Camping in Ahaar

Photo essay

by Amin Habibi Shahri



by biraköpüğü (not verified) on

hi all,
in these days in my country we hear many stories and see many pictures about your country iran. i live in turkey and we have started to believe that one day in the future wi will become a counrty like Iran or Malaysia. especially power point files which are comparing the iran before shah revolution and after are being mailed to everybody. so day by day turkish people ar getting intersetd what kind of country iran is and are they happy living under these conditions...
i hope one day all islamic countries will be free to have any kind of lifestyle for each person.
PS the photos are really nice. i'm 24 and missed my teen days :):):)



by Dana Lili (not verified) on

Ahar is near Tehran.. I think in north east .. near Shekaraab ..


have fun

by Dana Lili (not verified) on

I envy yous :-(

Seems you realy enjoyed yourselves ....

Ishala hamishe shaad bashin :-)


They remind me so much of my family.

by Anonymouse on

Cousins and their teenage or grown children.  This is one of the reasons, the most important reason, I protest against any strikes on Iran, "surgical" or "carpet" bombings.  They are going to suck the life out of them for what? spite and being arrogant.  If you have family like these in Iran and you love them then you think twice before saying nonsense.  If you don't and are selfish, then you say yes do it, the gas prices will go down.  Like it did when they striked Iraq and claimed it would.


Dear Amin, I was so caught

by ofir (not verified) on

Dear Amin,

I was so caught up in the pictures you posted and reminiscing about my youth, and how resilient the young people are, I forgot to thank you for your post. I am glad even under dictatorship of the faithful idolatry ideologue you guys could get away for a few days. I am sure you could not walk in Tehran like that without getting harassed by the regime hoodlums.


beautiful-- thanks

by Fereshteh (not verified) on

Oh my God.. watched this photos 10 times,, they make me feel like going there right now :-( I can almost feel that beautiful sun on my skin..
I hope people there appreciate that beautiful nature and keep it clean !



by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Yadesh baekhair - Mohayeh Gardanam sikh shod -

"You can have the most joyous pleasure with simplest things in life"

Enjoy every bit of your life.

Thanks for sharing....


Thanks Amin jan for sharing

by Far from home (not verified) on

Thanks Amin jan for sharing these beautiful pictures. I'll show them to my son who is 15 to see that kids his age can have fun in Iran.

Wish you, your sister and all those kids in the camp good luck and all the best.

Happy Norooz.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thank you Jahangard for noticing the difference between "Ahar" and "Ahaar". I corrected the title and changed "Ahar" to "Ahaar". Mamnoon :o)



by Hooman H (not verified) on

Nice pictures. Thanks for posting them. :)


Not if your country is occupied by the enemy within

by ofir (not verified) on

Even nicer is to be young and FREE in your own country. I remember being young and on such trips with my college bodies. But, the gals did not have to be so covered up. I bet they like to feel the spring breeze, too.


Where is this place?

by Jahangard (not verified) on

Up to picture no. 41, I was thinking that this was in the outskirts of the city of Ahar (Æhær, Əhər) in East Azarbayjan in Iran. Then by looking at the sign in picture 41, I noticed that this is actually a village called Aahaar (Âhâr) somewhere else in Iran. Does anybody know where this place is at?


dariush joon you said it

by Amir A. (not verified) on

dariush joon you said it right


Missed Iran!

by LoveIran (not verified) on

I have missed Iran so much. I wish I could be there to put my hands in that icy cold clean water and enjoy the fresh air. Thanks for the nice pictures!



by Daryush on

Nice to be young and in your own country :)