One day with Hafez in The Netherlands
18-Sep-2012 (2 comments)

On 21 September, at Leiden University Library there will be lectures by renowned scholars of Persian literature and culture such as Leonard Lewisohn, Jane Lewisohn, calligraphy workshops by Mohammad Mojahedi, live music by Mercede Hashemi and Babak Kamgar, and poetry recitation by Koushyar Parsi.

The entire program has been devoted to Hafez, 14th-century Persian lyric poet.
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My experience has been that Hafez outside of Iran has been mostly confined to "academia" - and I have tried to do a double track celebration of the man - by allowing for regular Iranians not interested in commiting to a Masters program - to also get to know their Hafez. (I teach in cycles of 6-8 Saturdays / 1 Ghazal per Saturday.)

Over 100 Iranians and Americans in the Washington, DC area: have come by and gotten aquainted with the man. Because culture should be out there for all. And of course, it has its place in "research" institutions, too - but the concept of "studying Art" is a recent phenomena - where for example creative writing isn't encouraged - you Study Art History, but you don't Paint, etc. A holistic bringing together of all the above is what would make for a healthier preservation of all of our Arts. 


Link to "Learning from Hafez in DC" (Interview + YouTube):



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