Sylvan Lake Bahai Centre ( // is pleased to present the following weekend in Mathematical Physics. Dates: Weekend of Aug 31 – Sept 2, 2012 Cost: lodging, meals, lectures -- $100.00/person This is the first of a program of this type to discuss and learn mathematical sciences within a Baha’i context and in their relationship to the 5-year plan at Sylvan Lake Baha’i Centre. We hope to have many more depending on the response. This is definitely open to everyone. Fundamental Mathematical Concepts in Order to be Able to have an Independent Investigation of Truth. This course is designed so that participants will be able to think for themselves. The participants will be engaged in a set of experiences, both passive and active, after which they will have the mathematical tools to be able to think independently. Participants may, if they wish, bring laptops, inexpensive geometry sets, telescopes and radio telescopes; however, none of these are as important as bringing their minds. Some geometry sets, pads of paper and pencils will be provided. Bring a swimsuit. This is a serious weekend mathematics session. Those who do not do well at mathematics or have had bad experiences with math are the most welcome since they do not have to be "untaught". Those who like math and are more atuned to the subject are extremely welcome si... >>>
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