U.N. chief raises human rights in Tehran, stuns hosts
LA times
29-Aug-2012 (2 comments)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon veered off Iran's preferred script Wednesday, questioning the nation's human rights record at a high-profile international gathering that Iran views as a validation of its global standing.

Ban, seated next to Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, apparently stunned his hosts at a meeting of so-called non-aligned nations when he told a news conference that the U.N. had “serious concerns” about human rights in Iran, the Associated Press reported.

“We have discussed how United Nations can work together with Iran to improve the human rights situation in Iran,” Ban said, according to the Associated Press, which said Larijani “frowned” at the apparently unexpected comments. “We have our serious concerns on the human rights abuses and violations in this country.”

The official Iranian press did not appear to mention Ban’s critical remarks. Earlier, the Iranian media reported extensively on Ban's  arrival and his comments that Tehran had “a crucial, important role to play in the region.”

Social media, however, was quickly abuzz with Ban's explicit criticism of the status of human rights in the Islamic Republic.

Ban’s presence here at the non-aligned conference -- in which more than 100 nations are expected to participate -- has been hyped in the official media as indicative of the failure of U.S.-led efforts to isolate Iran as a rogue state and sponsor of terrorism... >>>


But Mr. Ban, we have no political prisoners!

by Bavafa on

But Mr. general, we don't have any political prisoner in Iran




by yolanda on

Wow! Ban is the man! So Ban stunned the hosts and made Larijani frown! Good job!

I think Ban can be more aggressive and ask more tough questions in Iran!

Thank you for posting this super interesting article!