Angry Youth tell Shah's Widow of Iran Discontent / Marco Giannangeli
27-Aug-2012 (5 comments)

THOUSANDS of Iranians are ­contacting the widow of the last Shah as dissatisfaction with the Islamic Revolution grows, it has been revealed.


It is the latest evidence of widespread discontent within the fundamentalist state, which has been hit by economic mismanagement and the effects of international sanctions and faces the prospect of impending military conflict with Israel over its nuclear programme.

Empress Farah, 73, who has lived in exile since Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi was forced to flee the country in 1979 following a coup led by the religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini, revealed she has been deluged with thousands of ­e-mails following a release of a documentary three weeks ago on YouTube.

The film, in which she explained the final years of the reign of the Shah, who died in 1980, has been viewed more than 268,000 times.

Speaking from her home in Paris, she said: “From the onset, the Islamic Republic of Iran created malicious myths and lies about the Pahlavi era that the public bought into. Although it has continued to do so throughout these past 33 years, people can now see through them and are therefore avidly seeking to find the truth.

Darius Kadivar

Shahbanou Super Star !

by Darius Kadivar on



I am proud

by shushtari on

of shahbanou

she is the symbol of a proud iranian lady.

despite losing everything, she has carried herself with grace

and she has never let it loose in regards to the bs that has been spread by the akhoonds about her family.

the iranian people know the truth! iran was not perfect(as you can see from the 1979 generation that betrayed iran) but had the system been kept in place, iran would have been a world power by now....instead iran is known as the pariah of the world



The de-volution had to happen

by mahmoudghaffari on

unfortunatley for Iranians to know what they had.  The Shah was not perfect, we know that. But this regime has proved him to have been right in what he did.  I am sad that my generation was sacrificed in this. I am also glad that i had the good fortune to have migrated to the US to lead a free and comfortable life.  But i am more proud that i have publicly denounced Islam and my ancestor Abuzar Ghaffari who was the man who unfortuantley brought to fore that child molesting, wh... house frequenting Arab.  Iran will once again find her way back to the bossom of the free world, albeit this time w/o the guidance of Islam, but rather that of the free conscious of her people.


Thank you Shahbanu Farah

by Rebecca on

Shah may have been a dictator but his human rights records were much better than these mollahs at lease we had personal freedom. Our living standard and finances were better. We had more security and a good reputation in the world. We lost everything with these mollahs.

God Bless the Pahlavis for all their service to this country. I am proud of them.



by JustAnIranian on

Economist wrote something too, except the end of the article which was dumb, just and the fact that Economist wrote anything about it shows how successful the documentary was.