thank God

by Hamisheh Bidar (not verified) on

None of these sleepy heads are Iranian. Iranaians are awake because Koroush is sleep.



by IRANdokht on

is it a prerequisite  or do they turn this ugly after they become moftkhor??



Sleepless in Tehran

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

What apitty, that at the time of the anniversary of 2500 years Shahanshahi the "IRANIAN" did not existed. I wounder what it had to report about those "Guets" and which comments were sent.
I bet in the next year there would be more than 45 countries present. And in a few years tehran will welcome represants of the countries from all over the world, from Indonesia to andalusia.
A common rule says: The ones who work must have to eat have the possibility to take a rest. There is no reason to be exulant and jubilant and to gloatover the men who just take a rest. has anybody noticed that no woman is pictured? The dignity of real women prohibits them to fall sleeping aside in the public.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Excellent I laughed so Hard !



let's be honest

by dario (not verified) on

Agar yeki az familaton bemireh, kodom yek az shoma yeki az in moftkhor ha ro davat nemikoneh ke bian va bara shadie rohe raftegan doa bekhonan.



by Siamack on


Siamack Salari



by Anonymous200 (not verified) on

Bokhoro bekhaab kaareh maneh,
khoda negah daareh maneh.


Documentation & Identification

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

....Get all the detail information for each and everyone of them: Name, Age, marital status, place of residence, property, Bank account, etc., etc., etc. The more complete profile is assembled on these individuals it goes without saying a better job is accomplished...




by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

...bemeeroo bedam....



by A. Hassan Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

Be een megan az zeer-e kaar shoonneh khaalee kardan--

De az zeer-e kaar dar narro...



by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

To be fair, we have no idea what the context is the sleeping is. Maybe they just arrived in Tehran. Or maybe this is a break (recess). Whoever took the picture can shed light on this. But we cannot judge these people simply because they are sleeping. We should not judge them simply because they have turbans. That would be unfair.

David ET


by David ET on

It is very difficult to stay awake after eating chelokabob and doogh .


Most likely too many temprorary wives (sigheh)

by Anonymous! (not verified) on

These guys must have a great night life! Clearly they are not interested in improving things in Iran! Too many sighehs,too much smoking and drinking. I feel ashamed to have these things as the "leaders" of my country.


moft khora oomadan

by samsam1111 on

Ashpazkhooneh 24 saateh waseh ina vazeh.

Bokhorid,bekhabid,bechabid  baadam berid gomshid :)