IAEA dodges Iranian 'terrorism' charge, pushes talks
18-Sep-2012 (5 comments)

The UN nuclear agency insisted on Tuesday that Iran must address concerns about suspected bomb research, saying it was ready for talks and avoiding any mention of Tehran's allegation that "terrorists" may have infiltrated the Vienna-based agency.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued a statement on a meeting between IAEA chief Yukiya Amano and Iranian nuclear energy head Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani on Monday, which was held just hours after Abbasi-Davani sharply criticized the agency in a speech to its annual assembly.

Amano said it was essential for Iran to cooperate with his inspectors to clarify concerns about possible military dimensions to its nuclear program, a charge Tehran rejects.

He told Abbasi-Davani that the IAEA "is committed to continued dialogue with the Islamic Republic of Iran and expressed the readiness of agency negotiators to meet with Iran's in the near future", the statement said.

The UN agency has been seeking to resume a long-stalled investigation into Iran's atomic activities, but talks that began in January have made little headway.

In a sign of the depth of mistrust between Iran and the IAEA, Abbasi-Davani accused the UN agency of a "cynical approach" and mismanagement in his speech on Monday.

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Is it time for Iran to pull out of NTP???

by Bavafa on

The UN nuclear agency has proven to have become a tool for the big powers to enforce their own foreign policy instead of a unified treaty that must be enforced for all and without prejudice. 

With such lack of credibility, the ever so double standards by IAEA isn’t time for Iran to leave this treaty?




by clarevince on

It's obvious that this is a matter of control, as soon as you leave the treaty behind you become the pariah of the world. The western world has already started the propaganda against Iran and so they're expecting Iran to secede anyway. The American people don't know any better - They're happy just sitting around, waiting for the next iphone (or not waiting: proof) and taking in whatever their government tells them.


NTP - Yes; NPT - No !

by ayatoilet1 on

NTP sells recreational vehicle spare parts. I am assuming Iranians don't go on holidays in RV's any more. so yes - cut that one out. (this sentence by the way was a joke, the blog has an incorrect title).

But NPT, the Treaty, and all the shit that comes with it....well, as long as Iran is a member, and found to be in compliance ...then no one will have a legal basis for attacking Iran. Now that doesn't mean Iran won't be attacked, but a legal basis is important. Its what Bush needed to get allies to cooperate with him in the Iraq invasion; and its what actually destroyed the alliance when one country after another splintered off, when in fact no weapons of mass destruction were found. Opposition parties everywhere used this as a basis to get parliamentary votes to withdraw from Iraq. It ended up costing the U.S. easily 10x the original budget because others would NOT carry the weight.

For now, all the IAEA can do is impose sanctions for non-compliance, which is what Iran is 'suffering' - but as we all know the sanctions have been in place for over 20 years  - with the Mullahs still in charge. And in fact the sanctioning has been very limited i.e. for minor technical issues. As I said Iran has been largely in compliance.

There is one other point that should be made, and that is that while Iran maintains its membership of the NPT, it can argue that it does NOT want proliferation and is not interested in proliferation and in fact is against those that proliferate - and maintain the higher moral ground. It lends credence to Iran's claim that it is in this purely for electricity generation - and can knock Israel for NOT being in it, and for being a proliferator (providing support for South Africa's program, and India's Program) - and accuse the West of hypocracy.

I for one, despise the regime in Tehran, BUT (big but), believe Iran MUST have a Nuclear program. There is no question in my mind that Nuclear energy is a key ingredient of the future, and is NOT only neccessary for electricity generation, but also more critically for fresh water production from salt water. The world is running out of fresh water. It is a core capability any developing nation must have in the future. The West should have thought twice before putting the Mullahs in power in Iran - that had a major Nuclear program in place since the 1960's. It the Mullahs are irresponsible, its because the West has been irresponsible. Real sanctions should be placed against the idiots who put the idiots in power. i.e. leaders in U.S., Europe, etc. who toppled the Shah and put in these two bit mullahs in power.



Yes, it's time...Can't

by vildemose on

Yes, it's time...Can't wait for the IRI to do so. 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Bavafa you are right

by nojanthegreat on


The reason that Iran is even part of this organization is two main thing. disarmament of nuclear arms and having a civil nuclear energy with the help of the agency. The agency has fail on both side. USA ,Russia ,and other nuclear powers would not give up their arsenal any time soon and this agency is powerless to force them to do so. The western civilized countries are upgrading their arsenal every year now, and eastern Asian power houses like India ,Pakistan ,and china are adding to their arsenal. Israel, India, and Pakistan are not part of IAEA but benefited from help of USA and other countries like Germany to arm themselves. I do not see any international pressure on this countries to became a signatory of the IAEA treaty .

When it comes to nuclear technology, IAEA have not help Iran in its way to nuclearize its energy sectored as well. Iran today is using Russian technology and can not benefit from western technology especial American or German scientist . That will make Iran’s facilities less safe and less economic than the counterpart.

So yes I agree completely with Bavafa . If agency can not help us with the technology ,and can not stop the neighbors from becoming arm with nuclear arm and worst is becoming a puppet for western power we do not need to stay in this agency . The hell with them , what are they going to do put sanction on us or invade us ?