Iran nuclear scientists reportedly assaulted with AC/DC / Alexandra Evans
24-Jul-2012 (4 comments)

As one
officer told Newsweek,
"Trust me, it works." . . . . .

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Dr. Mohandes

Yeahhh YOOOU! shook me all night long

by Dr. Mohandes on

Akhmad and Makhmood and Khamid had a ball that night.

Hey...Khamisa...khabisa...Khookhoo come on over here . we have got the place all to ourselves and great satan is sending us some ac/dc to rock this joint.

akhahahah pakhahahaha...let us drink. drink up boys and girls. it is all over. we are free. they are coming to get us. to free iran, we love amereeeeeeeeeka. 


That's great a tune

by azadi5 on

AC/DC is too sweet for these morons. They should have used something more hardcore like this //  or// to really make their ears bleed.



by Truthseeker9 on

Kind of torture everyone should enjoy ... :)


OMG this is funny!!...

by Fesenjoon2 on

You have to admit, it has a very catchy tune!



Takes me back to Tehran in the early 90s. I bought the copy of the album recorded on a Maxell UR, from some dude in Mirdamad Ave, for 150Toman!