Holding Iran accountable for terrorist attacks
Washington Post / Editorial Board
20-Jul-2012 (one comment)

he Bulgaria bombing, in which five Israelis were killed, was the ninth plot pinned on Iran this year and the third this month: Similar attacks in Kenya and Cyprus were foiled. In February, an Israeli diplomat’s wife was injured in a car bombing in New Delhi, and otherattacks failed in Georgia and Thailand. Last October, the Justice Department charged two Iranians in a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington by bombing a Georgetown restaurant.

If Iran suffers no consequences from its acts of terrorism, they will continue. Israel has said that it will retaliate in a manner of its choosing. But more “shadow war” should not be the only response. The Security Council should review the abundant evidence of involvement by the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah in this year’s attacks and punish both those groups as well as the Iranian government with sanctions.

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The accusation simply doesn't add up..........IRI is not stupid, or that stupid to commit such a horrific crime at this time.......for what?.....It looks like a coordinated propaganda effort by the filthy Zionists......