The Shah in the Eyes of Young Iranians
Tehran Bureau via PBS / ALI CHENAR
02-Aug-2012 (4 comments)

Many perceive a loss of "respect" in society since the monarchy's fall.


[ dispatch ] More than three decades after Mohammad Reza Shah Phalavi's death and despite relentless official demonization of the former monarch, the younger generations of Iranians have a soft spot for the man whom their parents brought down. Last Thursday, the anniversary of the Shah's death, I spent some time talking to the residents of Tehran about him.


The fifth day of Mordad, the fifth month of the Iranian calendar, is not officially remembered in Iran. No significant event took place on the date according to the official calendar of the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, occasional "this day in history" bulletins in state and state-aligned media outlets include a brief mention: "On this day, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the former Shah of Iran, died in exile in Cairo, Egypt, of cancer." That is it.


More than 70 percent of Iranians today were born in the years following the Shah's fall. They do not have any memories of the man who ruled Iran for 37 years and has been portrayed as a Satanic, despotic dictator for the past three decades.



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Oon khoda biamorz

by JustAnIranian on

Oon Khoda biamorz. That is what most Taxi drivers in Tehran call him:)  

Nobody could've said it better than Abbas Milani (Also a leftie in the 70s): "Time is on the side of Mohammad Reza Shah".   

May he rest in peace. 



i just read this....

by shushtari on

absolutely right on the money....

god bless his soul- a true iranian to the core....

ignore all the bs that is still being spread by bache akhoonds 30 years after the fiasco of 79

the mullahs were and are nothing but a bunch of no good bee vatans who were FORCED ON IRAN by the brits, french, and carter.....

pure and simple

shah and sadat are in heaven as we speak 


Vaghaan ke roohesh shad.

by vildemose on

Vaghaan ke roohesh shad. After watching Shabanoo's interview with Manvato tv, I have a much greater respect for the late Shah and his courage.

Darius Kadivar

Corrected link

by Darius Kadivar on