Israel, Iran name checks illustrate America's twin obsessions
NBC News / John Ray
01-Nov-2012 (2 comments)

TEL AVIV, Israel -- In a season dominated by opinion poll numbers, here's another telling figure: 34.

That was the number of times Israel was mentioned in the final debate between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.  Iran recieved a more frequent name check but that was often in association with Israel. All-in-all, it added up to a pretty accurate gauge of the United States' foreign policy obsessions.

Clearly Israel is still the center of the American world – exactly where a country on the receiving end of $3 billion of military aid annually likes to be.  And at the crux of the Israel-United States' relationship, and presidential race, is what Washington would do if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear program.

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Anonymous Observer

That's what I always say

by Anonymous Observer on

Iranian Americans--of all political persuasions-- should get involved in the American political process.  That's how every immigrant community in the U.S. has gained power and influence in this country.  

Soosan Khanoom

Interesting ...

by Soosan Khanoom on

According to IVoteIsrael, around 160,000 Israeli citizens possess U.S. passports. By campaign’s end, almost half will have registered postal votes." 

and then we have Iranian-Americans who have been living in the U.S for decades but do not even bother to vote.    What a shame!