Iran's "chicken crisis" is simmering political issue
Reuters / By Marcus George and Yeganeh Torbati
22-Jul-2012 (one comment)

(Reuters) - Earlier this month, Iran's national police chief ventured boldly into what has become known as the country's "chicken crisis." The feathers haven't stopped flying since.

The soaring price for a staple food that Iranians relish cooked with saffron, plums or pomegranates has become such a hot topic of public debate, and a sign of the sinking purchasing power of many Iranians, that Police Chief Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam felt it his duty to intervene.

He urged television stations to avoid broadcasting images of people eating chicken, saying such pictures could fire up social tensions, with perhaps unforeseen consequences.

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"Iran's social networks are buzzing. "There are two classes of people: below the chicken line and above the chicken line," quipped one Twitter posting from a Shiraz resident.

Another tweet joked that instead of asking for traditional gold coins, soon-to-be-married Iranian women would request dowries of 200 tonnes of chicken."