Hasty swing through Tehrangeles

Photo essay

by benbagheri
I went to Los Angeles for the first time (ever) last week! (February 25 - 29, 2008) I was tied up every day of the week & all day in a technical training class, so I didn't get a chance to properly browse and discover LA's places of interest. But I made a couple of hasty swings through the city and took some photos. My favorite area to visit on this trip was the beautiful and scenic Mulholland Drive and the residential neighborhood that it snakes through.

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by Majid on

Loved it, another clever word in Persianglish dictionary, check mark.

When visiting iran, I noticed a rotary light in the back of the garbage trucks, like an ambulance trucks, and people used to call the garbage trucks as  "AASHGHAALAANC"......a combination of "aashghaal" and "ambulance".



by Anonymously (not verified) on

Epilation according to dictionary:
to remove (hair) from by means of physical, chemical, or radiological agents;
In Farsi should be "depashmashion" not epilassion!!

Next time you come to LA, ask us Iranian-Los Angelenos where to go eat good Persian food.


Royal Chelo 24, Gallory 29 and Site....Foto Nr. 40.

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

First of all: The Fotos are very Nice. Specialy the one with Paris. Now:
1.As far as i know one can have CHELO KABAB E BARG, KUBIDEH or SOLTANI. with SOLTANI one gets dobble portion of meet one barg and one Kubideh. I order allways Soltani and i recommend it to every body. But: why they say royal and not soltani?
2. I think "gallory" is what makes "it" interesting. On the other seid: who spiol time and make a degree? If one knows what she/he is going to do after all?
3. may be farhad has have to think about gallory as it can also happen to others who think on Site. Greeting


To: Peer O'Kachal - Touche...but not the same!

by Ben Bagheri (not verified) on

Ostad, you got me. I didn't pay attention.
I know better though.
I deal with the word "site" a lot in my professional work. So, I wrote site seeing instead of sight seeing!
But I would still argue that if I was ordering a sign for my business, I would pay more attention ad get it right! Not quite the same thing, is it?! ;-)


Los Angeles and the Iranian American population

by Davood Banayan (Dave Banner) (not verified) on

Mexican Americans make up the majority of the people in Los Angeles.

Every day the Mexican population in L.A. is getting larger.

The Iranian population in L.A. is less than the White Anglo Saxon Protestant American (WASP) and Mexican American population.

There is an Iranian population...

But, it is still not Iran.

Iranian immigrants and Iranian American Immigrants still get discriminated against here in L.A.

At UCLA not so long ago a security guard tasered an Iranian UCLA student for not presenting his ID.

The taser case is now in the courts.

the plaintiffs say that the Iranian student was singled out because of his ethnicity and that his Civil Rights were violated.

That is nothing new. LAPD is infamous for beating people up for no reason what so ever. America doesn't need gangsters...

it has the LAPD.

And LAPD control Iranjeles or Tehranjeles...

By the way, "Los Angeles" means "the angels" in spanish. California used to belong to Mexico once upon a time.


Good To see...

by Peer O'Kachal (not verified) on

...you enjoyed your visit to LA. Perhaps next time you'll also enjoy some "sight seeing" (pic 50). I don't want to be picky, but I am returing your favour to Farhad and his "Gallory" (selling rugs with little education).

Azarin Sadegh

I love LA!

by Azarin Sadegh on

I have lived in Bay Area for 6 years and it is over 5 years that I live in LA.

I REALLY prefer LA to Bay Area, specially for Iranians. In Bay area, we never found any new friends. The job serach was a real nightmare during the downfall of technology business. People were less fun, always too busy with work or occupied with the stock market ups and downs. Iranian or Non_Iranians the same. In the Bay area parties all I heard was the talk about the latest gadgets, their fun bug (or code defect) in their program, a new algo. for sorting String values,...etc.  

Since living in LA, our life has been so much better. More friends, more cultural activities (The wonderful LA Opera, almost as good as Met in New York and Disney Hall, UCLA Extension great writing program, etc) plus LA's great weather, a better economy (not so much dependant to one field) and really happier and more friendly people! What else do you need? Azarin


Missing Home

by Assal (not verified) on

This photo essay made me miss home! First of all: GO UCLA BRUINS!! Second: I used to think LA was all about fake persians and bad traffic. Well, the traffic was bad, but the weather and scenery made up for it...and there were always great radio stations on to pass your time on the road! I LOVE Tehrangeles and the Persians ended up being not so fake...and the fake ones were fun to make fun of...

Life in LA is something everyone should experience. While the Bay Area is relaxing, Los Angeles life makes your blood rush through your veins and you can really feel alive!

Sorry for babbling on and on...

I heart LA!


PCH Drive

by Majid on

Nothing beats a PCH drive from San Clemente in OC all the way up to San Fran. in a convetible in these beautiful days close to NO ROOZ!

P.S. by pass LA 


I agree with Nader

by farrad02 on

I like Frisco and Bay Area better, too. But the mountain drives around LA are beautiful; remind you of Jadeh Chaloos. I'm sure Bay Area beats that, too! Because there are similar roads everywhere around SF.



I hate L.A.

by Nader on

Lived there for a couple of years back in mid 80's and heted every moment of it. Rude people, arrogant attitudes and unfortunately best Chelokababs in California:)

Nice pictures though. You may not have noticed it but by accident you had a picture or two from a place that used to be the old "Cafe Casino" (picture number 39). A very popular Persian hangout in Santa Monica. Yadesh be kheir. That was a best pickup place those days!

Does anyone remember that place?

By the way, here is the definition of Epilation that you asked for.

Thanks again for bringing back memories. Good and bad!


Epilation: Removal of body hair, including the hair root, by means of electrical device, tweezer, or wax. Epilation may be performed by a dermatologist, but is more commonly done for cosmetic purposes by a facial technologist or esthetician