Arab Spring nations don't yet grasp freedom of dissent
cnn / Ed Husain
14-Sep-2012 (2 comments)

CNN) -- The fall of dictatorships does not guarantee the creation of free societies. There is often a period in which we witness the legacy of tyranny. The Arab uprisings have overthrown tyrants in Egypt and Libya, but the populations and lawmakers have yet to grasp that democracy is not only about free elections but creating free societies.

When sexual harassment of women increases on the streets of Egypt, when centuries-old shrines of Muslim saints are destroyedwith explosives in Libya, when screenings of films such as "Persepolis" trigger riots in Tunisia and Christian minorities across the Middle East feel under siege, then we must stop pretending that all is well with the Arab Spring. But all is not lost either.

Arab societies are on a journey. They can easily take the wrong turn. The attacks on the American embassies in Libya, Egypt and Yemen are examples of the ongoing ... >>>

Darius Kadivar

They Just Don't Get it !

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  • Ed Husain: Arab uprisings have ousted tyrants, but citizens still don't fully grasp democracy
  • He says intolerance can endure among people reared under dictatorships
  • He says they could learn from Europe's 17th century religious battles
  • Husain: Mohammed taught mildness, forgiveness. Where is that amid Islamists today?


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Maloomeh keh Nameefahmand ... ;0))

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The tribes of Arabia dreamed of making Damascus their own once more. Once they conquered the city each tribe was given a civic responsibility such as water and electricity.

This scene depicts the many tribes at the table with different interests that would rather see a city of their dreams burn than carry a bucket of water.