Gaza teenager dies after self-immolation

A man has died in Gaza after setting himself alight in apparent protest against his family's living conditions, Palestinian officials say.

Mohamed Abu Nada, 18, had poured petrol over himself after walking into the morgue at Shifa hospital in Gaza City last Thursday, doctors said.

His father said he had sent his son out to look for work because the family was struggling to make ends meet.

Unemployment in Gaza is around 30%, according to the United Nations.

Some 80% of families in the Palestinian territory are said to receive some sort of food aid from UN agencies and other international organisations.

Although there have been some previous incidents of Gazans setting fire to themselves because of hardship, this is thought to be the first fatality.

The UN has been highly critical of the blockade on Gaza which Israel and Egypt tightened when Islamist group Hamas seized power in 2007, the BBC's Jon Donnison reports.

Hamas health ministry spokesman Ashraf al Qedra said Mohamed Abu Nada died of his wounds on Sunday night.

"I asked my son on Thursday to go and look for a job because I don't have a job and we don't have any source for living," the teenager's father was quoted as saying.

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