French mag runs cartoons of Prophet Mohammed
cnn / Jim Bittermann, Pierre Meilha, Holly Yan
19-Sep-2012 (one comment)

Paris (CNN) -- After a week of deadly, international protests against an anti-Islam film, a French satirical magazine is fueling the debate between freedom of expression and offensive provocation.

The magazine Charlie Hebdo published cartoons featuring a figure resembling the Prophet Mohammed in an issue that hit newsstands Wednesday.

Magazine director Stephane Charbonnier said his staff is "not really fueling the fire," but rather using its freedom of expression "to comment (on) the news in a satirical way."


  • Editor: The cartoons mock a "lousy" anti-Islam film more than the Muslim prophet
  • French Muslim council: The cartoons are "insulting" and "a new provocation"
  • The French prime minister calls for restraint and emphasizes freedom of speech
  • Foreign minister: "I do not see any usefulness in such provocation"


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freedom of expressions and thoughts.........

by DemocracyQuest on

Our most inalienable rights are to freedom of expressions and thoughts.

Any form of expression or thought including questioning/criticizing/doubting/insulting/mocking..... any religion...... including Islam and Islamic sanctities is our undeniable right.