Actually, Iran Sanctions Aren't Working
RFE/RL / Dina Esfandiary
11-Oct-2012 (3 comments)

But today, sanctions are going beyond just slowing the Iranian nuclear program. They are affecting all segments of the Iranian population. Iran faces a dire fiscal situation, exacerbated by the massive devaluation of the rial. Although the government maintains that the official inflation rate is 25 percent, it has actually spiraled out of control, with some analysts claiming that actual figures are double the government rate. In addition, unemployment has soared, with estimates stating that between 500,000 and 800,000 Iranians have lost their jobs in the past year.


sanctions are hurting ordinary Iranians

by Abarmard on

The objective of sanctions are now purely based on hurting Iranians



Dear nojanthegreat

by Abarmard on

Well said


Sad but true

by nojanthegreat on

That was the plan for day one. Any sanction on iran , will hurt Iranian. in last 34+ years , who have been victim of sanction ? Iranian government , or people? How many airplane have crashed ? how many passengers did not make it home safe? Lack of international investment in Iranian economy have hurt who the most ? people or government ?  we should have opposed any sanction on iran from beginning , but we were too blind from our haterate toward IRI that we would support anybody who tries to hurt IRI in anyways. Its sad to know that they are many Iranian here in US or in EU that not just support this sanction but they ask for more of the them and even they ask for the military intervention in iran. I guess we want the power in our own hand no matter what is the cause and gain. We are our worst enemies.